Thursday, May 5, 2016

“I Long That My Church Would Let Me Have My Way”

“I Long That My Church Would Let Me Have My Way”

Prophecy that came during the Wednesday Prayer Watch – 04-04-16

Opening prayer: 

“Lord, there were many cities where you could do nothing because of unbelief. But here, we believe. We absolutely believe. So Lord, you can do whatever you want. Whatever you want Lord - have your way! You are coming in stronger waves in this region Lord, and we say, have your way! Whatever you want!”

The Lord then responds:

“I long to hear those words. I long to hear those words. My heart desires that My people would allow Me to do what I want. To say what I want to say, and to be who I am. I long that My Children would let go and be free, to be with Me, and to know Me, and to walk with Me, and to learn of Me. I long for those things! I long that My church would let go, and let Me flow. To let Me heal and touch My people. I long for these things, that My church would agree with Me! I long that My church would allow Me to be the Head of the Church again.”

“I am coming, because you have cried out unto Me, and because you have allowed Me to be who I am, and My burden is for My House to be made ready. For My House to be pure and clean, and to be like Me. And I desire that you carry My burdens with Me. I desire that you pray for My House, that you pray for My children, and that you pray for the lost. For how can they be reached unless My church reaches out to them? How can I send one, if one wont obey Me? How can I send one to speak the Word, if they only do what they want, and if they only say what they want to say?”

“There are things that I want to say, that many will not let Me say in this hour, but with you, I find freedom and liberty, and I find love. I am pleased with your hearts, that you allow Me to be who I am in your midst. That you allow Me to lead you and to feed you. That you allow Me to grow you and to mature you. That you allow Me to deal with you, and that you allow Me to build you. You are My delight, and you are right in My sight. Just as I said to Peter, I say to you, On this Rock I will build My Church, for I have planted you upon My Rock, upon Me, because you and I agree!”

“You have begun to fully surrender to Me, and because of that I can plant you deeply in Me, and I can establish you in greater degrees, and I can reveal Myself to you, for I am the God that sees! So don’t struggle in your pursuit of Me. Don’t struggle in your pursuit to be healed. Don’t struggle with Me! Let go, for I am here to flow! I am here so you will know. You are My children that will come and go across this earth, I will send you. Do not struggle to be sent. Do not struggle, but yield to My will, and to My purpose, and My timing for you.”

“I hear your prayers. I hear your cries. I see the pain and the struggles. I see the battles, but don’t you know that I am in you? I am for you, and I am with you, and I am using these things to make you a mighty army. A mighty company. A mighty house for Me. I say to you Children, be free! Be free in Me! Be free with Me, and be free for Me! Don’t labor to produce who I am. Release who I am, for I live within you, and I live among you here, and I go wherever you go.”

“But I say, watch and see, because I am going to come stronger and stronger, and stronger. I want you to continue to yield to Me longer, and longer, and longer, because My Fire is coming. My Winds are coming. My Quakes are coming. I am going to shake every man. I am going to shake every land. But in My House of Prayer, you all will stand. You will stand in peace. You will stand in release. You will stand in Me securely. You will not fear. You will not doubt. If you let Me have My way, you will break out!”

“You are My House of Prayer, and I am pleased that you invited Me, that you allow Me to be your Head. I have desired this for many generations. I have prayed for your generation, that she would allow Me to be her head again, for you shall be a sign in the earth. You are the design of the new birth. You are My Body, and I shall pour you out unto all men. I shall use you to fish for men.”

“I shall use you to heal, and deliver, and save, and bless men, because that is My desire, that multitudes would come and inquire. I will send them to you. They will be coming to you day by day. Do not turn them away, but bring them in, for you will train them to fish for men. You will set them on the watches and they will pray with Me, because I am building My Army. I am building Harvesters. I am building My House of Prayer. I am building everywhere. Be at peace, and let Me have My way.”

-        Susan O’Marra - 05-04-16