Monday, February 6, 2012

I have Put Eternity In Your Hearts

I Have Put Eternity In Your Hearts

I have put eternity in your hearts that you might know that I am the Lord God that created all things. I have set you free from Egypt and from bondage and from all that has afflicted you. I have provided life for you, yet many of you still struggle with and dwell upon that which has passed away, even to this day. You shall not think upon that which was, or upon that which gives you no life. You are to think upon Me, and to look upon Me, and know that it is My Life that sustains you. Egypt shall not remain within those who have been given into My hands. I have put within you the knowledge of Me, and it is through this knowledge of Me, that you will come to dwell securely in Me.

I have put eternity in your hearts so that you would seek that which is Life and know the difference between death and life. There shall be no death or work of labor that shall keep you from Me, but you shall utterly forsake these things within your thoughts and hearts. I have set you free, and I have caused you to be filled with Me, and I shall continue to unfold the knowledge of Myself within you, as you draw upon that Life that dwells within your spirits.

You are to grow up in Me, and you are to learn of Me, as you walk believing in Me. You shall not look back to that which I have delivered you from with desire. I shall be your only desire! I shall be your only love and sustenance. Do not look to that which cannot satisfy or provide for your souls. The knowledge of Me shall increase as you look upon Me alone. You must seek Me and choose to live in that Life that I have given to you. You cannot live with Egypt in your hearts, and walk with Me. You cannot walk in liberty and still be captive within your minds and lives. No, you must throw off all that hinders you and that denies who I am within you!

If you cannot live in the knowledge of Me, which is born within your hearts and lives, then you cannot be truly free. For only I can give you life. You must decide to either believe in Me, that is dwelling within you, or you must walk separate from Me. For life and death cannot co-dwell within you. Either you will fully believe with all of your hearts and minds and life, or you will remain in Egypt the length of your days. My Life is flowing in the earth, and the Life that I have given shall increase and shall confront all that is death and bondage and captivity of the soul and heart.

I shall shake the earth with the knowledge of Me, and all that hear My Voice, and that come unto Me truly believing in Me, shall be truly free. My House shall be full of Light, and Love, and Life. It shall not be a haven for unbelief and for bondage to this world. No! I am the God of My House and of My People! I am watching over my Words to perform them, and I will surely do all that I have told you and shown you. There shall be no fear among My Own, as My Hand moves across the earth. For I am moving to bring forth a great, great birth! I am speaking to every heart, and looking into every soul, and I am revealing the Light of My Truth to all that shall seek it and choose to believe in Me fully. I am increasing My Glory in My House, and My Glory shall flow as My Life does grow, and My Life shall bring forth a harvest in the earth.

I shall call My People again out of the world and the love of the world, and of their dependence upon the world within them. Out of the bondage that resides within, out of the snares of death within their souls and hearts. Egypt shall depart! My People shall cleave wholly unto Me! My House shall not be divided anymore! My House shall not be a haven of thieves and wolves! My House shall live in My Sight and shall flourish with Me, for I shall bring forth a transformation in the earth, and My Light shall fill all that is open to Me.

The knowledge of eternity, and of the destiny that I have called My People to be, shall flow freely through the streets again! I am awakening My Knowledge within My men. I am awakening the faith and the hearts of men to see that I Am and to know that I AM. I shall change the patterns of men, and the rules of men, and the laws of men that have kept the destinies of My Children hidden from them. I shall speak to each heart Myself, and the revelation of heaven and of eternity, and also of Me shall start!

You shall not remain in captivity in your minds anymore. I am at your door! Open up to Me, as I bring you into the realization of the depth of your own captivity. As I show you the bands that have bound your feet and hands, you shall see clear and understand the things that you have trusted in and have continually looked to, and these things shall no longer give you command. You shall come out of her My People! You shall throw off her bands! You shall know the joy of My Love and of My Heart, and also of My Will. It is time that you look to Me fully. It is time that you hear Me for yourself. It is time that you trust only in Me. For only I can fill you with the knowledge of Me, and I am speaking to you, and I am drawing you closer to My Reality.

You are eternal, My People, for I created you to live with Me. You shall not perish to the things that are upon this earth, No! You shall learn to live in the wealth of the knowledge of Me and to prosper as your souls prosper in Me. For out of Me shall Life flow, and as you eat of Me and drink of My Words, you shall fully see as Me. I have caused you to live in this Hour. I have brought you forth not to think that things shall always be as you think you see. No, for you are to see the things in the earth as I do see. For I am at work in the earth, and few understand the working of My eternal plans. It is time for you each to understand, and to walk as I am, in the earth, and hand in hand.

I do not have a weak people, or a dead people, or a cowardly people in this hour! No, I created you to walk in My Light and in My Power! I brought you to birth, but what will you be? You and you alone, will choose your own destiny. You shall choose Life in Me, or to remain in the lies of death and human captivity. My Life shall be seen and shall become a great flowing spring to water all that will believe in Me. No more will I allow Egypt to be a hindrance to you. You shall eat of  My store, and shall eat of the knowledge of Me. I shall guide you and teach you and bring you into My Fullness that has only just begun to pour.

That Fullness shall become a roar, and I shall fully deal with all that has lied and that would steal from you. I shall shake the earth even more! I shall shake every heart to their core! I shall expose the lies and the and the bands all across every land! I am bringing forth My Hand! By the knowledge of eternity, and of Me shall each man stand. I Am Eternal, and I AM! My Words shall stand! Out of Me shall Life expand, and I shall sweep the nations into My Hands! I shall flood the earth with the knowledge of Me!

