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The Cobblers House Experience - 06-16-16

“The Cobblers House Experience – 06-16-16” and Podcast

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I found myself walking down a familiar street again in the experience. I walked on the cobblestone streets, feeling a sense of welcome and yet also thankfulness, as I loved being brought into the city. I looked at some of the shops as I passed by. There was the Bakery, the Tailor, the Clock shop, and the Coffee Shop that I loved. I noticed a new shop that I had not seen before. The sign was hanging from the outside by silver chains, and it swung gently in the breeze as if beckoning someone to enter. I smiled at that thought, and felt led to go in and see what was inside. The sign said, “Cobblers Shop.” I placed my hand on the door as if to enter, and the door opened by itself.

The room was lined with boxes and shoes from top to bottom. Every type of shoe imaginable was stocked there. I reached out and touched a pair of sandals, and felt the smoothness of its leather strap. I heard a voice call to me as I was admiring the shoes. “What would be your delight, young one?” I turned to see an older man with a white visor on his head, and a long leather apron, and glasses that hung low on his nose. He had curly white hair and piercing blue eyes. I thought to myself, “young one?” I laughed and he laughed with me, enjoying the moment. I explained to him that I have been down this street before but had not noticed the store before and was curious to see what was inside. He nodded, and said, “You weren’t meant to notice it till now. But it is time to receive your new shoes.” I said, “my new shoes?” He nodded patiently enjoying my reaction. He stood there with his hands on his hips eyeing my face.

After a few minutes he said again, “What would be your delight, young one?” I said smilingly, “Why do you keep calling me young? I am now raising young ones myself.” He shook his head and smiled patiently at me. He said, “You are wrong. You have the life of the Son in you. His life flows through you giving you life. You must learn to draw from His life even more. There is much that still needs to be restored. Come now, lets look for your shoes.” With that he walked out of the room we were in and down a narrow hallway. Then he turned and said, “Come, your shoes are back here.” I followed him and was surprised to see a smaller room with shoe boxes that lined the walls in here too.

There were no shoes visible, but I could read the labels on the boxes as I looked at the rows of them. I read some of the labels out loud to myself. One box said, “Health”. The cobbler said, “Yes, you must learn to walk in His provision of health, for the years ahead of you all are many.”

Another box said, “Strength”. The cobbler again nodded, “Yes, this is a truth that few utilize. You must draw your strength from Him every day. This includes inner strength and outer strength. Many overlook this and grow weak and lose their hope and their vision. Remember this always, He is your life and He is your strength.”

One box I looked at said, “Favor”. I smiled at this box, desiring favor. He smiled, and put his hands on his hips and looked at me. He said, “Many do not realize that they walk in His favor because they are His. You cant and don’t earn His favor, but you do seek Him. When you sincerely seek Him, His favor is revealed unto you, and it will flow out of you even more.”

Another box I walked by said, “Virtue”. “It’s truly a rare quality these days. Many seek fame, money, ease, and abundance, but few seek to embody His virtues. Virtue will always be the greatest of rewards, for when you grow in Him, you take on His image and likeness from within, and He is your very great and rich reward.” He smiled broadly and walked on past me.

I then looked up and I saw a box on a higher row that said, “Grace”. This box was kind of beat up and looked like it had been tried on a lot. His face turned serious then, and He said, “Many do seek His Grace, but few seek His face. Many buy these shoes but they return them because they are very costly, and do not fit them very well. His Grace is not comfortable to the wearer in the sense that it does not grant quick fixes and instant answers, but it does bring transformation. Many do not want to walk out the process that Grace brings and unfolds. They do not give themselves time to appreciate this high quality of workmanship. So they bring them back and seek to get something more comfortable.”

A box next to Grace said, “Peace”. He pointed to this one and said, “These shoes are valuable for they will take you where no other shoes will be able to. They can climb the greatest of mountains and also traverse deep ravines and formidable valleys. Very versatile shoes, but not very stylish. Many want the glamorous shoes nowadays. ” He then pointed further down the shelf.
I passed a few boxes and read another one, “Council”. My heart leaped at this box, and He nodded His head. “These shoes will end every argument, expose every lie, and solve every hard thing that will arise in your time, but few want to put these shoes on, for you must stand before the King in everything. Many still want their own way, and do not want His ways to change theirs. These are on the higher shelf, for you must look higher than you are now, to see the truth that is waiting.”

I saw a light then come out of a box down from a lower shelf than that one and it said on it, “Redemption”. I asked him what the light was that was coming from the box. He looked at me knowingly and said, “Lets go see.” He walked over to the box and reached down to the lower shelf and took the box in his hands. He lingered for a moment holding the box and smiling at it tenderly. I said, “They must be special shoes to you.” He looked at me and said, “Indeed they are. That is why you have come here today. These are special to the Father right now. It is time for many to walk in these shoes.”

