Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tabernacles Vistations 10-01-12

10-01-12  Tabernacles Prophecy:


"Children, I am coming with My Goodness and with My Severity in this hour. It is with both My Goodness and My Severity that I bless you, in My Name. And though many would ask, "How shall I be blessed in your severity?" I say unto you My Children, in My Severity you are blessed, for I have already passed over you. I have already inspected you. I have already weighed you, and measured you, and in My Severity you are blessed. And it is My Goodness to give you My Kingdom in this hour. But know that I am coming in My Severity and in My Goodness to the earth in greater degrees."

"I have been coming, yes. I have been moving, yes. But I am coming to bring a great change into all nations, you know this, for I have showed you. But all nations shall pass through My Sieve, for I shall sift. I shall sift every mind, and every heart. I shall sift every place, right from the start. I shall cause a realignment of thoughts, and minds, and hearts, and attitudes, and lives, and walks. I shall cause even an alignment of the very pages that you read. For it is time for My Truth to come forth, even as that fertile seed. It is time for a growth of My Word, even in the hearts of My Children. In the minds of My Sons and Daughters."

"It is My Goodness and My Severity both, that will walk hand in hand, across every land. I shall do great things in the earth, and I shall cause great things in the heavens, and men shall fear. Because they will not understand the breaking and the opening of things this year. But Children, you already know what is coming near. You already know that I am opening the very bowels, because I am removing the roots of all things that offend, all things that defile, and all things that constrain, and restrain My Hand. Oh, I shall have My Glory in every land. Oh, I will fill it with the knowledge of Me! But I am coming with My Great Sieve. Oh, and all things will pass through My Sieve, and all things will be sifted, and weighed, and poured through. Oh, and none shall escape My eyes, and My gaze. None shall escape the knowledge of My Way, for they shall choose, in this hour. They shall choose My Love. They shall choose My Light. They shall choose My Power, or they shall perish in this Hour."

"Many shall come to fight. Many shall come to fight against Me. Many shall come to fight against you. Many shall come to fight against My Gory in this Hour. But they shall fall before My Power. For as they draw near to advance, they shall fall backwards. They shall fall backwards. They shall fall backwards. 3 times they shall fall backwards, and not come near. Oh no, for I have arisen this year. I have arisen. I have arisen, and My Face shall be seen in the nations. My Face shall be seen in the nations, in every nation, I shall be seen. For I am walking through the masses. I am walking through the little. I am walking through the great. I am walking trough the least. I am walking in the lands, and I am inspecting every hand. I am inspecting every bag. I am inspecting every heart. I am looking. I am searching. I am weaving a new work in the earth, and Children, it shall change before your eyes. You shall see things that will even give you surprise. Oh Children, it shall not be as you think. There are greater things that I have to bring forth in the earth, and you will shout, and you will be delighted in the new things, but they will also be greater. They will also be weightier. They will also be all-consuming, they are of Me."

"They will consume you literally, and they will cause you to come closer to Me than you are right now. Oh, as I pass through, all things shall change. All things shall change in My People, in this Hour. All things shall change in My House. For I shall have a Church in the earth, I shall have a Church of Power. I shall have a Church, that is not like the Church now, but I shall have a Church like Me, and she will come forth from Me, and not from you. She will come forth out of Me, for as I break forth out of you, she will break forth out of Me, Oh, and the transition will be fully, you see. The transition will be full, and you will see the thing that I have hidden, even within you, that you did not know of. That I kept inside. That I kept hidden. Even from My Bride. Because I knew the work that I was doing, that no man could touch. Oh, but as I open you, as I open you, as I open you, as I unlock those areas that are still hidden to you. You shall see the work that I did. And you shall be amazed at the Grace and at the Glory that shall come forth, as I open all of you together. As I bring forth Myself, out of you, you shall see you, come out of Me, and you shall see the Glory of My greatest work. My Work that I hid for these last days. Where My Church, triumphant, would stand in her Glory in these last days. When the earth would be amazed at the Grace, at the Goodness, and at the Severity of her God."

