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“The Dream of the Visitation from Joab to the Salvation of God Church”

“The Dream of the Visitation from Joab to the Salvation of God Church”

On Tuesday morning, (the 5th) I had a dream. In the dream, it opened up to a vision of me standing in our church and I was greeting new people who were coming to the evening service. I greeted each one and shook their hands, and then a man approached who had shoulder length brown hair and was rugged looking, but had a gentle smile on his face. I said to him, “Welcome, we are glad you are here tonight.” He seemed to be amused, but he took my hand and said smilingly, “Yes, you will be glad that I have came. My name is Joab, and I have come to strengthen you for the battles that lie ahead of you. The people are not strong enough for what’s ahead, but I have come to strengthen you so you can overcome them all, and flourish in the Father’s plans.”

I promptly woke up and went and began to look up everything that was mentioned about Joab in the word……..

“The Angel over the Seas, and the Chest for the Nations Vision”

During the prayer watch on Weds night, (the 6th) I shared my experience with Joab with the prayer group. I went over all the things the Lord showed me in the scriptures with them. Then after I shared we all went to pray in the Spirit corporately for awhile to see if God would give us more on this... 

As I walked and prayed in the Spirit, I saw a vision of a great sea or lake that was very stormy. The waves were wildly tossing in the winds and the sky was dark and the scene was foreboding. I then saw an angel descend down through the storm and hover above the waters. This angel was full of light, light a lighthouse would be. His illumination brought an end to the storm and it calmed the seas. This angel held a chest in his arms. He opened the chest, and brought out a scroll that was lit up with blue light. I knew that it contained the wisdom that we needed to steward our calls and to bring stability to our nation and generation.

Linda then got up and shared that she felt led to re-read parts of the prophecy that David Kang shared with us in August of 2015 about David Cho’s prophecy of Prayer Mountain coming to the US. In that message David shared about the angel that stood over the mountain and this angel brought the people that were climbing up the mountain up to the top, and they would then become the facilitators of the Prayer Mountain Mandates.

I then understood the angels purpose that I saw that had the scroll in his hand. But I also got further confirmation and understanding from the two articles from Bob Jones website that further unveil more understanding of our parts in the ultimate fulfillment of the Prayer Mountain Mandate for America:


Bob Jones and Keith Davis
February 9, 1999

In August of 1994 Bob had a very unusual prophetic encounter, one that we have not wholly understood even to this day. In this encounter, Bob received a telephone call from whom he clearly recognized as me. He plainly identified my voice and did not initially recognize this experience as a supernatural encounter. In the conversation the caller began to outline various biblical principles preached and employed by the great Christian father, Charles Finney. Bob was told how the principles of purity and sanctification are essential for the Bride to become the great army prophesied in scripture.

He was also told that pastor Cho of South Korea delivered a prophecy concerning Pensacola, FL that was a true prophecy and was to shortly come to pass. {NOTE: Of course, this was approximately ten months before the outpouring began at Brownsville Assembly of God. At the time we were unaware, in the natural, of a prophecy from pastor Cho concerning Pensacola.} The caller continued to describe the Lord’s desire for Repentance leading to Righteousness leading to Power Evangelism. These three pillars formed the foundation for the ministry of Charles Finney and convey the Lord’s desire to release this anointing on His people.

Bob was also told that an impartation of intercession was to be transferred from Prayer Mountain (from pastor Cho's anointing) to the Gulf Coast area. This area is to be one of the "Lighthouses" of God restoring the leaderSHIPS by providing adequate light for navigation through these perilous times.

When I first heard Bob share the content of this conversation, I told him I only wish I possessed that kind of wisdom and insight. Up until that point he was fully convinced the person he was speaking with was me. It is difficult to understand supernatural encounters of this nature and the full content of its purpose. One thing is certain, the revelations released in this conversation are directly from the Lord’s heart and are true.

We share this experience now because we believe the Lord is indicating that we are in a passage developing from Repentance into standards of Righteousness. For the last several years a call to repentance has been sounded AND CONTINUES. However, "victorious ones" will soon be emerging clothed in garments of righteousness through sincere repentance. The character and nature of this group will be in the likeness of Christ through the complete purging and purification of their spirit, soul, and body. (1 Thessalonians 5:23) These will challenge the church with powerful sanctifying revelation of the scriptures cultivating maturity in the body.

The author of the book of Hebrews admonished the believers of his day to move beyond the elementary principles of the faith pursuing maturity and spiritual growth. We must make the highest attainments possible in the knowledge of Christ and the Divine Life. The indispensable principles of repentance and sanctification pave the way into the high calling of God and the complete restoration of perfect union with Him as One Spirit.

