Friday, March 24, 2017

Divine Encounters and Empowerments of Natural Things 03-20-17

Divine Encounters and Supernatural Empowerments of Natural Things as Signs - 03-20-17

On Monday afternoon, Pat and I got into our car and we were driving when I realized our GPS was on and was speaking about our destination we were currently driving to... 

Now you have to understand that it was not turned on, nor plugged in, and the battery was so low that it won't come on unless plugged in. We did not program anything into it. 

Not only did the Glory turn on our GPS, it also charged the battery full also when it came on. Come on!

Saints, everything that has been written for your destiny is already in motion. Heaven is empowering you for what you are called to be and do. You won't do it on your own, but as you partner with Heaven, it will bring you to the destinations of the Father written for you! You just have to get in the car!