Friday, July 28, 2017

Angel Descending with an old ancient key 07-28-17

Angel Descending With Ancient Keys to Unlock Ancient Foundations -07-28-17

I saw a recurring vision today of the Lord sending a very large and powerful angel descending to the Rochester/Buffalo region with a large ancient key in his hand. The key the angel held was arcing and flashing with power. The angel descended and stood in a part of the Region that was bound with old heavy chains and very Ancient looking locks. It looked like a huge massive iron lid that covered over a dungeon. The angel then put his foot on the lid, and began to take the chains in his hands and unlocked them one by one. The region began to shake under the authority of the angel as he did this unlocking process because he sent to bring freedom.

The old ancient foundations in the Spirit that have been locked up by the enemy for generations are now going to be set free, because of the saints who have agreed with heavens plan for them,  and their regions, and who have positioned themselves to steward the releases, and to govern their regions with Him. God will not allow His people to remain bound anymore, for He has heard the regional cries and sees their readiness to be transformed. Heaven is ready and Jesus is on the move in Rochester and Buffalo. Get ready for deep deep deep freedom!

- His Golden Habitations (cities and regions) shall surely and mightily rise!


Angels that unlock things with keys:

Revelations 1:10-20.    Revelations 3:7-12.    Revelations 20:1-4

Restoring freedom:

Psalms 126:4.    Luke 19:42.    2 Corinthians 3:17.     Galatians 5:1.      

Restoring Ancient foundations:

Isaiah 58:1-12

- Susan O’Marra
- 07-28-17