Friday, June 1, 2012

The Salvation of God Church-Healing Testimonies- May 2012

The Salvation Of God Church - Healing Testimonies - May 2012

We had some pretty tremendous times of visitation from the Lord in the meetings at the church over the last week or two. Times of healing flowed from the Lord, and the people are beginning to notice changes in them ever since. Jesus is drawing us closer to Him each day, and as we all draw closer, we are all being healed and changed by His Power! Here are some of the reports we are receiving from the people as they tell us their testimonies:

-Susan O'Marra

May 19th, 2012

Carolyn Hinton

For seven straight years I have been afflicted with insomnia, never being able to fall asleep without medication. The diagnosis was that I had a blood deficiency in my heart, that can happen during menopause in women. On May 19th, 2012, I began to experience supernatural change in my heart in a meeting I was in. I felt my heart palpitating and I knew a deep change was being formed in my blood. Now, I am experiencing continual change, and I am happy and relieved to say that my medication is reduced and God is setting me free from the torment and the condition!

May 20th, 2012

Stephen Morgana

We learned in our class the unlimited Power of God is within us. My reading vision had been getting worse, even with my glasses things were blurry. So I prayed for the unlimited power of God to flow to my eyes and to heal them for reading. The next day I left the house without my glasses, by the end of the day I realized I did not need them anymore, and I was able to read newsprint unaided. The Lord healed my eyes.

Mary Ann Morgana

The Lord has healed my right ankle, after I had badly fallen and sprained it. All pain, swelling is gone! Then, while exercising I injured my Achilles tendon, and we prayed at church for it and it was healed. All pain and swelling is gone! Alleluia.

May 25th, 2012

Sylvia Leslie

I asked the Healing Rooms and the Salvation of God Church to pray and ask the Lord for His perfect will for us at our church (God's House of Hospitality), to be able to get a building to use. The people over at the Lutheran Church then not only told us that we could use their church, but we also don't have to pay a penny! I just thank God for being so good to us all, His Children.

Mary Beth Phillips

in 1991-1993, I needed a cane to be able to walk. My left knee was full of pain 24/7. I attended a women's conference and someone prayed over my knee. It got very hot and I no longer had pain that night or since. About 6 months ago, my right knee began giving me trouble. I had pain and it was difficult to use the stairs; going either up or down them. Of course, I got concerned and wondered if I would be using a cane again. Then, on May 25th, 2012, I attended a meeting at the Salvation of God Church. Susan O'Marra spoke and said that she could see diamond-like jewels all down the center aisle of the church, and that if anyone would believe, and get into the aisle, that the healing anointing would heal them. I stepped into the aisle, and a heat came up my legs and hit my right knee. I knew I was healed, and so I am!

Bill O'Marra

After the meetings, I went and got my checkup from the doctor, and my PSA dropped from 6.7 to 5.8! That's good for me!