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“Podcast of Walking In The Valley Of Eshcol Vision Experience – 11-27-15”

“Walking In The Valley Of Eshcol Vision Experience – 11-27-15”

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In the vision, I am struggling to walk in the midst of thick foliage, and the leaves in front of me are so big that they are crowding me, and the plants themselves are also taller than me, and just one leaf would cover me completely. I can’t see very far ahead because of the denseness all around me, so in frustration I reach out to move the huge leaf that is right in my face, and I see that there are some more right behind that one! I then realize that these are massive grape leaves! My mind then races to think of why these grape leaves are so big. It then dawns on me that if this is where the big grapes are also found, then I must be where Joshua was! I then forgot my frustrations and I excitedly pushed through the leaves, and suddenly I see a huge cluster of purple grapes hanging right in front of me! One grape was so big that a basketball is the only thing I could compare it to. I knew then that I am walking in the Valley of Eshcol, and without realizing it, I said out loud to no one in particular, “What is this place?”

Jesus then answered me in the vision experience; “This place that you are walking in is also the place of your inheritance. Just as you see the parable of the leaves crowding your view in front of you, I want you understand that you must stay in faith, and continue to do what I have called you to. Do not allow the hardship, the frustrations, and doubt to creep in as you walk it out. Do not allow what seems too big or impossible to you to ever do, to rob you of the very thing I created just for you. I am working everything out for your good, yet many of My People continue to struggle right in the face of their breakthrough, and many choose to listen to the enemy’s view. This cannot be! You must fully believe in Me! You must believe in My capability! If I have truly called you to victory, why would you allow circumstances to cloud your trust in Me? Either My Words are true and you must push on through, or trust in your ways and that will be all that you will ever do. Know for a certain, that I will not remove the liars false curtain, you yourself must pull those things down, and you must take your inheritance ground!”

“I have given the promise of the fruitful lands to you. You cannot complain, or doubt, or waver anymore! You cannot continue listen to the lies of the enemy, and you cannot listen to the reasoning’s of your own soul, but you must yield to Me with your spirit, for you must follow Me whole! I will help you as you walk it out with Me, but you must fully step out into what I have called you to, and you must pursue the promises, as I fully restore! Run fully into the vision knowing that what I have said shall truly come to pass! My faithful witnesses shall indeed possess My Best! Look again, and truly see them with Me, for the whole land cries out and awaits your victory. I have called you to inherit the lands of the enemies! I am sending you out to look ahead of you, and to see My Faithful Bounty that you are shortly coming into, and I want you to realize that My Grace and My Favor will bring you unto the fulfillment. It is time to rise above these current things, and agree fully with Me, for I am the Keeper of all Inheritance Keys, and I am also the fulfiller of all these things!” – end of experience.

I then looked up the meaning of Eshcol…..

Eschol: 1. cluster of grapes; 2. bunch; brave. 3. valley of a cluster  - Strong’s #812


