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The Great Heavenly Ship Vision 03-31-13

The Great Heavenly Ship Vision  03-31-13

In the vision, I was standing on a huge white ship. The ship was in the heavens sailing among the stars and planets. It was a massive ship and it had a massive mast in the center of it that was made of living crystal. The sails were made of the most brilliant transparent gold that was moving in such a way that it was fluid, flexible, and solid. It is really hard to explain, but it was like a sail and it was moving us forwards by the Winds of the Spirit. The ship had 12 floors. Each floor was different. I was standing on the top deck and I knew there were many others with me on the ship also. I could see the crystal mast extending very high into the heavens, as we moved effortlessly among the stars. I could feel the life force of the Father flowing through everything as we moved, for He was the Life that moved everything and by which all things live and function.

v     Hebrews 1:3 He is the sole expression of the glory of God [the Light-being, the out-raying or radiance of the divine], and He is the perfect imprint and very image of [God's] nature, upholding and maintaining and guiding and propelling the universe by His mighty word of power. When He had by offering Himself accomplished our cleansing of sins and riddance of guilt, He sat down at the right hand of the divine Majesty on high,

The ship was white, but it was also alive. It looked like it was made of stone, but it was not. It looked it was made of pearl, but it was not. It was made of entirely different elements that we don't understand on earth, but it all flowed as one. There were many angels on the ship with us. They moved around doing different things. I walked over to the side where the nearest angel stood and looked at the heavens as we moved in the Spirit. He smiled at me and nodded. I felt his joy at my being there. I also felt satisfaction coming from him. He took my hand and smiled at me. I felt surges of life flowing from him and also love. I closed my eyes and saw myself walking on billowy clouds with Jesus. We were holding hands and walking on white fluffy clouds and bright sunlight, and I was smiling and so carefree in that place. I opened my eyes and the angel was gone. I was standing on the deck by myself.

I decided to walk around the ship more. I went along the sides of the ship to the center and there was an alcove there. I went into the alcove and I saw that there were many rooms in the ship that you could go into. The ship had many long interior hallways, and rooms lined the ship on both sides. I knew that each room served a function of the ship. Angels and people moved around the ship, in and out of the rooms. I walked on towards the front of the ship and from where I stood I could see the stars passing by us. It was unnerving as you could not feel movement, but you were moving. It was like watching a movie, but it was real. You could feel the Currents of Life. I suddenly realized that it was an inner flow. The forwards movement was coming from within us. The ship was moved by the Life Force that flowed from within us that were on the ship.

"That is correct," an angel replied. I turned to see a very regal looking angel clothed in purple robes and he had a golden band on his head. He had been watching me with interest. "Come over here for a better view," he said. He motioned for me to stand by him. I went over to where he stood and I found that I could see better. Somehow by standing by him, my eyes were attuned to see differently. I could see that the ship was indeed white, but it was also many colors all moving together in one fluid motion. It was like a river of colors all flowing through everything as it was all held together into one great ship. There were precious stones embedded in the ship, and the handrails were polished gold. Before I stood next to him I did not see these things. My eyes were being opened more. The angel nodded smilingly. He seemed pleased at my discovery. "It is Love that opens our hearts to see. It is Love that opens our eyes to see the Truth. It is Love that causes us to see the Life that flows through all things. This Ship is powered by the Love of the Father, and you are standing on it, because on earth you have learned to love with His love, and because you have entered into the Folds of His Love. Love has many revelations to be found within it, and most have not yet learned to love with the Father's love. This is why you have come here today. It is time the church learns the walk in Love's Way."

"Love created all things, flows through all things, sustains all things, and is the Life Force of all things. The Father loved and He created. The Creative Life Force of Love is what empowers all things to continue and to flourish. It is time for the church to come into maturity and to learn to walk in His Love on the earth, so that the earth can redeemed and reaped for the Lord. You are in the Time of Harvest. The Love of the Father will pour through those Harvesters who have been given over to His Love. They shall flow in that force, much like you have been shown here today. The Lord came as Love and taught you how to love, but most do not allow love to flow within them. You must change, and you must give your lives to the pursuit of the knowledge of His Love. For in His Love alone can man be set free. In His Love alone can you truly know liberty, joy, and peace. It is time that the True Gospel of His Love is released. It will be released through all who have been prepared."


v     Hebrews 2:10 For it was an act worthy [of God] and fitting [to the divine nature] that He, for Whose sake and by Whom all things have their existence, in bringing many sons into glory, should make the Pioneer of their salvation perfect [should bring to maturity the human experience necessary to be perfectly equipped for His office as High Priest] through suffering.

