Friday, May 6, 2011

I Have Done My Greatest and Deepest of Works in the Hidden Places

I Have Done My Greatest and Deepest of Works in the Hidden Places

I have done My greatest and deepest of works in the hidden places. In the very depths of the deepest of caves have I given birth to many over these hard years. I do not do My true wonders above, where the world can mock and devalue them, Oh no, My greatest of all wonders have been wrought in the very bowels of obscurity and loneliness and hardship! I have brought to a close a great season, A season of wonder and of election! What I have wrought from within the very depths shall unfold and come forth even more with boldness and fury! For I have given birth within My Own, from within the bowels of My Children, I have wrought a deep hidden work! It is now time for it’s disclosure and their placement in the earth. What men see as death and as failure, I see as a workmanship awaiting it’s Master. I have waited for the complete and thorough death, full humiliation and total eradication of all that was of the world within My People, and when all thought that I could never achieve My Will through My Church, when men thought that she was so dead and was so fallen, I only watched and laughed. For I am the Vine and My Church is the branches, and even though I prune for a Season, the Branch shall yet bear fruit in the earth! Oh, yes, watch and see, the Life that shall now emerge through Me, and as it flows through Me, it shall give Life thoroughly! All that is truly connected to Me shall live, and they shall live abundantly! I am the Life given for men, and though I shake My Tree, and though I pruned My Tree, and though I tended severely to My Tree, it is still Mine. There is yet Life in the stump, and there is yet juice in the Cluster of the Vine!

Man does not know the things that I have purposed deep in My Heart, saith the Lord. Man does not know the hidden purposes and the plans that I have laid out for the days and the months and the many years ahead. Man does not truly know that I have written all things from the beginning, and therefore cannot know that which still lies within My Hand and within My Mind! Yet, My People shall  know! For I am the Head of My Church, and what is Mine, shall live as I live, and shall know all that I have to yet reveal to her, as I go! I am building a People in the earth. I am building a House in the earth. I am building My Kingdom in the earth. I am moving, and none shall stay My Hand! I have written within it all My Word, and those that have wisdom shall know and understand that which lies within the pages that are written to man. What I have begun cannot be stopped, nor hindered, nor delayed, for the flow has already begun! Know that I have begun, and Children, begin to position yourselves to obey Me and to run. The birthing has begun, and the First Fruits already know what is to be done. The Greater Floods now come from behind, and the Greater Works shall burst forth as well! It is My Hand that gave the former Sign and the latter Sign, and now My House shall fully realign!

I do not choose My vessels by the ways of men. I do not look at the talents, or the training, or their demeanors, or their speech, or the doctrines that are acceptable to one camp or to the other. I have seen the hearts, and have listened to the voices that currently speak. I know the inward intents that churn under the surfaces of the faces of men, for I know that which lies within them. Nothing that is impure will stand in My House! Nothing that is proud or arrogant will name them selves after Me, not in My House! Oh no, what I have done in secret, what I have fashioned laboriously over, will clearly bring forth a full disclosure as to who is Mine and who is not! For I have formed Myself into and within those that were deemed to be the broken ones, and the failures, and the discarded, and the outcasts. I have taken what was thrown away by men, and I have refashioned them into My Treasures again! I have seen the value within, that which the world and selfish men cannot see. For I fashioned all men to walk with Me. I know that which lies within, and I know those who will be faithful and who will be true to the end!

I watched to see who would take the lead and who would serve. I watched the jostling and the controlling and the arranging that went on behind the scenes. I saw their plans and I only smiled. It is I that will arise, and I will reveal that which men have tried to conceal! The transference of My Kingdom shall come into the Hands of the Righteous, and the Righteous shall possess it in the earth! My House and My Name, and My Treasuries shall no longer be polluted by men and be plundered by the wicked from within! No, for now comes with My Greater Flow! A Flood of Epic Proportions has only begun to break forth in the earth. You see it in the natural, but do you see what I have shown is now coming forth in the Spirit, by My earthly Sign? What shall men do when My Floods become a Roar? I shall tell you, My Greater Works shall break forth even more!