He reached and took the lid off and I looked into the box and there was a pair of shoes, but they were made of light. They had the shape of shoes, but they were entirely made up of light. These shoes were shining with a golden amber color. He knew my thoughts, and He said, “These shoes are not like the ones out front. The shoes out front are made for these who walk in this world and in the flesh. They have to keep buying natural shoes that wear out. But those of you who walk in the Spirit also need new shoes for your spirit man- or truths to walk in- from time to time as you mature. But His truths do not ever wear out. They grow with you, enabling you to also grow up into His ever-increasing light. You are here to be fitted with a new truth. The Father desires that your generation would grow up and begin to move more into His Desires and into His future Purposes. The most important truth to grasp right now is of Redemption.”

“Redemption didn’t just happen at the beginning, or even at the Cross, it is still unfolding. Jesus Christ provided the way for everything to be restored and redeemed from the beginning even until the end. But you too must redeem it all while living here on the earth. The earth is given unto you to steward. Very few steward it well in your day. Many know the story of redemption in their minds, but very few have the revelation of His redemption living in their hearts. You must understand that this truth must be enlivened within you, before it can pour through you. You are called to save, to heal, and to restore. You are also called to redeem lives. You are called to redeem situations. You are called to redeem cities, and nations, and generations. Very few have a pure heart to redeem even in your day, for many still want to make things turn out their way. Nothing will change here until you choose His ways above your own. The power to redeem is the power to love, and the power to judge, and the power to heal. It is the very heart of the Father. Without His Heart burning and living within you, you will not fully redeem anything. It is time to change that in your day. Come, let’s get these shoes out of the box.”

They looked like short boots with strings of light for laces and were sparkling. He brought me a stool and had me lift up my right foot. He placed the shoe of light onto my foot and it immediately went right inside of my foot like an electrical current. I was surprised and jumped, and he laughed heartily at me. “This always happens this way. His Truths are alive, and He flows through those who desire to walk in the truth. His truth of Redemption is the most powerful truth available to your generation right now. Your time here in this Age is to redeem what the darkness had overtaken, and what death has corrupted. You must walk in the Light as He is the Light, and you must love those who are still in the darkness more than you do those who already walk in the light. When you can look at the world and everything in it through His heart, then you can redeem it with Him also. Without His love, you cannot see the truth in order to redeem what He wants redeemed. You will only redeem selfishly the things that you want. These shoes in this store will not stay on anyone who does not have the Father’s heart, they will all return here to await the next recipient.”

“Its time for redemption to start. You carry the torch and it has lit your way. You must continue to follow the things that He will do and say. There is no other way but to walk fully in His ways. Your shoes signify the process that you are walking out in your maturity and in your rank. The lower the shelf, the higher the rank, but the greater the death. You know this, but your generation will know this well. You are each called to restore and to redeem the waste places, and the ancient foundations that still wait to be walked in again. Do not strive to build what you want, but yield to what He wants, and you will see the unfolding of the Lord’s greatest Season of Redemption in the history of your time. You were all born in this generation for His Purposes. You are the Preparer’s, the Restorers, the Builders, and the Redeemers. You will establish the Highways of Truths for many generations to walk on and within. Wear His Truths well, and faithfully steward them, with Him!”

He then walked back down the hallway and I followed him to the front of the store. He smiled at me as he opened the door to the store. He stepped out into the light onto the street and then he was gone. I looked all around and he was not there. I turned around, and neither was the store. It was just like the street that I knew before. I smiled, and walked down the street with tingling new feet. – The vision ended.


Hebrews 9:12 He went once for all into the [Holy of] Holies [of heaven], not by virtue of the blood of goats and calves [by which to make reconciliation between God and man], but His own blood, having found and secured a complete redemption (an everlasting release for us).

Ephesians 1:14 That [Spirit] is the guarantee of our inheritance [the firstfruits, the pledge and foretaste, the down payment on our heritage], in anticipation of its full redemption and our acquiring [complete] possession of it—to the praise of His glory.

Romans 8:22 We know that the whole creation [of irrational creatures] has been moaning together in the pains of labor until now. 23 And not only the creation, but we ourselves too, who have and enjoy the firstfruits of the [Holy] Spirit [a foretaste of the blissful things to come] groan inwardly as we wait for the redemption of our bodies [from sensuality and the grave, which will reveal] our adoption (our manifestation as God’s sons).

Isaiah 58:11 And the Lord shall guide you continually and satisfy you in drought and in dry places and make strong your bones. And you shall be like a watered garden and like a spring of water whose waters fail not. 12 And your ancient ruins shall be rebuilt; you shall raise up the foundations of [buildings that have laid waste for] many generations; and you shall be called Repairer of the Breach, Restorer of Streets to Dwell In.

-        Susan O’Marra

-        06-16-16