Men shall come to understand that I created them to know Me, and to walk with Me, and to live in Me! I shall open the heavens and catch multitudes into eternity, to see and to know, and to become witnesses for Me! I shall pour out the knowledge of Me again, in this generation, and I shall have a People not bound by men or by religion, or by sin. You shall not labor for that which does not satisfy, but unto Me you shall daily cry, and as you do, you shall know that I have created you so, and out of you shall I fully flow!

My Word is opening, and My Books are unrolling, and I shall awaken multitudes to understand My plans, and there shall be no fear within them! I am their Life, and their Hope, and their Strength, and I shall be with them throughout eternity! Behold! Your taskmasters shall fall before your eyes, and all that have mocked Me and that have despised! The Day of deliverance has dawned for the fields of the earth! My Baskets are ready for the birth! My Precious Fruit shall be unspoiled and found! I am opening every fallow ground, and in My Life shall their fields abound! My House shall abound, and shall live because of Me! I shall awaken the flow of eternity among thee!

Heaven and earth shall realign within men, and out of them shall I begin! For what I have written shall be understood again. My sheep will follow My Voice and shall walk in My Ways, and shall be full of Me the length of their days. But woe to those who after Egypt will go. Woe to those who will refuse Me in this hour! Woe to those who desire that which I did not intend to be within the knowledge of men. Every unjust scale shall utterly fail! Every unjust weight shall crumble under My Weight! All that love the darkness shall truly be void of Me, for I shall not walk with those who have not ears to hear, nor eyes to see! They shall cleave to that which rules them internally! There shall be no peace to those who refuse My Spirit in this hour.

Darkness shall increase as it did in Egypt again, and the earth shall ring with the clamor and the rage of rebellious men! Death shall cleave to those who will not leave, and utter ruin shall befall all that turned away from My Call. 

I shall not remain with those who love their chains, but they shall walk away from Me, and turn their hearts to their iniquities. My Words shall ring in the earth, and shall toll across every land, and great wars shall erupt as My Light expands. But woe to those who stretch out the hands to hasten their wicked plans, for by them shall they fall. Either life or death shall be the choice and woe to those who shut out My Voice! No deliverer can set free those who love their captivity. There is no Life apart from Me. 

This generation shall quickly be shaken awake to the knowledge of Me, and for all eternity every man will testify of Me. Every man will know which path they did choose to go, and for eternity that shall remain, either life or chains. My Church shall arise, with eternity in their eyes, and with My Fire in their hearts, and minds, and body parts. For I shall awaken them to My full flow, and out of Me shall the issues of Life grow. I shall transform My Church in this Hour and out of her will flow My Power! From eternity to eternity, I am He, I am the God that walks with thee! I am forever bound in Covenant to thee! I shall move, and I shall thoroughly prove, and I shall quickly remove all that hinders thee, for I have come to set My fields free!

My Baskets shall be full, and My Nets shall not break, and quickly shall My Harvesters come fully awake! My Reapers await the true Harvesters to arise, and heaven does rejoice in the Fishers that can understand My Tides. Shouts abound all around, and the eternal prayers pour down to the awakening ground. It is time for the seeds to be found! It is time for the believers to abound! Hear the sound, hear the sound, listen for it is ringing all around! Know that I have designed it so, and be quick to believe, and to move into My Higher flow! I shall cause you to know! I shall awaken you from within! I shall cause My Truth to be understood again! The earth shall see eternity living within thee, as I beam forth My Light from within you for all men to know Me!

The battles shall increase, and the earth shall have no peace, and the deepest of roots that lie hidden within unregenerate men shall be clear for all to see, as a witness to My Word and to Me. There shall be no other man-made gods before Me! I shall bring forth the truth and all men shall see, the depths of Egypt and the degree of captivity that they trust in rather than Me! My Church shall reel, as I pull back the deeper peel, and I shall draw out all that did bind and steal! But out of her opened womb, shall I pour My oils and heal their wound.

I shall cause a great rout and shall drive thoroughly all of the stench of Egypt from within her out! The sword will pass through all the lands, but by My Presence shall you stand! Know this, My People! For My Hand shall be great, and I shall move and I shall violently quake, but a Glorious People I shall awake! What I have written and have decreed from eternity shall stand. My Eternal Church shall triumph across the lands, and greatly shall she rise and expand, under the administration of Heaven's plan!

Wake up from your slumber and no longer labor, nor hide. But learn to believe in Me now, and to deeply abide. Seek that which is eternal from above, and live fruitfully with Me on earth, and learn to abound in My Love! Nothing shall move you, nor capture you, nor fill you with dread, for you shall eat My daily bread! Out of your bellies shall My Life flow, and the knowledge of Me within you, shall grow and grow. I have already told you so.

Time has come full circle, and My Signs shall abound again! But which way will you trust in and look to, and ultimately go? I shall see and I shall fully awaken that which resides within thee, for out of you shall it be plain to see, whether it be death and Egypt, or Heaven and your Destiny in Me! My Word has told you, and by it you shall learn to trust and to live and to stand! Take My Hand, and walk with Me in the lands, for look, quickly shall the harvest fields expand! You have the Keys in your hands!

Ecclesiastes 3:11 He has made everything beautiful in its time. He also has planted eternity in men's hearts and minds [a divinely implanted sense of a purpose working through the ages which nothing under the sun but God alone can satisfy], yet so that men cannot find out what God has done from the beginning to the end.

-Susan O'Marra