Friday, August 17, 2012

A Time Of Consecration Has Come

A Time Of Consecration Has Come

On 8-16-12, during the evening prayer watch, the Lord spoke to me and said, "30 days from now is Rosh Hashanah.

I want you to set aside these 30 days to seek Me for I have much to say regarding the coming days."

So, I asked someone in the prayer watch when Rosh Hashanah was, and they said it was to begin on September 16th, 2012.

The Lord is calling those with ea
rs to hear to consecrate themselves specially to seeking Him and to be listening for Him to speak to them over this time.

There are many things ahead, and we must quiet down in order to hear.

Let us cease from our labors and enter into His. I will not post anything online until after the 30 days, unless the Lord instructs me to.

I want to obey His request, and spend time seeking Him, for we must seek Him.

He did not say for me to fast. He only said to come near and wait before Him.

If you feel compelled to also seek Him during these 30 days, then do what He tells you to do.

For we each must do our own parts.

May the Lord bless you and overshadow you all in His Light and His Love.

May He reveal that which is ordained for this Hour and Generation to the whole Body, who are each listening.

-Susan O'Marra