Numbers 13:And the Lord said to Moses, Send men to explore and scout out [for yourselves] the land of Canaan, which I give to the Israelites. From each tribe of their fathers you shall send a man, every one a leader or head among them. So Moses by the command of the Lord sent scouts from the Wilderness of Paran, all of them men who were heads of the Israelites. These were their names: of the tribe of Reuben, Shammua son of Zaccur; Of the tribe of Simeon, Shaphat son of Hori; Of the tribe of Judah, Caleb son of Jephunneh; Of the tribe of Issachar, Igal son of Joseph; Of the tribe of Ephraim, Hoshea [that is, Joshua] son of Nun; Of the tribe of Benjamin, Palti son of Raphu; 10 Of the tribe of Zebulun, Gaddiel son of Sodi; 11 Of the tribe of Joseph, that is, of the tribe of Manasseh, Gaddi son of Susi; 12 Of the tribe of Dan, Ammiel son of Gemalli; 13 Of the tribe of Asher, Sethur son of Michael; 14 Of the tribe of Naphtali, Nahbi son of Vophsi; 15 Of the tribe of Gad, Geuel son of Machi. 16 These are the names of the men whom Moses sent to explore and scout out the land. And Moses called Hoshea son of Nun, Joshua. 17 Moses sent them to scout out the land of Canaan, and said to them, Get up this way by the South (the Negeb) and go up into the hill country, 18 And see what the land is and whether the people who dwell there are strong or weak, few or many, 19 And whether the land they live in is good or bad, and whether the cities they dwell in are camps or strongholds, 20 And what the land is, whether it is fat or lean, whether there is timber on it or not. And be of good courage and bring some of the fruit of the land. Now the time was the time of the first ripe grapes. 21 So they went up and scouted through the land from the Wilderness of Zin to Rehob, to the entrance of Hamath. 22 And then went up into the South (the Negeb) and came to Hebron; and Ahiman, Sheshai, and Talmai [probably three tribes of] the sons of Anak were there. (Hebron was built seven years before Zoan in Egypt.) 23 And they came to the Valley of Eshcol, and cut down from there a branch with one cluster of grapes, and they carried it on a pole between two [of them]; they brought also some pomegranates and figs. 24 That place was called the Valley of Eshcol [cluster] because of the cluster which the Israelites cut down there. 25 And they returned from scouting out the land after forty days. 26 They came to Moses and Aaron and to all the Israelite congregation in the Wilderness of Paran at Kadesh, and brought them word, and showed them the land’s fruit. 27 They told Moses, We came to the land to which you sent us; surely it flows with milk and honey. This is its fruit. 28 But the people who dwell there are strong, and the cities are fortified and very large; moreover, there we saw the sons of Anak [of great stature and courage]. 29 Amalek dwells in the land of the South (the Negeb); the Hittite, the Jebusite, and the Amorite dwell in the hill country; and the Canaanite dwells by the sea and along by the side of the Jordan [River]. 30 Caleb quieted the people before Moses, and said, Let us go up at once and possess it; we are well able to conquer it. 31 But his fellow scouts said, We are not able to go up against the people [of Canaan], for they are stronger than we are. 32 So they brought the Israelites an evil report of the land which they had scouted out, saying, The land through which we went to spy it out is a land that devours its inhabitants. And all the people that we saw in it are men of great stature. 33 There we saw the Nephilim [or giants], the sons of Anak, who come from the giants; and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.

Numbers 14:1 And all the congregation cried out with a loud voice, and [they] wept that night. All the Israelites grumbled and deplored their situation, accusing Moses and Aaron, to whom the whole congregation said, Would that we had died in Egypt! Or that we had died in this wilderness! Why does the Lord bring us to this land to fall by the sword? Our wives and little ones will be a prey. Is it not better for us to return to Egypt? And they said one to another, Let us choose a captain and return to Egypt. Then Moses and Aaron fell on their faces before all the assembly of Israelites. And Joshua son of Nun and Caleb son of Jephunneh, who were among the scouts who had searched the land, rent their clothes, And they said to all the company of Israelites, The land through which we passed as scouts is an exceedingly good land. If the Lord delights in us, then He will bring us into this land and give it to us, a land flowing with milk and honey. Only do not rebel against the Lord, neither fear the people of the land, for they are bread for us. Their defense and the shadow [of protection] is removed from over them, but the Lord is with us. Fear them not. 10 But all the congregation said to stone [Joshua and Caleb] with stones. But the glory of the Lord appeared at the Tent of Meeting before all the Israelites. 11 And the Lord said to Moses, How long will this people provoke (spurn, despise) Me? And how long will it be before they believe Me [trusting in, relying on, clinging to Me], for all the signs which I have performed among them? 12 I will smite them with the pestilence and disinherit them, and will make of you [Moses] a nation greater and mightier than they. 13 But Moses said to the Lord, Then the Egyptians will hear of it, for You brought up this people in Your might from among them. 14 And they will tell it to the inhabitants of this land. They have heard that You, Lord, are in the midst of this people [of Israel], that You, Lord, are seen face to face, and that Your cloud stands over them, and that You go before them in a pillar of cloud by day and in a pillar of fire by night. 15 Now if You kill all this people as one man, then the nations that have heard Your fame will say, 16 Because the Lord was not able to bring this people into the land which He swore to give to them, therefore He has slain them in the wilderness. 17 And now, I pray You, let the power of my Lord be great, as You have promised, saying, 18 The Lord is long-suffering and slow to anger, and abundant in mercy and loving-kindness, forgiving iniquity and transgression; but He will by no means clear the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, upon the third and fourth generation. 19 Pardon, I pray You, the iniquity of this people according to the greatness of Your mercy and loving-kindness, just as You have forgiven [them] from Egypt until now. 20 And the Lord said, I have pardoned according to your word. 21 But truly as I live and as all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the Lord, 22 Because all those men who have seen My glory and My [miraculous] signs which I performed in Egypt and in the wilderness, yet have tested and proved Me these ten times and have not heeded My voice, 23 Surely they shall not see the land which I swore to give to their fathers; nor shall any who provoked (spurned, despised) Me see it. 24 But My servant Caleb, because he has a different spirit and has followed Me fully, I will bring into the land into which he went, and his descendants shall possess it.

