Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Your On A Mountain Top Journey

Prophetic Word given during the meeting on 06-24-12

Opening prayer and vision of the Cloud of Glory:

The Cloud of the Lord is filling this place. You can feel the whole atmosphere getting denser and denser and heavier with the Lord's Presence. The Lord is acclimating us to His Presence so that we can be sensitive to when He is moving. He wants us to be moving with Him, but He is teaching us how He moves. We must respond to His Spirit, and as we do, we are being changed everyday as we enter His Glory, we are changed more. His Light is increasing in this place. Lord, increase your light in us, till we get brighter and brighter. Lord, let our love get hotter and hotter till we are fully aflame. Lord, stir us, stoke us, ignite the coals within us that we would got hotter, and brighter, and lighter, and white hot with your zeal and love.

There is a settling here now. You are on His Mountain with Him, in the Spirit. You can sense His Presence. Jesus is standing here in your midst. He is looking at you. He is coming to each one of you. He is reaching His hand out and is putting on each one of your shoulders. He is looking into your eyes. You are His Child, and He wants you to see something new in Him. He is releasing to you a new understanding of who He is within you. He is strengthening you, giving you strength. He is giving you confidence. He is giving you trust. Jesus is imparting to you the things you need. He is building you. He is answering you, and He is giving you things you have been asking for. His eyes are blue flames, deep blue flames, and you can look into eternity through His eyes. He wants you to see what He sees, so you won't continue to struggle. Jesus loves you, and He cares about you, even when you don't understand. Don't struggle. He wants to impart confidence to you. Let Jesus flow through you. He is your strength. He is your Life. He is your Faith. Believe in Him. Believe on Him. Don't allow situations to rock you, shake you, and to drain you. Stop doing that, you need to plug in. Tap into His continual flow. Your trust is in Him. He is building a People that move with Him, that have learned to tap in, that have learned to draw from Him, that have learned to flow.

The Lord then speaks:

Yes, Children, I am teaching you more tonight. I have been showing you, night by night. I have been giving you more sight. I have been teaching you how to fight for your right. How to stand in faith. How to contend with the enemy of your soul. I have been teaching you many things, and at times, it's overwhelming to you. But remember Children, it's not about you. It's about Me. I am building Me in you, and I am teaching you how to work with Me, in your life, and in your land. I am teaching you to walk with Me, hand in hand. You are on a Journey of intimacy and discovery of Me, and I have been laying out, step by step, My Stepping Stones of Maturity, and everyday, I have been teaching you another principle, another attribute, another part of Me, another nugget to strengthen thee. But the enemy sees your growth, and he sees the progress that you have made in the direction that you are going. And even though the increase of the attacks has grown, Children, it's because of the increase of My flowing! You cannot allow these things to divert your path and your progress and your growth! You are allowing the circumstances to drain the very things that I am trying to ingrain.

I am trying to form My Kingdom in you. You cannot contend with the kingdoms of this earth. The Kingdom within you is giving birth! And through My Life, My Government, and My Personality that is within you, you will triumph over every enemy and every foe, and over everything that erects itself. But you must overcome this thing in your life. You must overcome the tendency to be weak in your faith, and to allow circumstances to distract and divert you from what I am trying to build in you. For as you strive to make progress in the world, you lose progress with Me. Don't you see the progress with Me is greater, than the progress with the world? As you let Me be formed in you, I will change the world, and then you will make progress. But you cannot bring the world into Me. You must allow Me to be released into the world, and that only comes from your life. You must again have another adjustment in your perspective.

I am teaching you step by step. How to walk out My new directive. It is a challenge, but it also a choice. I am First, and I am Last. I am the Beginning, and I am the End. I am the Author, and the Finisher of your faith. And I will complete the work in you, and I will build you, and I will make you a strong fortress. I will make you into an impenetrable force. I will make you into such a complete armament that no army will ever dare to come near. But Children, you must believe, and you must come to Me more. You must not try to build your kingdom on earth, but you must build My Kingdom. When you build My Kingdom, My Kingdom will be established on earth, and you will build on that. For I will prosper you through My Kingdom. If you will lay down your desires and pick up Mine, I will prosper you in My Desires, and you will prosper wherever you go, and in whatever you set your hand to do, because you have tapped into My Kingdom flow.

You cannot prosper in men's streams, but you prosper in Me. Because it is Me, living in you continually, that pours out of you wherever you go, and what I pour out of you, flows and waters and grows. Don't let the enemy drain everything. For every time you leave here, remember what I have taught you, and do not allow things to steal it right away. Do not allow the enemy, by the cares of the world, to choke what I have taught you, and then you struggle again. Remember, My Word goes into good ground, and it bears fruit, and it takes root, and then the change can happen. Cleave to My Word, and cleave to My Spirit. Cleave to My Word and cleave to My Spirit, for in them, you find your life, your strength, and every promise that I have told you I would do.

I have continually showed you I am doing them. Move on Children, walk on further into the destiny that I have for you, and be confident in Me, and keep My Word ever before you, and realize I am doing a new thing through you, around you, and in the earth, and these things around you on the earth will change, because it is Me in the earth. I am bringing change, and do not measure what I do out here in the earth by what you see, but you measure it by Me internally, through thee. When you look through My eyes, you will understand why I brought you this way, and why it took this long to get to this point. Because you are My New Leaders. You are My Instruments in the earth. You are the Leaders I am raising up to release in this hour, and you will wield a New Sword with Power that has not been seen in the earth, even up to this day. Do not doubt this! You must understand and be grounded in this! It will come from My Hand, from within you! As you let Me out, I will work it out!

-End of the Prophetic Word.

-Susan O'Marra