"You shall see both sides of My Rod. You shall see My Rod come forth in the earth. You shall see great plagues sweep the earth. You shall see great things hit the earth. You shall see things in the heavens begin to fall, but Children, this is not the end of it all. Oh no, this is just My Hand, bringing order into that which is out of order. And these things that you look at in the heavens that you think are in order, are not in order. They have been in that way for a long time, but men have thought that is the way the order should be, but Children, there is much disorder, even in the heavenlies. I shall rearrange things. I shall cause things to move. I shall cause things to be removed, and this is just a sign in the heavens of what I am doing in the earth. Of what I am doing in the bowels of the earth. For even the bowels of the earth will open in places. Oh, for I am doing a Great Work and My Sieve is passing through the earth, through the heavens, through the bowels, through men; for I am weighing all things."

"My Judgments have begun, but they are not they are not the judgments that destroy. No, these judgments are caused to bring the revelation of Me into the earth, for all men to see! For I shall have a witness in the earth. I have always had a witness in the earth. But My Church shall be the greatest witness this earth has ever seen, for I am coming to break the Wine. I am coming to break the Wine. I am coming to break it forth. I am coming to split the boundaries and the perimeters of even the flesh, that has resisted My Glory, and My Church shall break forth, and she shall be poured out as the Wine. She shall be that New Wine that shall water the earth. She shall water in My Goodness. She shall water in My Severity. She shall be the Latter Wine that shall pour out MY Goodness and My Severity in the earth. She shall burn with My Fire."

"Oh, you are going higher, Children. You are going higher, and My angels have your hands. You shall not fear in the days. You shall not fear in the lands, for I shall take you from land to land, and though nations rise, and nations fall, and though nations collapse, and nations break forth, you shall be stable in them all. For I shall send you to them, to give them their call. I shall send you to them, to pour My Wine to all. I shall send you all over the earth, Children. I shall move you here and there. Have no fear of My Glory in the earth. Have no fear of My Goodness and My Severity as it gives birth. Oh no, for you are Vessels of Great Worth, and you shall stand as the lands shake under your feet. You shall not fear as people run to and fro, but you shall be a Pillar in My House. You are a Pillar in the Land. You are a Pillar in the earth. For My Goodness and My Severity are both giving birth!"


I wanted to say, that I looked at the clock when I knew that God was going to visit us, and it was 12:27am. It came to me that Sue would begin to speak God's Word at 12:28am. Because this revelation, The Lord shall cause His Glorious Voice to be heard, and the audible voice of God was John 12:28. Then at 12:28 exactly, you began to speak the word...that was a more sure word of prophecy, that's what that was....

John 12:28 [Rather, I will say,] Father, glorify (honor and extol) Your [own] name! Then there came a voice out of heaven saying, I have already glorified it, and I will glorify it again.

2 Peter 1:19 We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts:

The People had a threefold witness of God's audible voice, but they would not listen. It's Matthew 12:28-30:

Matthew 12:28-30
28 But if it is by the Spirit of God that I drive out the demons, then the kingdom of God has come upon you [before you expected it]. 29 Or how can a person go into a strong man's house and carry off his goods (the entire equipment of his house) without first binding the strong man? Then indeed he may plunder his house. 30 He who is not with Me [definitely on My side] is against Me, and he who does not [definitely] gather with Me and for My side scatters.


Let's look up some scriptures on the "Sieve" and the "Goodness and the Severity of God."

Romans 11:22 Then note and appreciate the gracious kindness and the severity of God: severity toward those who have fallen, but God's gracious kindness to you--provided you continue in His grace and abide in His kindness; otherwise you too will be cut off (pruned away).

Isaiah 30:27 Behold, the Name of the Lord comes from afar, burning with His anger, and in thick, rising smoke. His lips are full of indignation, and His tongue is like a consuming fire. 28 And His breath is like an overflowing stream that reaches even to the neck, to sift the nations with the sieve of destruction; and a bridle that causes them to err will be in the jaws of the people. 29 You shall have a song as in the night when a holy feast is kept, and gladness of heart as when one marches in procession with a flute to go to the temple on the mountain of the Lord, to the Rock of Israel.