See also Numbers chapter 32, and Deuteronomy chapter 1.

- So, Be encouraged this day, the hindrances of the enemy are parting out of the way, and you all shall see the victory as you fully obey!!!

-        Susan O’Marra
-        11-27-15

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You Must Understand The Moving Of My Hand- 11-20-15

“You Must Understand The Moving Of My Hand” – 11-20-15

(Transcript of Prophecy given at SOG on 11-20-15)

The Lord speaks: “Children, I have drawn you to My breast tonight, and I want you to drink deep of My Spirit. I want you to see and hear, and I want you to know that I am here. That I am making Myself very clear. I do not want My People to be in stress and fear. I want you to know that I am here, that I am with you, and for you, and that I am leading you into all truth. I am guiding you, and My Signs give you proof, for I give you a Covering. I give you a Holy Roof.”

“So why would you fear the things that would shake the world this year? Why would you be in stress, over the things that I am moving and changing in the earth? You must understand the moving of My Hand. I am here to set people free across every land. I am here to extract the roots that have been keeping My People bound. I am here to set free entire nation’s ground. You must understand those things that will come with the moving of My Hand.”

“You are in the center of My plan. By your faith, and by your faith in Me, you shall surely stand. For I want you to walk in My commands. I want you to hold hands, and I want you to touch lands. I want you to move and expand, with the knowledge that comes from Me, because I am the one that will set the peoples free. I am the one that has tooled you, and that has schooled you, and I am the one that has made you ready. I am the one that will guide you through these seasons, and you will be steady. I am the one that is making you all ready.”
“You must trust Me, and you must lean into Me in this hour, for you are going to see demonstrations of My Power, for I am here to move in the nations with you. I am here to move in this region with you. I am here to move in your home with you. I am going to change everything that you know, and it will not be as you see it today. All of the old things shall surely pass away, because I am the New Way. I am the Holy High Way. I am the one that is making things new.”

“You must stand true in all of the things I am about to do, because I am going to move greatly among the earth. I am going to hasten the Harvest Birth. I am going to trouble the nations in the earth. I am going to stir the waters so that people will get in, because I long for My People to respond to Me. I want them to understand Me clearly, and know what I am doing. It is time to move when I stir the waters. It is time to move when I stir the nations. It is time to prove, because I am on the move.”

“I want you to remain in My place of Rest. I do not want you to move in the duress. I want you to know that you are blessed, because you keep Me at your breast. But more importantly, you drink from My breast. It is time that you draw from Me Children. I have called you here to drink from My breast tonight. To learn the things that I want to do, and of the things that are right in My Sight. You must understand more fully My Plan. You must not follow the words of man. You must not follow the events in the earth that will unfold, and will cause many to abort their birth.”

“I say, you are the Children, you are the Seed of great worth. You are My Harvesters, and you must understand the hour, and you must look and move with power, because I am going to stretch out My Hand across every land. By My Hand you will expand, but you must draw from My Breast. You must draw from My Love. You must draw from My Peace. You must draw from My Grace. You must release, release, release.”
“You must give that which you draw from Me. You must pour it out to humanity. You must bring stability in this hour, for you are My stabilizing power. You are My Pillars in the earth, and if you are fearful, what will happen to the birth? What will happen to the harvest of great worth? Children, you must release My Peace in the earth. You must release My Love and My Joy. You must cause the counter effect to come. You must shift the nations with Me.”

