Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Fires- My Thunders- and My Lightning's Shall Flash

Transcript of Prophetic Word that came in the Prayer Watch on 3-20-11

My Fires – My Thunders – and My Lightning’s Shall Flash

You are to come to Me in faith, believing that I AM!
You are to know Me even more in your land!
I am setting down My Hand across every land.
My Fires, My Thunders, and My Lightning’s shall flash with a very great clash!
For I shall reveal who I am to every land!

My Fires shall purge and deal with every heart and with every sin.
My Thunders shall sound and shall decree all that is to be
So that all men will know that I am He!
My Lightning’s shall flash in the heavenly fight
Overthrowing all dominions with My Might!

It is time for the whole earth to peal,
Because I have come down to see and to reveal!
Great shall the earth quake as I extend My Hand over each land!
I am the God that created man! I created the earth’s span!
All shall be shaken as I draw even closer.
Seek My Face and know who I am!

Face to face with Me shall nations come!
For all that I have written, and all that I have said, shall surely be done!
For Harvest Time has come! My Hand has begun!
My angels are moving. My Hand is proving.
It is time to obey Me and get moving!

Get up, and seek My Face!
Enter into My Secret Place!
Meet with Me face to face. Get My Heart. Get My Plan.
Get My Vision, so you can stand.
For how shall you endure the passing over of My Hand?

My Gatherings have begun. In My Presence you shall become one.
I shall empower you to stand. I shall empower you to overcome.
I shall empower you to move and to expand.
You are extensions of My Hand!
With you, I shall accomplish all of My Plans!

Come, Children, come more. It is time to understand.
There is so much more, for My Hand shall wage a great war!
You shall rejoice, even as I roar!
My Glory has come- My Hand has begun!
You shall know what is to be done.

-Susan O’Marra