Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Eastern SeaBoard Vision Experience

The Eastern Seaboard and Continental Plate Experience  3-19-11

Two angels took me by the hands and I was flying over the eastern seaboard states. I saw the coastline and as I flew over it, I saw that it was eroding and falling into the sea in some places. Other places broke off even up to 40 miles inland in some parts. This was not all inclusive of just the East Coast, but it was all I was shown.

Then I was lifted into a type of teardrop shaped elevator of some sorts. An angel was inside of it and we went down very deep until we were under the continental plate of the nation. I stood looking upwards at the plate just above us. There were many angels busy there working very hard to keep the plate stable and steady. I watched and the angel with me said, “Do you see those fissures?” I looked and nodded yes. He said, “Fissures happen because of the lack of love. Therefore great fissures have opened up here and soon they will rise to the surface in places. Love is the Life of your nation. When you lack love then you lack life, and this causes the fissures to open and to allow erosion to begin. This nation has lost it’s love and it’s foundation is crumbling and cannot bear the weight of it’s hardness anymore. This must be healed. You must understand this.”

I looked at the angel and he then said, “Do you see those stress fractures over there?” He pointed to my left. I looked and I could see long cracks forming all over under the plate. The angel then said, “Stress fractures happen when you don’t forgive. This causes a breakdown of the love and also of the grace that the Lord has given to you. When you don’t forgive, the love that is within you hardens. Grace then cannot function and the nation then begins to judge and to criticize. This undermines the strength of the foundation and it becomes stressed and open fractures then endanger the integrity of the foundation and also of the nation. Your nation’s foundational integrity has been eroded and fractured due to unforgiveness and to pride. When you do not show others grace, then you will fall from grace. These things must be healed. Your nation’s continental plate must be strengthened in order for you to stand. If you do not forgive and choose to restore, then you shall fall.”

“These things are to be addressed by the Church, for they are the foundation. What you see here under the depths of the national plate is also in the depths of the Church. You must bring healing to the fissures that divide and to the stress and fracturing of the Body’s heart. Forgiveness and love must restart.” I nodded in agreement. The angel then said to me, “Blow upon the fissures.” I opened my mouth and blew, and when I did, this golden liquid went out of me and went into the fissures much like liquid weld would do to a crack that was being mended. The liquid gold went and filled up all of the fissures under the plate. Great streams of gold then solidified and sealed all of the fissures till they were all one. Then the angel said to also blow upon the stress cracks. I did this again, and all of the stress fractures also filled in and looked like little rivulets of golden light. This happened till all was strengthened and the continental plate was solid again. Then the angels that were working feverishly stopped and smiled and stood looking up at the plate too. It was such a beautiful thing to see all of the gold under the plate shining back at us.

Then Jesus appeared. He stood in front of me and reached out and placed his hand on my chest. It went into me and lit up my chest. He said, “I am Life. But I cannot live fully until you let me live through you. I have given you authority on the earth. You must speak forth My Life to your nation. You must release My Love to your nation. When you do so, then it releases me, Life Itself, to then go out and to be at work in everything. You carry My Life. You carry My Love. When you release My Life and My Love, then it heals. I do not desire that your nation perish or that your nation erode any further. Do not speak death, for this undermines My Life. You are not vessels of death, but of Life, My Life. There is no death in Me. But when you speak death, it is because there is death in you. That is why I am dealing so severely with My People, for I want life and not death. Greater measures will now be taken to bring about the full restoration. That is why I am awakening your nation with even stronger shakes. I am revealing these deep truths that must be apprehended and restored, so that I can fully heal your land. You must love, and you must do it with a pure heart. When you love with a pure heart, then My Love can flow and I can flow, and My Life can heal.”

Then we were instantly flying over the Eastern Seaboard again. This time Jesus was holding my hand as we flew. He pointed and said to me, “I am the Creator. But I cannot create when you keep Me bottled up within you. I gave you authority in the earth. You must speak forth creative life from your spirit, into the natural realm to bring forth life. My Life dwells within your spirit. My Creative power is My Life. I desire that nothing is broken or to be in disrepair. You must let Me be God, and let Me be Creator and let Me live through you even more! Speak forth My Life to the shores, so that what was broken and eroded and destroyed will come back to life.” I opened my mouth to speak and these great vibrations came out of my spirit and up and out of mouth and it flew down and hit the Seaboard and to the waters off shore. The vibrations went into the depths of the waters, and soon all of the fragmented pieces of land that had crumbled, and that had eroded, and that had collapsed into the sea then rose to the surface and everything came back together. The shoreline looked beautiful just like it had never broken off! It was amazing to watch. Jesus nodded and smiled.

Jesus seemed to be enjoying the whole process and I felt His joy. He said, “It gives Me no pleasure to see My Creation destroyed or broken. It gives Me no joy to see My Body broken or destroyed either. It is time for healing to begin in My House. It is time for Healing to be seen in the earth. It is time for you and all of My Church to come to full maturity and to bring forth Life and healing to man and also to My Creation. I am Life and I am the Creator! You cannot speak both death and life from within you and still be one with Me. You must bring forth Life, the full Revelation of Me! I will live through My Church to the degree that you know Me and to the degree that you let Me! The measure of life that you now see operating in the earth and in the church right now is the picture of the measure of the stature that My church has grown to. This must change! You must transcend in your understanding even more! You must rise up into the fullness of the stature that I am within you, and you must learn to release Me! You cannot walk with Me and hold Me in, while you are daily amongst men. You must let Me out and let Me live, so that Life can begin! Just as I raised the dead, so shall you. Creation is waiting and crying out to Me to be released from her travail. Men are crying out to Me, waiting to be set free from their sinful jail. I am waiting for you to join with Me, and to be the vessels that I have created you to be. It is time for the true Church, the living Church, to be revealed. It is time for the nations to be healed. It is time for the foundations to be healed. It is time for the Harvest Fields.”

“What you see in the Spirit is also in the natural. My House is in total disrepair and is crumbling faster and faster and is eroded all the way to it’s core and it’s faith is falling away more everyday. It must be restored! But where are the believing vessels of the Lord? Where are the Healers and the Repairers of the Breeches? I say to you, they are rising and they will heal the falling beaches! I have shown you this in this manner so that you can understand that which will shortly happen in your land. Unless sincere repentance and true love is given, your nation will further crumble and it’s borders will be lessened. You must shore up that which is underlying in the spirit, before you can shore up that which is openly broken in the natural. Unless My people release the Life that resides within them to bring forth Divine Truth and Love to this Nation, you shall watch the fissures and stress fractures open up in many places. This will be seen in the Church and in the Nation. The Conjunction has now begun and there can be no full realignment unless there is obedience to your assignment. It is time to arise. It is time to take a stand. It is time to do My Commands. It is time for healing to begin in many lands. You Children are the sweeping change! You are the Ones that will rearrange! I shall fill you and I shall flow out of you, and I shall bring forth the Father’s plans. You are My Living Instruments in My Hands!”

Open Fissures - Lack of Love; Pride
Stress Fractures – Unforgiveness; Hardness
Fragmented Beaches – Breeches
Shoreline eroding – Faith falling away

-Susan O’Marra