Friday, April 29, 2011

April 2011 Prophetic Words

Prophetic Words given in the month of APRIL 2011


A Flame came down from heaven into the building; it came in at an angle; it was like a lightning bolt.

“My Children, I am a Living Flame. I am a Living God, and My People in the earth have not walked with Me as a Living God. They have not walked with Me as a God that is alive, but one that is dead, and one that is like the world, and one that is like the things that they desire. But Children, let your desires go higher! Let My Fire burn in you! For I desire that you would be alive, as I am alive. I desire that you would live, as I live, and that you would walk with Me in the Flames of Eternity.”

“For My World is not dead. My World is alive, and I am a Living God, and you are to walk with Me in that Life now in this earth, for you are to bring the New Birth! You are to bring forth My Life into the earth! You are to change this earth. You are to bring the Living Flame into the earth. You are to bring the knowledge of My Name and who I Am! Oh, you are to reflect Me! You are to be a Living Torch in the Land! You are to be alive, as I am alive! Why do you walk around as if I am dead? As if I cannot do anything on your behalf? As if I am not able to conquer the fears and the doubts and the things that war against you? I am more than able, Children! Rise up, rise up in My Life, and take Life, and demand that death get under your feet! For I am a Living God, and I brought death under My Feet, and so shall you, because it is time that My Life burns through you!”

The understanding of the flame coming is: Ezekiel 1:13 - It’s the Glory of the Lord that is here tonight.
13As for the likeness of the living creatures, their appearance was like burning coals of fire, like the appearance of torches moving to and fro among the living creatures. And the fire was bright, and out of the fire went forth lightning.

The River of Life then began to also flow into the room.  “It is time to receive Life. From the Lord tonight, He is the River of Life. Receive Life.”

She asks the people, “Where is the fountain of life? Where is it? It’s in us. Put your hand on your belly. Speak to the Life that is resident within you to break forth….say:”

“We command the Fountain of Life to break Forth! We command life that lives in us, to break forth and to flow, and to water everything, wherever we go! We command life to flow! We command life to flow! We say, the Fountain of Living Waters, that dwells is us, we command it to flow, to be released and to water! And wherever that River goes, healing flows! Life flows! Creative Miracles flow! Salvation flows, and Deliverance! Let Life break out of the Church! Let Life break out of our bellies! Let Life break out of our mouths! And our ears, and eyes, and hands, and feet! Stir up the River and the Gifts in you! Stir it up and pour it out! We pour out that Life right now! We pour out that River, and let it go, and let it water! Let it water! Let it water! Let it water, and let it bring healing to everywhere we go! Everywhere! We have the keys of death, hell, and the grave! We have the Fountain of Water that is Mighty to Save! And we say to those graves, rise up and live! Rise up and live! Rise up and live! Wake up, get up, get out of bed, come into your right minds, and live, and serve God! Come to the knowledge of salvation! Come into healing and deliverance in this nation! We command this nation to live! To come into their right minds! To wake up, to shake off their slumber! And to the death on this nation: We release the Fountain of Living Waters to our nation, and we say, Live, Live, Live, and heal the (spiritual) pollution and death in our land!”

“See, you are the Light of the World. You are the River of God. You are the Salvation of God, because He lives in you. We have to begin letting God out! We are not waiting for Him to come, He is already in us! He has been waiting for us to break out. He has been waiting for us to shake off the limitations, and the shackles, and the lies, and to break out. See, the devil tries to pin us in, because he doesn’t want us to shake it off. He doesn’t want us to break out, and to wake up and to stand up. But you have the River of Life within you. You have the Oil of the Holy Spirit, the Balm of Gilead. You have the Flame of God, which is the Holy Ghost. Use it. Let God live! God wants to live, through a People!”

At the end:
“Though the enemy would come and devour many nations,” saith the Lord. “Look at Me, and My angel with My Sword. Who believes in Me, let Him stand in Life! Let him stand in My Mountain! For you have not yet seen My Hand pass through every land. For I am calling every man to come unto Me,” saith the Lord. “I am calling every man to come unto Me and be saved, in this hour. For My angel stands with a sword over every land, in this hour. And every nation will shake, and every nation will bow, and will know that I am God in the earth! Do not think that it will not come unto you! It will come unto every land, and every man, for I am God! But know; know that I see every heart! And I know every heart that cries out unto Me! I have come with My Sword to set them free! I have come to loose them from their captivity! And My Fire will shake every land! And you will know that I Am! Because I am the God of the Living! I am the God of My People! And I am the God of this generation! And this generation shall know Me, and shall know that I Am, in every land!”

