Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Field Of Lilies Experience 02-22-13

The Field of Lilies Experience  02-22-13

During the Friday night worship at SOG, I was standing by the sound table enjoying the worship time. The Glory filled the room and I was singing with the rest of the people that were there. Suddenly, I was lifted up and found myself standing in a field of lilies. The field was as far as you could see in any direction, and the heads of the lilies were pure white, but radiated all of the colors within each head. The lilies were as tall as my waist. They were waving in a gentle breeze.
Jesus was with me and we were walking in this tall field. There was such a brilliance of light because of the radiance of the Lord who filled everything with Himself. As we walked, the heads of the lilies would turn their blooms towards the Lord. The lilies sang to the Lord. There was such a beautiful fragrance that came from the field, and the gentle breeze carried it all over.
Jesus was enjoying our worship, and He was walking with us in this spiritual field as we worshipped Him, and the field of lilies sang to Him too. It was a heavenly and earthly worship service! The Lord loved the field that we had created for Him with our worship, so He was enjoying it with us as a sweet smelling offering that was both fragrant and enriching to His heart. Then the song ended and I was back in the room.

Song of Solomon 2:16 [She said distinctly] My beloved is mine and I am his! He pastures his flocks among the lilies.

Ø      15 [My heart was touched and I fervently sang to him my desire] Take for us the foxes, the little foxes that spoil the vineyards [of our love], for our vineyards are in blossom. 16 [She said distinctly] My beloved is mine and I am his! He pastures his flocks among the lilies. 17 [Then, longingly addressing her absent shepherd, she cried] Until the day breaks and the shadows flee away, return hastily, O my beloved, and be like a gazelle or a young hart as you cover the mountains [which separate us].

The foxes that spoil the fields and vineyards in blossom:  Worries, Anxieties, Cares.

The mountains that separate us are: Fear, Doubt, and Unbelief.

Matthew 6:27 And who of you by worrying and being anxious can add one unit of measure (cubit) to his stature or to the span of his life? 28 And why should you be anxious about clothes? Consider the lilies of the field and learn thoroughly how they grow; they neither toil nor spin. 29 Yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his magnificence (excellence, dignity, and grace) was not arrayed like one of these.

Luke 12:26 If then you are not able to do such a little thing as that, why are you anxious and troubled with cares about the rest? 27 Consider the lilies, how they grow. They neither [wearily] toil nor spin nor weave; yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory (his splendor and magnificence) was not arrayed like one of these. 28 But if God so clothes the grass in the field, which is alive today, and tomorrow is thrown into the furnace, how much more will He clothe you, O you [people] of little faith?

Song of Solomon 6:1 WHERE HAS your beloved gone, O you fairest among women? [Again the ladies showed their interest in the remarkable person whom the Shulammite had championed with such unstinted praise; they too wanted to know him, they insisted.] Where is your beloved hiding himself? For we would seek him with you. 2 [She replied] My beloved has gone down to his garden, to the beds of spices, to feed in the gardens and to gather lilies. 3 I am my beloved's [garden] and my beloved is mine! He feeds among the lilies [which grow there].
Song of Solomon 2:1 I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys.
-Susan O'Marra