Sunday, December 22, 2013

"I Am the Bread of Redemption"

The Prophecy for 2014 given at the SOG Christmas Party:

"I Am the Bread of Redemption"

I had been seeking the Lord as to what he wanted me to share tonight at the Christmas Party at our church. I hadn't gotten anything specific over the past few weeks, and it was now the day of the party, and I really needed to know, so finally the Lord spoke to me this morning and said to me, "I am the Bread of Redemption." 

I started to meditate on this as I laid upon my bed, and He began to open up alot of what He wanted to say to His People in this hour, but also the desires that He has for what He wanted them to understand for their own situations, and for the things He wanted them to personally apprehend into their lives. 

John 6:34 Then they said to Him, Lord, give us this bread always (all the time)! 35 Jesus replied, I am the Bread of Life. He who comes to Me will never be hungry, and he who believes in and cleaves to and trusts in and relies on Me will never thirst any more (at any time). 36 But [as] I told you, although you have seen Me, still you do not believe and trust and have faith. 47 I assure you, most solemnly I tell you, he who believes in Me [who adheres to, trusts in, relies on, and has faith in Me] has (now possesses) eternal life. 48 I am the Bread of Life [that gives life--the Living Bread].

The Lord then said: "You celebrate my birth at this Christmas Season, and in My Body many do understand the reason I came, for salvation to come into the world. But I also came to redeem everything back that was lost also. My death made the way, My ascension completed the process that began on earth and finished in heaven, and now the way is opened unto all who desire to come in unto Me. But many do not yet fully understand that I am also desiring to redeem everything that has been apportioned to them in their lifetimes. I have scrolls written for their lives. I have things for them to do, and to say, and to accomplish for Me in My kingdom. I also have things for them to also redeem, things to restore, things to dig up and uncover, things to plant, things to build, things to inherit, and so much more."

"I want My People to look upon this upcoming Season as a declaration of My Faithfulness to them to redeem all that is written concerning them, concerning their families, concerning their businesses, concerning their desires, and even concerning their nations. I have a long term plan for man, and I have short term plans for each person to also step out incrementally with Me. I want to uncover many things in this Season, so that your joy can be full. So, I am going to begin to uncover lost inheritances, lost heritages, lost lineages, lost missions, lost assignments, lost justices, and lost possessions. Everything that I do is with a redemptive purpose in your lives, and in the earth. I always am working out My plans in the background, and leave nothing to chance, to the enemy, or to the wiles of men. I am in full control of all things, and I use everything to accomplish My Will for you, and MY timing is perfect concerning you and also in regards to your heritage."

"I want you to begin to look with expectation unto the horizon of your faith, and stretch the vision of your heart even more, because what I am going to do for you, and also do through you, will also reveal Me as the Faithful God who keeps Covenant with those that walk with Me! See your path today as one of Redemptive Destiny! Look up, for you shall see Me in your daily way, and I want you to know that your steps are ordered by Me today. This is a Season to remember, to remember who I am, to remember what I have done for you, but also for what I will yet do for you in the days, weeks, months, years, and decades to come. My Arm is extended towards you in this Season, so take My Hand, and walk with fresh liberty and joy into My Redemption Plans, securely holding My Hands, and understand, that I Am who I say I Am! I have come to see that everything that I have written concerning you get's done! I will unfold all of My Plans written of Old, and you will declare My Praises wherever you go!"

Job 33:23 23 [God's voice may be heard] if there is for the hearer a messenger or an angel, an interpreter, one among a thousand, to show to man what is right for him [how to be upright and in right standing with God], 24 Then [God] is gracious to him and says, Deliver him from going down into the pit [of destruction]; I have found a ransom (a price of redemption, an atonement)! 25 [Then the man's] flesh shall be restored; it becomes fresher and more tender than a child's; he returns to the days of his youth.

Isaiah 52:10 The Lord has made bare His holy arm before the eyes of all the nations [revealing Himself as the One by Whose direction the redemption of Israel from captivity is accomplished], and all the ends of the earth shall witness the salvation of our God.

- Susan O'Marra

- 12-21-13