After worship, Susan saw Jesus was walking amongst the Lamp stands, in the vision. He was walking around them, looking for those that believe. “Jesus is in the midst of His People! He sees you. He is looking at you.”

“For thus saith the Lord your God, yea, truly this night, I am in your presence,” saith the Lord. “Oh how I love My Flock! My sheep, hear My Voice! They come to Me, and I come to them! And yea, the Lord will never, never, never leave you, saith the Lord, your God!”

“This is from Me,” saith the Spirit of the Lord! “This is from Me. This is from Me. For I am in your midst, and in My wings, in My wings, there is healing in My wings! There is healing for you! There is healing in My wings, yea, yea, yea! I am in your midst! I have not left you, though you think I have, I have not left you! For I count the hairs on your head. I measure your steps. I see the way you take. I see the way you take and I see the path you go. For I am the one that is leading you so. I lead you here, and I lead you there, and I am with you! And even tonight, I am here, I am here, I am here!”

Mary Ann:
“Jesus is here. Tremble at His Name. Tremble at His Presence. Soak in His Presence. Never leave Him or forsake Him! For He alone is worthy of all praise tonight!”

“And I have come down to inhabit your praises tonight. I have come to inhabit your praises, My Children. I have come down.” Then Barbara saw an angel in the back of the room with his wings spread out over the back.

“Jesus is Present to heal you tonight. Receive your Healing. Church is not dead, because we have a Living God!”

End of the prophetic words.

-Susan O’Marra


Let Your Oil from heaven pour. That fresh Oil that you have for your People in this hour. That Balm of Gilead, that flows, as the River of Life flows. It’s all the same picture of your Life pouring out, for your People in the earth, Lord. Let your Balm be released even more. Let your fresh, golden oil that you released, Father, let it pour, pour, pour. Let it be revealed even more. The Lord then speaks:

“It shall be revealed even more, My People. It shall be revealed even more. Why would I only come with just a little bit, or just barely enough? Why would I come as one that is not one that is extravagant for His Children? Why would I come as a limited God? That only knows a little bit, or a little degree? Oh no, there is no limit to Me! There is no limit to who I am! For I created all of the unlimitedness that there is in eternity and in time and in creation, and even in the things that you do not yet see that are in existence, but you have not seen. Children, there is no limit to who I am! You shall see Me increase! You shall see Me expand! Because I have been removing the layers off of you with My own hand. I have been removing the scales, and I have been removing the plugs, and all of the things that have held you back, and kept you up, and robbed you from seeing and understanding. I am a God that is extravagant! That is more than enough! That is unlimited in all things. But you measure Me by your own circumstances. And when you see yourself in trouble, you think I am not able. And you seek others to help you out. Why do you not look at your God? Why do you not know that My Hand is upon you? That I dictate what comes your way! That I am in the process of your life everyday! And everything that I bring to your path is for your construction! Is for your teaching! Is for your preparation! And is for your breakthrough!”

“I am God, and I am bringing forth a People that know their God. That are not limited in their thinking. That are not bound in their perimeters. But they are free in Mine! Oh, you are going to free in My perimeters, Children! So, you might as well tear down yours, this night. Because I am coming to give you new sight. I am more than enough! I am more than a Conqueror! I am more than a Victor! I am more, because I created all things! And I knew the End from the Beginning. And I made provision for you before I eve spoke anything into existence. Why would it be so hard for you to understand and receive today, if I made the way before I ever created it? I made the way before I ever created anything! I finished up the end of all things, before I ever spoke it into existence! It’s not a problem. The problem is you. You must change your thinking, Children. You must open yourself to Me, and allow My Life to set you free. Allow My Life to bring you into victory! Allow My Life to change everything around your life! As you live, I live. As I live, you live. And as My Life flows, it will heal everything around you, wherever you go.”

"Oh Children, walk in My Life! Walk in My Life! Walk in My Life! Even though death wars in the earth, you are not of the earth. You are eternal heavenly beings. A new creation, created after Me. The rules down here don’t apply when you have faith in Me. Children, you are not limited by what you see. You are only limited by what you say that is Me. To the degree that you make Me, is the degree that you limit Me. And I am coming for a People that will have no limitations. No hesitations. No reservations. On, but they will stand! They will stand, speak, and command, and watch those waters part, and they will walk through, with faith in their heart! And they will move with Life, right from the start!”

“Oh it is a New Hour! And you shall not walk in the same way. But you shall walk in the manifestation of My Power. But it will manifest, when you let it out, when you let Me live, when you let My Life change everything around you and in you. I hear the words My People say on this day. (Resurrection Sunday) Every year, I listen and I see, if their heart matches their words. Many rejoice in this day, It’s Resurrection Day! But, they walk in death, every other day. They walk in defeat, despair, all kinds of things, and not in My Life! Children, rejoice in My Life! Rejoice, in My Life everyday! Let it be a life of rejoicing and liberty in Me! Walk in My Life! Rejoice in this day! For My Resurrection truly lives in you, and the world is waiting for you! They are waiting for Me. They are crying out to Me, Lord, heal me. Lord, save me. Lord, deliver me! I have answered them, and I have sent you, but what did you do?”

“Oh Children, look with new eyes! It is a day like no other, and will not be again, in any generation. It is in this generation, when My Habitation breaks as a flood in the earth. For as in the days of Noah, the earth shall give birth again! And you shall see the Living Waters sweep over the souls of men! For I have called you as Fountains of Living Waters! I have called you as Fountains of Resurrection Life! I have called you as Pillars of salt and Light! Move, Children! Believe, Children, and conceive! Because I am moving in the earth and My Power cannot and will not be denied!”

“I am Alive, and I have risen, and I am standing in heaven! And all of the Hosts in Heaven are standing at attention in this hour. For I say to you, that I am the Righteous Judge, and the books are opened, and what I have decreed shall come to pass in the earth! Oh, for I have given My Saints the Kingdom! I have given my Saints the Keys! I have given My Saints the Commission! And you shall overcome the devil. And you shall overcome the world. And you shall overcome the enemy. And you shall overcome by My Blood, and by My Word, and by My Fire! And you shall decree, and shall manifest My Kingdom in the earth! For it is this Hour of Judgement, but it is the Hour of Birth! Oh Children, you are the descendants of Adam, the new Adam! I am Adam! I am the New Life! The Last Adam! And you are not fallen, you are risen, for I am risen! You are not fallen, you are not fallen! Stop thinking you are failing, that you’re falling. You are risen with Me!”

“Let My Resurrection work through you! Let Me lift you into the reality of who you are! I am the last Adam! I am the Adam in you! Walk with Me as Adam did! Walk with Me, as I did with My Father on the earth, before men! I showed them how to walk as Adam and Eve did, as I walked on the earth with My Children. Do it now, with Me. Walk the same, for you are the last Adam! And you have the Garden in you. And you have the River in you. And that Garden in you, is watering the earth. And that River in you is healing the earth, if you will let it! For I have called you to be the Light, and the Life in the earth! Children, I am risen! Children, you are risen! There is no grave for you-There is no death for you-There is no destruction for you-There is no judgement for you, if you walk in My Life! Be released from fear and walk near! Oh, because I hold you dear!”

“Children, you are My Precious Creation that I have longed to unveil as My Bride that stands by My Side! And the world will see her, before I come for her! The world will see that she is radiant. The world will see that she is triumphant. The world will see that she has overcome everything; she has made everything ready for Me. Oh, that’s you! And I am coming for you!”

Then the Lord showed Susan that He was putting a small rainbow in each person’s heart. He said: “I am putting eternity in your heart. So that your heart will begin to see what I see. And as you see what I see, you won’t be concerned with what is in natural time, because you will see from the perspective of eternal time. But also eternity in our heart, means life. We have His Promises in our heart, his Word, but do we have eternity within our heart? Life, forever more.

I see the Lord also putting in our hands these long stick things, kind of like what an orchestra leader would use, a baton, a pointer. I hear the Lord saying, “Divine Orchestrations. God is giving you the ability to walk in His Divine Orchestrations. Because when Life comes, Change comes. When Life breaks forth, it is not soft, it is violent. What God is going to do is going to be such divine orchestration, that it is going to look like chaos at first, but it is divinely orchestrated to the tee, just for you and me! Divine Orchestration is coming your way. Look for it every day! Life never stops. Life is always moving. Life is always creating. Let the Creative, Divine Orchestrations of God move through your beings now. All you have to do is to obey what He shows you to do each day! Obey what God tells you to do!” -End of Prophetic Words.

-Susan O’Marra