The Sign has been given. My Floods have started. The stronghold of sin and of rebellion has been broken and is now departing! What was advancing by the darkness, shall now be in full retreat, for I have put all things under My Children’s feet! The Time of Emergence has already begun, My Children shall no longer be beaten down, nor shall they back down, nor shall they struggle with sin, for I have brought the victory from deep within! It is a Time to stand and to know Your God! It is a Time to come together and to take My Hand! It is a Time of Fulfillment and of Destiny in the earth! Heaven and earth are both giving birth! Even as you see the old things falling away and the demonic strongholds and the various earthly empires crumbling around you, know that you also know the secret of the Hidden Rumblings! No demon can overtake My Children, on the contrary! My Grace has made the way! I chose you to rise up this day, for you are Mine! I fashioned you within My Furnace, so that you should be ready for this Hour and be made in My New Design!

I am not moving in the earth as I have done before. I shall not be seen as I have been seen in the former ways. This is a New Day! I am moving in a New Way! I am the Way! I am the Truth! I am the Life! I am the Light given for all men, and you, My Children, shall surely rise up and shall shine again! I will Flood the earth with the Knowledge of My Glory, and all men shall know that what lies hidden within their own hearts, for I shall convict of sin and deal with all men. No man will glory in their own strength, in their own wisdom, in their own gifts or statures. No, that is falling, for only that which is born of Me, shall men truly see! They shall see Me, within thee! They shall see that which I have formed within! They shall see the New Man, the I Am! I shall be seen, and I shall be known as God! Men shall not come between Me and My People anymore! I shall reap, and reap, and reap some more! My vats shall overflow! My Bins shall astound the hearts of men! I shall bring forth a Flood and a Harvest of the Ages! I shall shock the earth as I bring forth the Treasures of Great Worth! Oh, I have wrought a deep, and a very great work, and it is a delight to bring it now in this hour! I have waited for My People to be sincere, and now that I have gathered them, the world shall see them come near! What has been foretold has not even been understood fully even in this day, but even so, it shall come forth, and it shall continue to unfold, and I shall reveal that which has waited patiently sealed!

I have waited for this day, when I could hasten and no longer delay! I have longed for this Hour, when My People were matured and were completed and were ready for My Glory and My Power! My Former waves each tested and tried the hearts from within. Sifting and shaking the motives within again and again. Some tests were passed as the crests swept over their chests, and some were all but forsaken. But My Purposes never were shaken! Everything has passed through My hands, and I have kept My Faithful Ones through all the inner scourging and the tight bands. But with each trial, I watched and worked and patiently smiled. I have thoroughly pruned that which was born wild, and then grafted in that which completed them within. Oh, the workmanship that I have wrought from within and that I have planned for this Hour! Heaven is truly astir, and Joy surges with each wave that I release. Chains shall fall away, and Jails shall give way! My Hand shall deeply  rout and My People shall break out!

There is no Fear, to those who have learned to draw near! No, no fear! My House shall be glorious! My House shall be Aflame! My House shall be full of Life and radiate My Light, even from within, it shall burst forth overnight! Scoffers, shall rejoice no more! My Floods shall reveal even more! My Tempests on the earth have only just begun. Fires, and Floods, and Winds, Quakes, and Waves! My Tempests through the earth shall run, and no man shall be able to save! I alone am God, and I alone shall stand! I and My People who have given birth, will show forth that which has true eternal worth! My Church shall be triumphant, and she shall arise from the ashes of obscurity, and shall take her heavenly seat with Me! It is Harvest Time, and what I have planted deep within shall spring forth over night, and the earth has only begun to see the War that shall increase even more, and the sight of My Might! My Works shall shake the earth to its core. I shall harvest a Great Harvest as the wicked grow poor. Justice shall turn as the tables overturn. Seek My Face, and understand My Seasons. All shall come into its own Light. Feasts and Famines, Floods and Plights, all Signs of the Heavenly and the Earthly Fight. Who shall I command and who shall I give his Right? Come forth, My People! Come forth, Children of My Might! I have given you power over the night! Awaken with new Sight! Come forth in My Grace and in My Might!

-Susan O’Marra