Therefore leaving the elementary teaching about the Christ, let us press on to maturity, not laying again a foundation of repentance from dead works and of faith toward God, of instruction about washings, and laying on of hands, and the resurrection of the dead, and eternal judgment .And this we shall do, if God permits. (Hebrews 6:1-3)

When these transitionary seasons occur, it is not at the elimination of the prior season but in addition to it. Repentance will continue to be the emphasis to call us back to the faith of our fathers. (Malachi 4:6) However, through repentance we emerge with anointing and greater depth of relationship with Him.

We are told that Acts 3:19 was a key scripture in the release of Charles Finney into his calling and ministry producing Righteousness based upon Divinely Granted Repentance. Repentance will always bring forth times of refreshing from the Presence of the Lord. Those who have been in a preparatory mode for the last several years according to Acts 3:19; Isaiah 55:7 & Romans 14:17 will emerge as overcomers and receive the promise of Psalms 92:10-11. This will serve as an earnest or down payment on the greater promises to come.
But Thou hast exalted my horn like {that of} the wild ox; I have been anointed with fresh oil. And my eye has looked {exultantly} upon my foes, My ears hear of the evildoers who rise up against me. (Psalm 92:10-11)

Divinely Granted Repentance leads us into the knowledge of the Truth producing righteousness not merely with the recital of words, rather by the sincere expression of the heart. True Godly righteousness results in the impartation of the Divine nature within the very soul of the believer resulting in the freedom from the corruption of this world and its lusts. (2 Peter 1:4) We will then carry out deeds of righteousness that are not simply the articulation of our mouths but the incentives of our hearts. We will then be able to submit prayers of forgiveness to the Father asking Him not to judge our enemies and persecutors, instead praying "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do."

"For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed the evil thoughts, fornications, thefts, murders, adulteries, deeds of coveting {and} wickedness, {as well as} deceit, sensuality, envy, slander, pride {and} foolishness. "All these evil things proceed from within and defile the man." (Mark 7:21-23)

For by these He has granted to us His precious and magnificent promises, in order that by them you might become partakers of {the} divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world by lust. (2 Peter 1:4)

Once these standards of righteousness are established in the hearts of the church, then great power can be released from the resources of Heaven necessary for endtime Harvest. History has proven that overdeveloped giftings with underdeveloped character will result in the destruction of the "wineskin" and the loss of the precious "wine". The application of these three pillars in appropriate order can alleviate this tragedy. Through Repentance, Godly Righteousness is established in the heart of the church allowing Power Evangelism through miracles, signs, and wonders.

Yesterday, (2-8-99) Bob was given another vision related to the hindrances released against us in applying these biblical principles. The Lord showed him how we have become desensitized to pornography. The Lords definition of pornography was much broader than what we determine as pornography. The Lord told Bob that we observe pornography each day driving down our streets and each evening as we watch the news and primetime "family" entertainment. The standards of decency have become so diminished that we commonly allow our eyes to unknowingly look upon impurity in the routines of our day.

The Lord disclosed to Bob how this affects the soul of man creating disgust, discouragement, and disillusionment. It is a devourer of our faith. Windows of opportunity are released to the enemy of our souls through our eyes resulting in impure thoughts, unsanctified dreams and vain imaginations. We must call out to the Lord in our weakness asking for the grace to make a covenant with our eyes to look exclusively upon those things pleasing in His sight.

Who can discern {his} errors? Acquit me of hidden {faults.} Also keep back Thy servant from presumptuous {sins} let them not rule over me; then I shall be blameless, and I shall be acquitted of great transgression. Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Thy sight, O LORD, my rock and my Redeemer. (Psalm 19:12-14)

"I have made a covenant with my eyes; how then could I gaze at a virgin? (Job 31:1)

"The lamp of the body is the eye; if therefore your eye is clear, your whole body will be full of light. "But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in you is darkness, how great is the darkness! (Matthew 6:22-23)


A Prophetic Word for the Gulf Coast by Bob Jones
Written by Paul Keith Davis
August 1, 1994

(NOTE: This prophetic word for the Gulf Coast was first released in the summer of 1994. We are reposting it now in its original form because there are elements of it that have not yet been fulfilled that we believe are imminently facing this region. The format and language could be improved considerably but I left it as originally written for authenticity. Much of it is in symbol form but the meaning should be clear.)

In this vision I was told that pastor Cho from South Korea gave a prophecy for Pensacola, Florida and the prophecy is true and will shortly come to pass releasing a new move of the Spirit. The Lord said that he is going to transfer "Prayer Mountain" to Pensacola, Florida and a powerful move of God is going to the birthed from it. I am not aware of it in the natural, but I was told in the vision that he (Cho) received this revelation and brought the prophecy in a number of places.

