Monday, December 7, 2015

The Bicycle and the River Horse Experience and Podcast

In the vision, I am riding my bicycle down a country trail and there are big boulder and bushes all around the trail. I can hear the water from the river as I ride. I know that it is further down the trail, and I pedal faster to get to my destination. As I rounded a corner, I came to an open area along the river with many boulders and they were piled up along this inlet. I parked my bike aside one large rock, and began scrambling to my favorite spot. I sat down on this high, smooth boulder in the bright sunshine. It was such a delight to be in this quiet spot, that I closed my eyes to listen to the water flowing by. Suddenly, I heard some noise, and my eyes flew open, and I jumped up from my rock. I saw the water churning in one spot of the river in front of me. The water then began to lift up into the air. Suddenly there was a horse standing in the river water, and the horse was made of river water. It was a river horse! 

I was shocked and also intrigued as to why the horse was here. All of a sudden, I felt the Lord speak to me to get up and go and get on that horse and ride down the river on him. So, I got up and made my way over the rocks and stepped into the river. The horse was watching me patiently. I drew nearer to the horse, but it was slow going because the river was moving at a fast pace anyway. So, I finally got to the horse and he lowered his head to look at me, because he was way taller than me. I looked back at him, and reached out to touch him. He was literally water, but he was also Spirit. I reached up to get on, and suddenly I was lifted up and sitting on top of his watery back. Then water was swirling underneath me. Then suddenly we were moving so fast down the river that I had to hold on tight to keep myself on top. Everything on the sidelines became a blur as we sped by. - The end.

The Lord said, "I am on the move in your city and in your nation. I want My people to understand that you cannot do anything in your own strength to accomplish what I have called you to do, but it must all be done in Mine. You also cannot look in dread or fear at everything that is happening around you, for these things will distract you, but you must fully engage Me, for its time to release all that I have put within you. If you stay on the river bank, or continue to just move along the shoreline in your comfort, you will be sidelined by the distractions that will come. You must put your trust fully in Me, and yield yourself to Me completely. I know what I am doing, and you must also be what I am doing, to usher in all that I want to release in your days. You are not to follow men, you are to mount up upon Me, for this is your destiny! Its time to move fully in the power of My Glory!

- Susan O'Marra
- 12-01-15

Here is the podcast of the service tonight in which God erupted and many healings began to spontaneously happen......time to jump all the way in!!!

Video testimony of spontaneous healing in the meeting: