Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Octopus of Racism and War – 09-22-16

The Octopus of Racism and War – 09-22-16

For the past two months, the Lord has given me recurring visions of a great octopus that has been hidden under the foundation of our nation. This octopus has one large eye, and many tentacled arms. It is responsible for fueling all of the race wars and multi generational unrest and riots. The Lord released a divine strategy today for defeating the ruling power that continually fuels hatred and unrest in our cities.

In this latest vision today, I saw the octopus again and his head lifted up out of the soil in the US and its tentacles were swinging and hitting cities to cause more unrest and riots to manifest. I saw many saints with swords fighting the tentacles and legs. The octopus was waging a powerful warfare, and the saints were bravely cutting off the legs one by one. But as soon as they cut off a leg, another one would appear and violence would erupt in another city.

I was standing with my sword to my side watching in the vision, and a voice said to me, “Hit the head, and all of the legs will fall down dead.” I immediately knew that I was to take out the eye of the octopus, and its ability to see, and to communicate with its network would be destroyed. It would not be able to incite racial hatred, violence, and riots and the assignments would be diffused. So I flew up into the air and pierced the eye with my sword, and the eye deflated like a balloon and the head collapsed and all of the legs died.

Its time to get to the root, and defeat these giants once and for all……..

- Susan O’Marra
- -09-22-16