"The Father has planned for the maturity of His People, and for the timing of His Purposes to merge into a Great Harvest Flow in the earth at this time. A new release of the Father's Love will now begin to pour out of you and His People and it will break the barriers that have hindered you from moving together on the earth. The barriers served a purpose for a season to bring you each into a more fuller maturity in your intimate settings, but now the Father has determined to remove those barriers and a new connectivity will begin to realign you all into a great massive River of Love and Fire across the earth. It's force is much like you felt the ship being propelled by when you first stood on the ship. Everything you do is to be motivated by Love alone. Every thought you think should be inspired by the Lord's Love and Mind. Every word you speak should be an outflow of His Love. It is time that this transition begins on the earth, so you are being shown this, before it happens. For it will happen now and will begin to interrupt all of your lives, your schedules, and your directions. What you each did up till now was for your growth, maturity, and training. Now it is time to launch out further and begin to acclimate to the vastness of the Knowledge of Him. This is seen in the view that you are seeing of the stars and planets and galaxies that we are moving through."

"The Father has determined that a great corporate flow begins to be released among the church, and this is pictured in the many people who are also with you on the ship, and the many smaller rooms and halls you saw on the ship. The Lord has made room for every one of His Children that has faith to believe that He wants to use them for His Purposes. Each will be brought to the knowledge of their purpose as they are being made ready. You are entering into the Great Door of your Age. This is the Time for your generation to now awaken and move upwards into your full inheritances and purposes for your lives. So a Great Awakening will now erupt all over the earth. This will manifest in great Spiritual unsettledness among races, Revolution against restraints, and Global rearranging of land and peoples as they all realign into their places determined by the Father. All is in readiness for Harvest. All is overseen from Heaven, and everything that transpires on the earth is under His Care. Man does not understand the Love of the Father, but man shall come to know it more, for all of Creation is sustained by that love."

v     Ephesians 1:9 Making known to us the mystery (secret) of His will (of His plan, of His purpose). [And it is this:] In accordance with His good pleasure (His merciful intention) which He had previously purposed and set forth in Him, 10 [He planned] for the maturity of the times and the climax of the ages to unify all things and head them up and consummate them in Christ, [both] things in heaven and things on the earth. 11 In Him we also were made [God's] heritage (portion) and we obtained an inheritance; for we had been foreordained (chosen and appointed beforehand) in accordance with His purpose, Who works out everything in agreement with the counsel and design of His [own] will,

"You are to more fully understand that it is Love that creates. Love also destroys. Love heals all things. Love also conquers. Love is the Father's Life. Love also judges. Love fully justifies. Love is Eternal. There is so much more for your generation to grow up into. It is time. It is Harvest Time. The Father has cultivated the earth, and it's furrows are sown in the hearts of men. The Season to reap is now to begin. But you will not reap them with the tools of men. The Church must lay down it's tools, and reach inwards and let out of themselves Love's Pools. It is the Love of God that will draw men to Him. It is the Love of God that will reveal Him to them, and change them. The Time for Great Change has come. A New Season of Harvesting has begun. It will break forth all over the earth as one Great Rushing. No man will claim it, or begin it, or steward it. It is the Body of Christ being revealed and being poured out for all men. It is now to begin. Great Fire, Great Glory, Great Persecution, and Great War will now come, for Life has begun. Life will swallow up all that death releases as you obey and let Love have it's full way. You must understand this!" He gripped me by the shoulders sternly and looked severely into my eyes.

v     Ephesians 4:12 His intention was the perfecting and the full equipping of the saints (His consecrated people), [that they should do] the work of ministering toward building up Christ's body (the church), 13 [That it might develop] until we all attain oneness in the faith and in the comprehension of the [full and accurate] knowledge of the Son of God, that [we might arrive] at really mature manhood (the completeness of personality which is nothing less than the standard height of Christ's own perfection), the measure of the stature of the fullness of the Christ and the completeness found in Him.

"You must understand this! When Love births on the earth, then death will seek to devour, but Love has all power! Revolution has come, and all of the wrong things on the earth will be undone, but Love will Triumph and will Overcome! Love will reap, where your works have failed. Love will also heal, what men divided and stole as theirs. All things will realign. It is not the End. It is the Beginning. You must understand the Seasons of men, and fully enter in. You must see more fully what the Father wants to bring, and agree wholeheartedly with His Will, and abandon yourselves to Him! Set your wills to do His Will. Let Him awaken you further still. Great Mercies are flowing for the Harvest is showing! It is time for Love to now be flowing! The Father is going to awaken the Fountains of the Deep once more, and Heaven will pour, and pour, and pour, and the Deep Breakers of His Love will crest on earth once more! You shall delight to walk hand in hand with your brethren, and you shall see My Hand sweep across the earth in a Great Fiery Birth! You must see the souls of men as the Father see them, and when you fully do, then Love's full Force will flow through you! This is why this is all being shown to you. Many that read this will awaken to their calls, and will realize that they have not fallen at all. Faith will get up and will stand tall! Love's Shores are sounding their call!"

"It is also time to explore Love's Rooms. It is time to walk down Love's Halls. It is time to share in Love's Great Feast, one and all. Such is the Care and the Love of the Father, that He would reveal His Heart, and that He would enlarge yours also, so that you all could now start! He loves you all deeply. He has watched over you all carefully. He has guarded you all jealously. He has prepared you all meticulously. He has grown you up patiently. He has nurtured you richly with His qualities so you could be who you were meant to be. You are His Life extended to all men! Look again, and see Him new, from within! Let Love awaken the Deep Bowels that lie within you, and then the Powerful Mercy Flow will begin! Remember, Love will bring all things into the Light and will remove the things that do not belong in this hour. Learn to let go of even more things, for much that you think is right around you, is not. God's Love will separate even more, and will sift out the old, and will shift out those that are cold. It will also establish the True within you, will advance the New outwards from you, and will Lift you all into these Higher Spiritual Planes reserved for you, like this Ship you are on. You are each called to give birth to the New, and to reveal on earth, the True. Look at Him! Lean upon Him more! Trust in Him more! Draw from Him from within! Trust His Flow and yield to Him as you go! He will take you where you are destined to go! Do not try to figure out the Timing, know that you are each in it, and it will gain momentum on the earth as you open up more to His Flow."

v     Colossians 3:12 Put on therefore, as the elect of God, holy and beloved, bowels of mercies, kindness, humbleness of mind, meekness, longsuffering; 13 Forbearing one another, and forgiving one another, if any man have a quarrel against any: even as Christ forgave you, so also do ye.

The angel then let go of me, and turned and walked down the ship. I stood there watching him go and then I went to the very front of the ship and stood at the peak of it's front. It seemed as I stood there that I was standing between heaven and earth, eternity and time, and it felt like we were moving through the midst of them on this great ship. I could feel the flow of both, and it did feel much like wind. I smiled at this thought. "It is much like that," a voice said. I turned and Jesus was standing there with me. He was smiling at me. His eyes dancing with light. He said, "Faith operates by Love, and Love operates through Faith. Both are One Flow. I believe, therefore I speak. I spoke and it was. I loved, so I gave. When My People will fully believe, then My Love can fully conceive. Without Faith, you cannot Love. Without Love, you cannot fully Believe. Faith gives Sight when Love is right. You are born of My Spirit, which is Love. You live in My Eternal Realms where I Am. I Am Love. I Am Faith. I Am Hope. I Am Peace. I Am Truth. I am all things. All things flow in and through Me. As I awaken each of My People to their full measure of the Knowledge of Me internally, then their Faith eyes will see clearly, what they cannot now see, and they will then be able to let My Love flow out to humanity."

v     Galatians 5:6 For in Jesus Christ neither circumcision availeth any thing, nor uncircumcision; but faith which worketh by love.

"I am at work in the earth, and what I do, is also done through My Heavenly-minded and Spirit-hearted People. You are Heaven's Representation upon the earth, because I reside within you. Just as I represented the Father when I walked the earth, so do each of you. As I poured out the Father's Love upon the earth, so shall each of you pour us out. You are Love's Fount. You each have learned to sit upon your horse mount, and now you each shall move forwards in a Great Rout. Faith will take you where My Love truly Flows. Go, and prepare My People to lift upwards into the Knowledge of Me even more! My Harvest Wave is flowing within you already, so let Me out! Get ready for Fiery Breakouts from shore to shore, and gather in all that I bring to you each day, and disciple them in My Ways. It shall be as a Great War on earth, but it shall also be a Pouring of Great Worth! I shall gather as I roar, for I shall sweep across every shore!" He then winked at me and then was gone. I looked out at the stars one last time, and closed my eyes. Then it was all gone.

v     1 Corinthians 15:48 Now those who are made of the dust are like him who was first made of the dust (earthly-minded); and as is [the Man] from heaven, so also [are those] who are of heaven (heavenly-minded).

- Susan O'Marra

- 03-31-13     

- It was finished writing at 3:33 PM