“You will know what is to be done, as you look to Me, the one that knows what is to be done. I am the one Children, that knows what is to be done. I have the answers to all of the trouble. I have the answers, even in the rubble, and you will dig it out with Me. You will dig it out with Me, and not one grain will be left, or will be lost in the sea of humanity. For I know every soul, and I know where they are. I know how to unlock them and set them free, so you must move in faith with Me. You must not go by what you hear and see. You must move in stability with Me. You must move in joy, for I have put the sickle in your hand. I have put the sickle in your hand, and I have give you the harvest command.”

“You must not look to those that would stand, and you must not look at those that would fall. You must look to Me, the Lord of one and all, for I am the one that confirms your call. I am the one that has control over great and small. I am the one that is doing a great work in this earth, and though you might not understand those that would waver in this hour, I say, Stand, My Children, for you have My Favor in this hour.”

“You are the ones that will guide many through the navigation that is required, as I trouble the earth, as I trouble the nations, as I trouble homes. As I stir the waters, you will help them navigate through this generation. You will help them navigate into revelation. You will navigate them, and you will help them with application, for I will give you wisdom in the seas. I will give you wisdom in the mountains. I will give you wisdom in the valleys. I will give you wisdom in the fields, and wherever I turn you, you will look and you will see Me, for I am the one with the sword, and I am wielding My sword in the field.”

“I am going to bring My harvest in, and it will be a great, great yield. It will be so great of a yield, that everyone will have to move with Me, for you cannot bring it in without Me, and you cannot bring it in without each other, for you have need of one another. So, I want you to cleave to Me as you cleave together, and together, you will bring My harvest in. For this is My desire for you, and this is why I am calling you higher, and this is why I am making things stricter, and leaner, and more narrower for you. So that you will not be unstable, as the earth will do. So that you will look clear, and you will know that I am near, and you will say, ‘I am here’, and you will move without fear.”


Exodus 6:3 I appeared to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob as God Almighty [El-Shaddai], but by My name the Lord [Yahweh—the redemptive name of God] I did not make Myself known to them [in acts and great miracles].

El Shaddai:  -  The many breasted one…

Isaiah 66:10 Rejoice with Jerusalem and be glad for her, all you who love her; rejoice for joy with her, all you who mourn over her, 11 That you may nurse and be satisfied from her consoling breasts, that you may drink deeply and be delighted with the abundance and brightness of her glory. 12 For thus says the Lord: Behold, I will extend peace to her like a river, and the glory of the nations like an overflowing stream; then you will be nursed, you will be carried on her hip and trotted [lovingly bounced up and down] on her [God’s maternal] knees.

Isaiah 33:6 And there shall be stability in your times, an abundance of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge; the reverent fear and worship of the Lord is your treasure and His.

Ephesians 1:Making known to us the mystery (secret) of His will (of His plan, of His purpose). [And it is this:] In accordance with His good pleasure (His merciful intention) which He had previously purposed and set forth in Him, 10 [He planned] for the maturity of the times and the climax of the ages to unify all things and head them up and consummate them in Christ, [both] things in heaven and things on the earth. 11 In Him we also were made [God’s] heritage (portion) and we obtained an inheritance; for we had been foreordained (chosen and appointed beforehand) in accordance with His purpose, Who works out everything in agreement with the counsel and design of His [own] will,

Hebrews 12:27 Now this expression, Yet once more, indicates the final removal and transformation of all [that can be] shaken—that is, of that which has been created—in order that what cannot be shaken may remain and continue. 28 Let us therefore, receiving a kingdom that is firm and stable and cannot be shaken, offer to God pleasing service and acceptable worship, with modesty and pious care and godly fear and awe; 29 For our God [is indeed] a consuming fire.

