Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Fountain, the Battlefield, and the Golden Rain - 07-28-16

“The Fountain, the Battlefield, and Golden Rain – 07-28-16”

I enter the heavenly city, and right in the center of the square is the same beautiful white marble fountain that I always love to see. I walk over and sit on the edge of the fountain, and I wearily look down into the water. I just absently run my hand in the water and absently smile. I hear a voice ask me, “What do you see?” My attention is snapped back to reality and I look into the water, and I see nothing. I say, “I don’t see anything.” The voice says to me, “Good. When you finally come to the end of yourself, you are ready for transformation. Its time for new vision to begin.”

I look up to see who is speaking to me, and I see the form of a man but the light is shining from his face from the angle that I am sitting from, and I cant distinguish his features very well. Knowing my thoughts, he bends down till his face is closer to me and he is also looking in the water now too. He is an older man but with smooth skin, a red beard, and curly red hair. His eyes are small, but kind, and he is interested in the water, so I turn to look at what he is looking at.

As I turn my head, I see his reflection in the fountain water. I look around and I still do not see mine. He nods and says, “That’s because you do not yet see your destiny in your heart. Without a vision My people perish or languish. You must see yourself as I see you in your heart, and when you do, you will see yourself in your true view.” I closed my eyes and prayed, “Lord open my eyes to see my destiny. Open my eyes to see who I truly am, and who you have made me to be. I want to clearly see all that is written of me. Awaken fresh vision within Me, so that a full transformation will establish a true reflection of who you are within.”

I felt such a peace begin to flow inside kind of like a light breeze blowing within. It felt very fresh and so light that I kept my eyes closed and just savored the moment. I could feel myself smiling inside. It was like I was gliding in my heart. I could feel my heart lift and float in the wind. Everything seemed far away, and that I could rest here for a long time in the sunshine.

Then I heard a sound, and it sounded like a man clearing their throat rather loudly. My eyes flew open and I was not sitting by the fountain anymore. I looked around and I was shocked that I was now sitting in a field of green grass and trees and flowers. I had been transported to this place and did not even know it. The man who was clearing his voice to get my attention was not the same red haired man as before. But this man was Jesus. He was laughing at my obvious confusion and at my embarrassment. He did not wait for me to regain my composure.

He said, “Sue, you know that what you feel and see in your heart is real. You did glide when your eyes were closed. You came here. That’s why you felt the wind blowing within you. You are a spirit, and where your heart goes, you do go. When you see with your spirit, you are actually engaging the true reality. You must trust your spirit more, and trust your faith in Me, even more than your natural reality. Confusion and discouragement sets in when you try to accomplish your purpose in your flesh or with your mind. You will never be able to change the natural reality from your outward senses and abilities. All true transformation begins from within. When you strive to change the exterior without having your vision renewed from within, all you do is wear yourself out trying to bring agreement and purpose into union through the flesh. This is not My very best.”

“I desire that all of My children understand what is truly born of and through Me. When I build My House, every part that I build has a purpose. A lack of purpose is what brings destruction even to a newly laid foundation. I want to strengthen every aspect of My House so that it can house the fullness of My Glory which is coming. So I am renewing the hope, the faith, and the vision of My people so that they can see who they are, and who I am when they look within themselves, and also when they look at everything in this life. This is not a time to lose focus, or to lose heart, but it is a time to become invigorated in faith for the destiny of your generation.”

“Come.” He reached out His hand to me, and stood up and beckoned for me to come with Him. I reached up and took His hand and just like a feather I was standing next to Him, a little bit light headed, but now laughing beside Him. He began walking towards some trees and He was holding my hand tightly as if I needed the help to stay in step with Him, but I truly didn’t for it felt like I was gliding next to Him even though my feet were moving. I laughed at this thinking it was pretty hysterical.

Jesus looked over at me and knew what I was thinking, and He laughed too, obviously enjoying my silliness. Then He stopped and the moment stopped too, for right in front of us was not a park like setting anymore, but a battlefield. I looked and a battle was indeed being waged and it was very awful. The ground was not green, but it was like beat up with potholes and big ruts, and not much vegetation.

It was a dismal place, and the people that were there looked like they were engaged in combat with themselves and also with invisible opponents. I wondered who or what they were fighting. The people were bloody, bruised, and dirty. With not much vegetation around, the dirt just flew in the air as they wrestled around, and the people were caked with dirt. They were disheveled and their clothes were torn and many looked like they were not going to last one more minute. 

I asked, “Lord what or who are they were fighting?” The Lord grimly said to me, “Themselves.” I looked again and the Lord nodded, “Yes, much of the battles that My people face are fought mainly within themselves. The battleground of most trials is found within the hearts and the minds of My people. Without faith, and without a vision, most will not survive. This is why the enemy defeats so many of My people.”

“It is important to believe in Me, for that is where all faith is rooted, but you must also have faith in the purpose that I created you for, in order to become who I have made you to be. Many say they believe in Me, but they doubt their destiny. They doubt in My ability to finish their transformation. I am the Creator of all things. I know exactly how to relate to each of My Creation and to each of My People. But it is hard for them to relate to themselves and to each other.”

“Your generation must change. Your hearts must change. You must believe, and you must trust Me to bring life to your daily lives. You will see everything clearly when you can see Me. I am going to open your eyes, so that clear vision, purpose, and fruitfulness can flow again. I am here to transform your generation, and it begins with you. Its time for the internal battles to end and for life to begin.” With those words, Jesus raised His arm as if to motion again, and the battlefield disappeared and the green hills, flowers, and the trees returned. The air was fresh again, and the sun shone, and I felt light again. I smiled and twirled all around Him.

Jesus laughed and watched me for a moment, and He said, “This is how I like you the most, when you are not burdened, and when you are not struggling. You must keep your heart close to Mine all the time. Do not let your attention be distracted with the cares of ministry, or of this life. Keep your spirit focused at all times, remember that I am also within. There should be no battles raging within, only abiding with Me. As your spirit is in tune with Me, then the daily responsibilities will remain light, and so will your sight. You will always know what to do, and My life will flow through all you do. That is My desire for you, and for all of My People. Now follow Me.”

Suddenly I found myself back at the city entrance sitting by the fountain again. Jesus was sitting there too. He reached over to my shoulder and said, “Look Sue, look in and see what awaits you.” I looked at His face, and I looked down into the water. I could see a living scene flowing in the fountain. I saw myself in the scene. I saw the sun shining then I saw rain. It was the same golden rain that I have seen many times. It was raining everywhere in the scene. The fire was golden but it was golden fire.

I saw the drops fall all over me and they melted onto the outside of my body. This looked like golden armor melting onto me, coating me with a liquid fire that became a part of me. Then I realized that it was really happening to me. I could feel it coating me from within. What I was seeing in the fountain was actually happening within! I was being made new from within, and I suddenly realized that I could now see myself! I was being transformed!

The Lord smiled broadly, and said, “Yes. When you see what is true from within, then it truly begins. This is how I am coming to all men. I am awakening man from within, and each one will decide the reality in which they will reside. Those who I can indwell, and those in whom I can abide, shall always come to know who they are, and will walk in their true reality with Me. Those who will yield fully to Me will also transform as they mature in Me, and they will reach this generation. Its time for clear identity and purpose to return to your nation, and also to your generation. Rise up in your faith and begin again, and you shall all fish in true joy with Me for all men.”

The encounter ended.

-       Susan O’Marra

-       07-28-16