I was told that this outpouring will produce repentance leading to true Godly righteousness producing power evangelism. The Lord said he wants to restore the Lighthouse in the Pensacola area bringing a sanctifying light to the leadership's. It is actually an invitation or opportunity for the Pensacola region to restore this Lighthouse and produce a great light that will begin a move of God that will eventually cover this entire nation.

I actually saw the lighthouse; it was a very old lighthouse that had been there a long time. In times past it had been a good lighthouse providing adequate light to prevent shipwrecks.

However, "vandals" had entered the lighthouse and vandalized the entire lighthouse destroying the lights and causing great damage to the lighthouse. Though it had kept ships from wrecking previously, now shipwrecks were happening all over the area. These shipwrecks were "ships of state" of churches or in other words they were leader-SHIP'S of churches.

One after another of the church leadership was being destroyed on the shore because they had no major light. These vandals had entered and extinguished the lights and written all kinds of propaganda on the walls that were not from the Lord. They had written a variety of manmade slogans, slang, and slurs.

The Lord is saying "I'll give this lighthouse to any sincere person who will come and begin to clean it up and put light back in the lighthouse again". This light must be the light of the law and the lawgiver is Isaiah 33:22. This light must be the inspired light of God and the Lord is saying He will give the inspiration through man to provide the light. If man will again begin to bring His inspired word, it will furnish light to those leaderships. These ships have the goods, all they need now is the light of God's inspired word to prevent shipwrecks. The Lord said He will provide the light to keep them from sinking, then we can go back and salvage what has been lost at sea.

For the LORD is our judge, the LORD is our lawgiver, the LORD is our king; He will save us. (Isaiah 33:22)

Again therefore Jesus spoke to them, saying, "I am the light of the world; he who follows Me shall not walk in the darkness, but shall have the light of life." (John 8 :12)

Make this area the Guardian of the Gulf once again, as in the past. Only recently have I understood what the vandals are. They are Christian zealots that are not going by the light of God. (Romans 10:2-3) The "light" is the inspired Word of God and these lawless vandals are destroying the light and writing their own meaning and interpretations, bringing great darkness to the churches. 

What we need is the brightness of God's light to return to the lighthouse, the inspired Word of the living God. The lighthouse is the glory... the law of light will bring the Tree of Life which is the Glory of God. This glory will reveal the straight and narrow way again. A group of ministers anointed with the revelation gifts imparting hope to this area.

The day after this vision the Lord showed another vision of an old temple that had been there a long time with very old stones. I was taken to the top of this old temple and led to the edge of the roofline. I had to be very cautious and watch carefully where I placed my feet so much so that I didn't want to see the vision as much I wanted to carefully watch where I placed my feet. It was Bobby that gave me the interpretation of this portion of the vision. The scriptures tell us that when you come into the Temple of the Lord you are very careful where you put your feet.

While on top of the temple the Lord showed me cabinets and I asked the Lord, “why do you have cabinets up here Lord?" He said open them... I saw that they were totally empty. When I looked into the cabinets the Lord said, “I’m putting My leadership in this cabinet".

When I asked the Lord why He was placing leadership in this cabinet He stated that He was going to place 700 of His ministers in this cabinet each with different types of gifting's. For instance, if someone needed healing, at least one person would possess the gift of healing, if another needed a miracle then another would be gifted with miracles. Therefore, these ministers became the cabinet of the Lord and whatever the people needed could be found in this cabinet. The 700 ministers became the supplies in the cabinet of the Lord. There will be a place of preparation in this area for the purpose of equipping these 700 to provide the Lord's supply.

I later received the interpretation of the cabinet as that of government. For instance, our president has placed around him men of leadership and they are called his cabinet. The Lord's cabinet is these 700 brothers and sisters coming together in agreement drawn by The Holy Spirit. When this cabinet is formed and complete, they'll be able to meet the needs of the people for they will be the cabinet of the Lord and will begin to do the work of the temple as during the days of Solomon. It was during those days that the Glory returned to the temple. 

It was a fearful thing that the Lord was showing in the vision, for you could seemingly see forever, yet I was reluctant to look that far into the distance and instead concentrated on observing one step at a time. Nevertheless, God is assembling Himself a cabinet to do His bidding.

These 700 ministers were sufficient to minister to 250,000 people at one time. The Lord's "Woodstock". I saw crowds so sizable that you couldn't number them. It appeared that they were forming in an open field, but the Lord is also going to begin filling auditoriums and bring these 700 ministers together in unity without strife to begin doing the work of the Lord.