-        Susan O’Marra

-        11-20-15

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"With My Own I Am Making Myself Known" – 11-16-15

With My Own I Am Making Myself Known – 11-16-15

With My own I am making Myself known
For truly they are bone of My bone
And in whom I am pleased to make Myself home
For they have sought My will above their own

My wisdom to them shall be increasingly shown
For they have indeed become full grown
Unto them My Mysteries have waited alone
In My Sons shall My winds now be blown

Hearts receiving the Keys that have flown
Markers in time, My Blood has atoned
Divinely bidden, made a fine tuned tone
Then all shall know I AM- the true Stone

Exodus 6:And God said to Moses, I am the Lord. I appeared to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob as God Almighty [El-Shaddai], but by My [a]name the Lord [Yahweh—the redemptive name of God] I did not make Myself known to them [in acts and great miracles]. I have also established My covenant with them to give them the land of Canaan, the land of their temporary residence in which they were strangers. I have also heard the groaning of the Israelites whom the Egyptians have enslaved; and I have [earnestly] remembered My covenant [with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob]. Accordingly, say to the Israelites, I am the Lord, and I will bring you out from under the burdens of the Egyptians, and I will free you from their bondage, and I will rescue you with an outstretched arm [with special and vigorous action] and by mighty acts of judgment. And I will take you to Me for a people, and I will be to you a God; and you shall know that it is I, the Lord your God, Who brings you out from under the burdens of the Egyptians. And I will bring you into the land concerning which I lifted up My hand and swore that I would give it to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; and I will give it to you for a heritage. I am the Lord [you have the pledge of My changeless omnipotence and faithfulness].

-   As given to: Susan O’Marra
 - 11-16-15

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“The Cup of Iniquity Vision and Podcast - 10-22-15”

“The Cup of Iniquity Vision - 10-22-15”

The link to the podcast can be found at:

I had a recurring vision in California on 10-22-15. In the vision, I was standing with the Lord and we had hip waders on, and we were standing waist deep in a vast watery place that was oozing with putrefying filth. The water was black and churning, and was spiritually very wicked. I wondered why we were both standing here. The Lord just stood there looking at the writhing waters for a few minutes. His expression was unreadable by me, so I just stood there beside Him waiting. After a few minutes he finally turned to me, and his eyes were now on fire. He said to me:

"This is place is called the Cup of Iniquity. This vast place is the representation of the fruits of iniquity that still flow unchecked in men's hearts and minds. I am the Creator and I am also the Lord of the earth, but this is what men do give birth. You are here to understand that a new day has dawned, and that I shall have mature Sons who will redeem that which has been polluted and that which has been left to bear evil fruit. It is time to understand that that has been given into your hands. It is not my desire to see this cup become full. It is my desire see that My Sons learn to rule. It is time to declare Liberty to the earthly and carnal cesspools. It is time to remit the sin, to turn from all rebellion, and its time to let righteousness flow in. It is time to birth forth righteousness in the earth. For as you all do, My Life will flow in, and Salvation will grow! You also are here to know and understand that which is about to be poured out in the lands, and as it is allowed to come to full fruition, I shall then thoroughly rout the evil roots out. I am going to deal with the hidden iniquity that men do not think I see.” 

“I desire to fill this dark place with My Saving Grace, and that men would again repentantly seek My Face. I am here to heal the waters so My people can drink and live, and also so they can flourish in their knowledge of Me. Men are to look only at Me!" His eyes then blazed even more. He said, "My Glory is currently pouring into the earth. Men must realize that they cannot continue to partake of My Glory and still love their hidden things. The natural floods and intense events that I am allowing to occur in the earth in your time are a sign. I am speaking everywhere through everything, but few are listening to Me. So, I will deal with the weight of the burden of iniquity, with Me! It's time for you all to rule in the midst of great iniquity; and to steward the process of the healing of the nations with Me! My Government has only just begun to flow in the earth, but with My ready men- I am ready to begin! Wait upon Me, for in your time, I shall interrupt history! I am coming to reveal through My Sons amazing and glorious things, and in your days, My Redemptive Faces they will see!"

