Thursday, June 9, 2011

When I Speak My Word, It is To Be More Than Just Heard

When I Speak My Word, It is To Be More Than Just Heard!

When I speak My Word, it is to be more than just heard. When I speak a Word to My People it is because I am addressing something of importance to them and I want their full attention. But most do not pay attention to My Word beyond just reading it or hearing it. When I speak, I expect My Communication to be not only heard, but also to be understood and to be fully responded to. I expect a response from My People. I expect an adherence to My Words! But most do not go beyond hearing, they do not move into responding or adhering. This must change! I do not speak to you for My benefit. I speak to you, for your benefit! I speak to you to help you, to guide you, to instruct you, and to relate to you. I watch over My Word to perform it. I watch over it, but not much of it gets performed in My People’s lives because they do not engage the Word I give to them, nor do they live by it. I cannot override your wills. I will not override your wills! I want your hearts! If I do not take the primary position within your hearts, then My Word cannot be planted within it, nor can the Word that should be sown deep in it, become full grown. So, unfruitful lives and leanness of souls are the result. I do not take pleasure in your leanness or in the barrenness in My People! I do not take pleasure in My Words being casually dismissed and treated as familiar to those who receive them! My Words should be new to you everyday, fresh from My Mouth! But you discount them continually and do not walk or live by them!

There shall not be a barren Word within the lives of My People! My Word is alive, and it is not barren, but it is vital and it is full of Me! This cannot continue to be! I am angry with My People that so casually treat Me, and treat My Word casually and even flippantly and as an after thought in their busy days. Do they not know that My Word shall judge them in the end? My Word has a voice, and it speaks eternally. When you refuse it or misuse it, then you shall reap from that choice. I desire that My People would be Lovers of the Truth. I desire that you would live by My Truth, and not by what deem to be the truth for you. Much around you is not the truth, but only the truth that you have erected around you, the truth that you love more than Me. I am going to bring down every false wall of lies that has been disguised! I want you to see the error of your ways, because I want to bring Truth and Life to you and to your walks with Me. So, watch for My Word to now make things clear!

Children, take heed to My Words, for they are your life! I feed you everyday. But you do not always listen, and you do not think that they are for you, but for someone else. The things that I speak to you are for you to apply to your own life first, and then they are for others to also eat. When I speak, I feed My People the same food, not strange food. I do not soften My Words just for you when I speak. I speak what is in My Heart to you. I want you to realize that when I speak it comes from My Heart to yours. You are to treat Me as Holy and as Vital to your life! How you treat My Word is how you treat Me, for I am the Word. When you refuse to hear My Word, or to accept it or to live by it, then you are also denying Me entrance into that area of your life. You cannot walk with Me and also reject Me. Repent, for I shall not always strive with you and continue to call out to you! I want you to live with Me fully and to know Me! I am My Word, and I cannot be separated from it. If you reject a portion of My Word, then you are rejecting Me. This cannot be! Believe in Me!

Embrace My Words as they come to you. Seek My Face for the meaning within My Words that are given to you, for I will show you what to do. I will reveal My Will to you. I will make Myself plain to you. My Word is only hidden from the proud and from the wise in their own eyes, but even a child can clearly understand it. Do not think that you are exempt from My Word? For even Creation and the Heavens itself are subject to My Word. All things were created by My spoken Word and all things are still being upheld by Me today. I cannot, and I will not fail you either. You must learn to trust Me when I speak to you, and let My Words go deeper into you. Eat them, think on them, search them out, and then know Me within them. Then you shall live by them. My Words are Life to those that find them. I desire to raise you up even higher- Higher in understanding and larger in wisdom for the days ahead. But I cannot, if you will not even live by them today. You must walk with Me everyday. Then I can bring you into My High and Holy Way where you shall abound even as you walk on troubled grounds. I tell you that Great Troublous Days are just ahead. Do not continue to think with your head, and try to plan and plot your course by your own reasoning and by earthly preparations. But seek that which is Higher, and you will know that what I require, and what you should do as the days unfold all around you. I have a detailed plan for your life.

Eat My Words that come from My Mouth. You must understand that which I am saying to you. You must embrace Me and know that I see your hearts intent. I see you when you turn away because you are too busy, or when it is not what you want to hear. Child, I see it. I know your heart better than you! Turn around now! Embrace Me now! Reach out to Me now, and know that I can quickly restore to you even more! I want YOU! I want you to make Me a priority in your life above the other things that you do. You must not use My Word as a second opinion rather than a final solution for you, because if you do, then you truly do not want to change within. My Word must be final in your life. You must fear My Word and have a respect for it, just as you must fear me and have a respect for Me, for I am the Word. When you disregard My Word, then you are disregarding Me. I will not allow this to continue to be reality, if you are truly going to be walking with Me. Know that I am going to bring troublous times to the earth.

In troublous times, many things will give birth. The first thing that gives birth is the deep wickedness that lies within men’s hearts. For when I trouble them, then that which is darkness and is comfortable and is secure within men begins to be troubled and it manifests in reaction to My Hand dealing with it. Prepare yourselves for the deep hidden things within to burst forth on the scenes! For that which truly lies in the hearts will begin to be forced to the surface and so that your eyes will know the truth. I do not want My people to die in their sins and to live unfulfilled lives because they only walk in disguise. No, a great revealing and deep heart disclosures will be widespread in the days ahead! Troublous days will birth forth the deep roots that have hindered you, and hindered your families, and even hindered your nations, and yes, even the earth itself. Oh yes, I am going to the very depths, for I want to bring healing but it can only come forth in the revealing! So My Word will go very deep and bring to full fruition the Works I sent it forth to do.

Know also that My Word will also reveal all that love it still! In these shall I thoroughly delight! In these shall My Hand save and I shall strengthen and bless in the greater fight! I shall stand guard over those that heed My Words and that love them more than their lives. I shall be their Life! Know that My Word brings down and it also raises up in the earth. I shall quickly raise up those that live by My Words so that they can be a Standard in the earth, as those that must go through the troubles give birth. I am faithful to My Word, and I am also faithful to those that will cry out to Me. I shall answer those that cry out sincerely. I shall not hide from those in whose hearts My Word abides. No, I shall rise up quickly, and ride! I shall mount up and shall move in response to their prayers! I am the God that does indeed care! But I shall also respond only to that which is in line with Me, so check your hearts in all sincerity and look and see if you are in the faith. See if you indeed believe in Me. You must believe that I Am, and that I and My Word agree! Step out My Words with Me, and you shall see the things that I see and you shall understand the fullness of My Plans for you. For My Word has already been spoken to you. My Word is at work in the earth. But you alone will choose how you will participate, and you will decide what will be your manner of birth!

I am indeed removing the veil, but will you be among those that will truly prevail?

-Susan O’Marra