Footnotes: Isaiah 30:27 - The revelation of the power and glory of God.

Amos 9:8 Behold, the eyes of the Lord GOD are upon the sinful kingdom, and I will destroy it from off the face of the earth; saving that I will not utterly destroy the house of Jacob, saith the LORD. 9 For, lo, I will command, and I will sift the house of Israel among all nations, like as corn is sifted in a sieve, yet shall not the least grain fall upon the earth. 10 All the sinners of my people shall die by the sword, which say, The evil shall not overtake nor prevent us.

Prophetic Vision then came forth:

I see that we have all been lifted up into the heavenlies. We are all standing among many people all suspended above in the heavenlies. We are all gathered into rows, and are all standing and waiting in the heavenlies. The stars are shining all around us. The Lord reaches upwards and takes what looks to me like a star, a shining light, and He brings it down and He puts a ball of light, a star, into everyone's hand that is standing with Him there in the heavenlies. The lights that were in the heavens, He's putting some in every saints hand, that has been called and gathered in the sky. And everyone of us have a ball of light, like a star, in our hands.

Then Lord then speaks:

"These are the ones that you are called to reach. These are the "Seed", your "Inheritance", your "Children." These are the "Nations" that you are called to. These are the "Things" that I have called you to do. These are the "Ones" that you are called to reach."

"You must be faithful with the portions that I give to you in this hour. Bigger portions will come later. But be faithful with what I give to you today. Be faithful in every way. For I trust My Inheritance to you. Be faithful with My Inheritance. Be faithful with My Resources, and with My Precious Seed that I give to you."

"Do not allow things to go by the wayside. Do not allow things to be stolen by men. Do not allow things to be distracted. No! You hold My Inheritance in your hand. You have been given the right to command. You have been given the headship and the portions reserved for the First-born Sons. But you must know that My Inheritance, is not like men's. My Inheritance is the Souls of men. The earth is Mine, and the Fullness thereof, and I entrust these things to you." 

"Carry My Precious Seed in your heart. Carry My Inheritance in your eyes. Let not the vision of the harvest leave your heart, or leave your sight, but keep My Harvest before you, day and night. Keep My Vision lit. Keep My Heart aflame within you, for you bear My Name. You have My Flame, be careful, take heed to your walks. Walk in the Light of My Face. Reach out to those that will come to your embrace, and feed My House. Feed My Stars. Feed My Children. Feed My Seed. Feed My Inheritance all that I will give to you to feed them."

"You are My Husbandmen. You are My Vinedressers. You are My Tenders of Flocks. You are My Reapers of Fields. You are My Shepherds. You are many things in My Hands, and the things that I have taught you will expand even more, and you will do other things as well. But never let one grain fall. Children, be faithful in your call. Be faithful, for I have weighed the souls, before all. I have lifted you into a new place in Me, and you must see My Heart, in a new light. You must see the nations as they struggle in their fight. You must see them through My eyes. You must see the struggle in the hearts of men. You must understand My Passion for them. You must understand My Longing for all men. You must understand My Justice for them too. That is why I want you to carry them, with Me."

"My Burdens shall increase upon you in the days to come, for I desire that the weight of the Harvest would be carried by My Church. So I am beginning to release the weight of the harvest, and the burden for the lost, and the burden for the Harvest upon My Leaders, and upon My House, in this Hour. The more that you are faithful, and the more that you pray, and the more that you love, the more that you tend, the more the Weight of My Harvest will descend until it's a Flood in the earth."

"Begin to move Children, begin to move. Take My Precious Seed into My House. Be faithful with your new portions that will come now in this hour, for I shall come in many new ways, and I shall come in great power, and you shall not lack, as you carry My Heart with Me. You shall not lack as you carry My Hosts, My Seed, in your hands, and in your hearts. No, you shall carry My Inheritance with Me, and together, we shall reap the earth, and the fields entirely."

Susan O'Marra  10-01-12