As I opened my bible program, it opened right up to 2 King 2:19-22:

19. And the men of the city said to Elisha, Behold, inhabiting of this city is pleasant, as my lord sees, but the water is bad and the locality causes miscarriage and barrenness [in all animals]. 20. He said, Bring me a new bowl and put salt [the symbol of God's purifying power] in it. And they brought it to him. 21. Then Elisha went to the spring of the waters and cast the salt in it and said, Thus says the Lord: I [not the salt] have healed these waters; there shall not be any more death, miscarriage or barrenness [and bereavement] because of it. 22. So the waters were healed to this day, as Elisha had said.

The authority to remit the sin:

Matthew 9:6 But in order that you may know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins and remit the penalty, He then said to the paralyzed man, Get up! Pick up your sleeping pad and go to your own house.

John 20:19-23 So when it was evening on that same day, the first day of the week, though the disciples were meeting behind barred doors for fear of the Jews, Jesus came and stood among them, and said, “Peace to you.” After He said this, He showed them His hands and His side. When the disciples saw the Lord, they were filled with great joy. Then Jesus said to them again, “Peace to you; as the Father has sent Me, I also send you as My representatives.” And when He said this, He breathed on them and said to them, “Receive the Holy Spirit. If you forgive the sins of anyone they are forgiven because of their faith; if you retain the sins of anyone, they are retained and remain unforgiven because of their unbelief.” 

Mark 2:Now some of the scribes were sitting there, holding a dialogue with themselves as they questioned in their hearts, Why does this Man talk like this? He is blaspheming! Who can forgive sins [remove guilt, remit the penalty, and bestow righteousness instead] except God alone? And at once Jesus, becoming fully aware in His spirit that they thus debated within themselves, said to them, Why do you argue (debate, reason) about all this in your hearts? Which is easier: to say to the paralyzed man, Your sins are forgiven and put away, or to say, Rise, take up your sleeping pad or mat, and start walking about [and keep on walking]? 10 But that you may know positively and beyond a doubt that the Son of Man has right and authority and power on earth to forgive sins—He said to the paralyzed man, 11 I say to you, arise, pick up and carry your sleeping pad or mat, and be going on home. 12 And he arose at once and picked up the sleeping pad or mat and went out before them all, so that they were all amazed and recognized and praised and thanked God, saying, We have never seen anything like this before!

The kitchen sink example: The Scraps and Plugs

The accumulation of Sin and Leaven:    Individuals, the Church, Cities, Nations, etc…   

Jeremiah 33:24 Have you not noticed that these people [the Jews] are saying, The Lord has cast off the two families [Israel and Judah] which He chose? Thus My people have despised [themselves in relation to God as His covenant people], so that they are no more a nation in their [own] sight.

The Covenant and the Bonds of iniquity:

Genesis 17:1. AFTER THESE things, the word of the Lord came to Abram in a vision, saying, Fear not, Abram, I am your Shield, your abundant compensation, and your reward shall be exceedingly great. 2. And Abram said, Lord God, what can You give me, since I am going on [from this world] childless and he who shall be the owner and heir of my house is this [steward] Eliezer of Damascus? 3. And Abram continued, Look, You have given me no child; and [a servant] born in my house is my heir. 4. And behold, the word of the Lord came to him, saying, This man shall not be your heir, but he who shall come from your own body shall be your heir. 5. And He brought him outside [his tent into the starlight] and said, Look now toward the heavens and count the stars–if you are able to number them. Then He said to him, So shall your descendants be. [Heb. 11:12.] 6. And he [Abram] believed in (trusted in, relied on, remained steadfast to) the Lord, and He counted it to him as righteousness (right standing with God). [Rom. 4:3, 18-22; Gal. 3:6; James 2:23.] 7. And He said to him, I am the [same] Lord, Who brought you out of Ur of the Chaldees to give you this land as an inheritance. 8. But he [Abram] said, Lord God, by what shall I know that I shall inherit it? 9. And He said to him, Bring to Me a heifer three years old, a she-goat three years old, a ram three years old, a turtledove, and a young pigeon. 10. And he brought Him all these and cut them down the middle [into halves] and laid each half opposite the other; but the birds he did not divide. 11. And when the birds of prey swooped down upon the carcasses, Abram drove them away. 12. When the sun was setting, a deep sleep overcame Abram, and a horror (a terror, a shuddering fear) of great darkness assailed and oppressed him. 13. And [God] said to Abram, Know positively that your descendants will be strangers dwelling as temporary residents in a land that is not theirs [Egypt], and they will be slaves there and will be afflicted and oppressed for 400 years. [Fulfilled in Exod. 12:40.] 14. But I will bring judgment on that nation whom they will serve, and afterward they will come out with great possessions. [Acts 7:6, 7.] 15. And you shall go to your fathers in peace; you shall be buried at a good old (hoary) age. 16. And in the fourth generation they [your descendants] shall come back here [to Canaan] again, for the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet full and complete. [Josh. 24:15.] 17. When the sun had gone down and a [thick] darkness had come on, behold, a smoking oven and a flaming torch passed between those pieces. 18. On the same day the Lord made a covenant (promise, pledge) with Abram, saying, To your descendants I have given this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river Euphrates–the land of 19. The Kenites, the Kenizzites, the Kadmonites, 20. The Hittites, the Perizzites, the Rephaim, 21. The Amorites, the Canaanites, the Girgashites, and the Jebusites.