The Lord gave Acts 13:22, Psalms 89:20 and Isaiah 44:28 as a support in scripture. Men and women in unity, who will perform the will of the Lord according to the desires of His heart. As the scripture tells us the foundation will be the apostles and prophets. 

"And after He had removed him, He raised up David to be their king, concerning whom He also testified and said, 'I have found David the son of Jesse, a man after My heart, who will do all My will.' (Acts 13:22)

"I have found David My servant; with My holy oil I have anointed him, (Psalm 89:20)

"{It is I} who says of Cyrus, '{He is} My shepherd! And he will perform all My desire.' And he declares of Jerusalem, 'She will be built,' and of the temple, 'Your foundation will be laid.'" (Isaiah 44:28)

The Lord is preparing to build a temple for His Sanctuary and these brethren will be the temple of The Holy Spirit. In that place a person must carefully watch their footing because there will be a high level of accountability. 

The Lord is saying that He wants to bring 700 people together that will not quarrel with one another but simply agree enough to where His purposes can be established in Righteousness. It is what Bobby Conner is calling the coming "Rule of God."

We can call it a temple or the kingdom of God for He is the kingdom and He is the center of the temple. The Lord has been instructing me to go back and look at the bread that had been stored back in the 70's. As I checked that old bread, or revelation, I discovered that this bread was as fresh today as it was the day it was "placed upon the shelf." The Lord is saying that He has stored bread (hidden manna) that He is about to release in this day and that bread is as fresh today as when it was first put away. The book of Nehemiah will provide considerable insight for this revelation and for the establishing of this Sanctuary. Nehemiah was a deliverer and a central figure in the restoration of the temple.

Unfortunately, many of today's leadership preach more from a desire for personal security than from the inspired word and leading of the Holy Spirit. This is actually a feminine quality and unsuitable for God's government. The coming leadership of Apostles and Prophets, both men and women alike, must posses inner strength and a total abandonment to the Lord. They will be moved only by the Fear of the Lord, not the fear of man. 

Be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. (1 Corinthians 16:13)

When the Mayflower made its journey we are told there were no lifeboats. It is now time for men of God to take a chance and discover if Jesus is real...launch into this journey with the Lord without provision for return to the old ways.   It is time for us to bet it all on Jesus. Men that gamble in this nature are called men of faith. Consequently, I see that August will begin a season of shaking among leadership.

The temple that I saw is actually the lighthouse of God. The real lighthouse of God that illuminates the area and gives the inspired word of God by the mouth of the "anointed priest." (Malachi 2:5-7) That is why we cannot all be prophets. We need prophets to come together and direct us to the ones that are the inspired priests. These priests are the ones especially equipped to provide the inspired light and impart illumination to the people.

In the first vision I was inside the lighthouse and in the second vision I was on the roof of the temple that in reality is the lighthouse.

The Lord has reserved hidden manna for this day. It is the strong meat of Hebrews chapter 5 and 6. This manna and this strong meat will be the revelation of the written Word of God. This Word will be illuminated and used for the light in the lighthouse. 

The Lord has been revealing that we are very similar to the church of Pergamum in Revelations chapter 2. The Lord is saying that He wants to bring out of our treasure chest the hidden manna of Revelations 2:17. This hidden manna will bring light to those living in the darkness of the "doctrines of the Nicolaitans", which the Lord hates.

That their hearts may be encouraged, having been knit together in love, and {attaining} to all the wealth that comes from the full assurance of understanding, {resulting} in a true knowledge of God's mystery, {that is,} Christ {Himself} in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. (Colossians 2:2-3)

Jesus said, "I am the bread of life," the hidden manna, and they that eat of this manna will never hunger again and the strong meat that we see being prepared to be revealed is actually the Lord's body. It is as well preserved today as it was the day He offered it and said "eat and drink my blood" symbolically portraying union with Him. Those who do so enter into eternal life.

The Lord is revealing that He desires to restore the "lighthouse" and the "old temple" which is the lighthouse of God. It's the lighthouse that will keep ships, leadership's, from shipwreck in the times to come. It will provide adequate light and illumination for these leadership's to carry their goods and cargo across to the other shore, imparting life to a needy people.


The Lord is preparing us to abandon everything for the sake of His Habitation. We must let go of everything that weighs on us, and that prevents us from fully becoming His. It is time to enter in to those deepest of places with Him, and let maturity grow up in the Body.

We cannot carry the full weight of His Habitation and Glory in our current state or condition. We must put on Christ, and rise up into the Standard of His Perfection within us. We are that generation that will embody the full Godhead and express them to the world.

- Susan