The Covenant of Salt

Leviticus 2:13. Every cereal offering you shall season with salt [symbol of preservation]; neither shall you allow the salt of the covenant of your God to be lacking from your cereal offering; with all your offerings you shall offer salt. [Mark 9:49, 50.]

Numbers 18:19. All the heave offerings [the lifted-out and kept portions] of the holy things which the Israelites give to the Lord I give to you and to your sons and your daughters with you, as a continual debt forever. It is a covenant of salt [that cannot be dissolved or violated] forever before the Lord for you [Aaron] and for your posterity with you.

2 Chronicles 13:5. Ought you not to know that the Lord, the God of Israel, gave the kingship over Israel to David forever, even to him and to his sons by a covenant of salt?

Matthew 5:13 You are the salt of the earth, but if salt has lost its taste (its strength, its quality), how can its saltness be restored? It is not good for anything any longer but to be thrown out and trodden underfoot by men.

Haggai 2:23 In that day, says the Lord of hosts, will I take you, O Zerubbabel, My servant, the son of Shealtiel, says the Lord, and will make you [through the Messiah, your descendant] My signet ring; for I have chosen you [as the one with whom to renew My covenant to David’s line], says the Lord of hosts.

Zechariah 9:11 As for you also, because of and for the sake of the [covenant of the Lord with His people, which was sealed with sprinkled] covenant blood, I have released and sent forth your imprisoned people out of the waterless pit.

The New Bowl Principle:

Zechariah 4:1. And THE angel who talked with me came again and awakened me, like a man who is wakened out of his sleep. 2. And said to me, What do you see? I said, I see, and behold, a lampstand all of gold, with its bowl [for oil] on the top of it and its seven lamps on it, and [there are] seven pipes to each of the seven lamps which are upon the top of it. [Matt. 5:14, 16; Luke 12:35; Phil. 2:15; Rev. 1:20.] 3. And there are two olive trees by it, one upon the right side of the bowl and the other upon the left side of it [feeding it continuously with oil]. [Rev. 11:4-13.] 4. So I asked the angel who talked with me, What are these, my lord? 5. Then the angel who talked with me answered me, Do you not know what these are? And I said, No, my lord. 6. Then he said to me, This [addition of the bowl to the candlestick, causing it to yield a ceaseless supply of oil from the olive trees] is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel, saying, Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit [of Whom the oil is a symbol], says the Lord of hosts. 7. For who are you, O great mountain [of human obstacles]? Before Zerubbabel [who with Joshua had led the return of the exiles from Babylon and was undertaking the rebuilding of the temple, before him] you shall become a plain [a mere molehill]! And he shall bring forth the finishing gable stone [of the new temple] with loud shoutings of the people, crying, Grace, grace to it! [Ezra 4:1-5, 24; Isa. 40:4.]

The Veil of Iniquity example:

Isaiah 25:6. And on this Mount [Zion] shall the Lord of hosts make for all peoples a feast of rich things [symbolic of His coronation festival inaugurating the reign of the Lord on earth, in the wake of a background of gloom, judgment, and terror], a feast of wines on the lees–of fat things full of marrow, of wines on the lees well refined.7. And He will destroy on this mountain the covering of the face that is cast over the heads of all peoples [in mourning], and the veil [of profound wretchedness] that is woven and spread over all nations. 8. He will swallow up death [in victory; He will abolish death forever]. And the Lord God will wipe away tears from all faces; and the reproach of His people He will take away from off all the earth; for the Lord has spoken it. [I Cor. 15:26, 54; II Tim. 1:10.] 9. It shall be said in that day, Behold our God upon Whom we have waited and hoped, that He might save us! This is the Lord, we have waited for Him; we will be glad and rejoice in His salvation. 10. For the hand of the Lord shall rest on this Mount [Zion], and Moab shall be threshed and trodden down in his place as straw is trodden down in the [filthy] water of a [primitive] cesspit. 11. And though [Moab] stretches forth his hands in the midst of [the filthy water] as a swimmer stretches out his hands to swim, the Lord will bring down [Moab's] pride in spite of the skillfulness of his hands and together with the spoils of his hands. 12. And the high fortifications of your walls [the Lord] will bring down, lay low, and bring to the ground, even to the dust.

-        Susan O'Marra

-        11-15-15

Friday, November 13, 2015

“The Ancient Gate Of New Zealand Encounter” – 11-11-15

“The Ancient Gate Of New Zealand Encounter” – 11-11-15

As I waited in the Lord's Presence, I saw the nation of New Zealand. I saw into the heavenlies above it, and I saw a very ancient gate that had been closed a very long time. It was very old, and had deep writing etched into it. I could not read it, but I knew that this was part of its ancient heritage. I then saw the gate open, and I heard the sound of wind blowing from behind the gate. A very great wind then began to blow behind the gate, and then within the wind, I heard voices. 

The voices of the generations were speaking into the earth again. The Lord has opened an ancient gate so that the voices that are ordained to release His sounds into New Zealand can now come forth. It is time for the Ancient Sounds to flow from heaven to transform nations and to release His Kingdom into the ends of the earth. It has begun...

Later on, I asked the Lord if I could go through that open gate, and He took me in. I walked through the gate into a stone lined round tunnel, and on the other side was a great room, filled with the Glory. Standing inside the room were 12 men all clothed in white, and they had violent flames shooting up over their heads, and the same flames were burning in their eyes, and those flames were also shooting out of their mouths. 

I was so struck with fear that I shook as their words burned as they spoke them out in the room, and the flames then rode upon the winds out of the gate, into the nation below. That was as much as I could personally take of this prophetic instance…..

I have waited for understanding from the Lord, and today on the 13th, He spoke to me again about this significant event that has opened up:

On Rosh Hashanah the Keys were given, and many Voices have decreed the birth, but the people and the nations must now rise up to possess what is theirs by right. 

In this vision, the cumulative prayers that have been prayed over the nation of New Zealand for generations are now being released for their fulfillment, in this new day (11:11). The Father has responded to the faith of the saints, and has raised up His Governmental Son’s to steward the coming fiery flows.

The Fire and the 12 Governmental men:

The judicial decree from Heaven has gone out, and the full delivery process has now begun from heaven into the earth. Wind and Fire will continue to pour until everything is fully realigned, and everyone is reassigned. 

From the ends of the earth shall New Zealand bring forth a full and complete Birth! New Zealand shall be His “New-Zeal-Land”, and shall be His Burning Fan in His Hand, which shall indeed touch every land.

The Fire will bring forth a pure habitation, with pure apostolic speech, which will release the revelation of the Government of Christ unto the ends of the earth, to effect the harvest of the earth:

Zephaniah 3:“Therefore [you of the godly remnant of Judah, patiently] wait for Me,” declares the Lord, “[Wait] for the day when I rise up as a witness [against the nations]. For it is My decision and My right to gather the nations, To assemble kingdoms, To pour out on them My indignation, All [the heat of] My burning anger; For [in that day] all the earth shall be consumed By the fire of My zeal.“Then I will give to the peoples [clear and pure speech from] purified lips [which reflect their purified hearts], That all of them may call on the name of the Lord, To serve Him shoulder to shoulder (united).

-        Susan O’Marra

-        11-13-15