Sunday, July 8, 2018

“The Hidden Wisdom, the Earth in Full Labor, and the Harvesters Prophecy- 07-01-18”

“The Hidden Wisdom, the Earth in Full Labor, and the Harvesters Prophecy- 07-01-18”
(Transcript of vision and prophecy released at SOG on 07-01-18)

‘The whole earth will be full in pregnancy and in expectancy and in desire, as the waters continue to go higher. Hear the things I would say to you, My Children. It is time to desire the higher.  It is time to desire that which is already in you, to begin to come forth. For I have given you much in this generation. I have given you knowledge, and understanding, and counsel, and My Word, and I have even given you administration. But Children, there is much more coming so I can change the nations. Its time to move from ankles to knees, to loins, to shoulders, to swimming, and My water is just now brimming, and Yes, I have been trimming. Because I want it to not just to brim, I want you to begin to swim. I want you to begin to move in the deep knowledge of Me, because the earth is crying out for the knowledge of Me! The earth is crying out to see Me, to know Me, and to know that I Am, because I created that desire in all men, whether they understand it or not. I created men for Me, and that is your purpose Children in this hour, is to release the deep things, the hidden things, the treasured things, the things that have been hidden above, that I purposely hid in the heavens for you to find.”
‘The keys, and the wisdom, and the strategies, have been hidden where the enemy cannot steal. Where the enemy cannot look, cannot rob, and plunder, and pillage, and corrupt. But I have given you the right to My Chambers. I have given you the right to My Cupboards, to My Closets, to My Warehouses, to My Storage houses. I have given you permission to read the volumes even of the future in My Libraries, but you must release that into the earth, because the earth is crying out to give birth, and its crying out because its thirsting, and its hungering, and its laboring for you, because I have set you in the earth for this hour. I have set you in My plan. Do not look for just My power, because power flows, but look for Me, because I am your source. I am the White Horse. I am the Word made flesh, and I am the one that walks among you, and walks in you, and walks through you, and goes before you leading the way! Why do you think that I have brought you here today? To hear the words that I would say!”
“Get ready, because the waters are deepening in this hour, and I am shaking the earth, here and there. The Storms of My Glory are beginning to come everywhere. The earth will shake, the volcanoes will quake, and the storms I will make, and the lightning and thunder will cause nations to fear and tremble before who I Am, because I am going to shake the nations. I am going to break those things that have locked them in and held them down, and that have held them captive, and barred them from the knowledge of Me! I am not worried about the harvest, I am the Lord of the Harvest, but I am looking for you! I am waiting for you to begin to step into what I have called you to do. I have made you ready! But I say, get ready! Because My Floods are right behind you! My Storms are right behind you and you are going to outrun them, and you are going to prepare the way before Me!  And you are going to remove everything that is before My people so they can be free, because that is the purpose of My Glory. It is to restore My People to Me!”
“Children, My Glory is not to be bought and sold. My Glory is to be revealed to the young and old, because I will draw My People to Me! You are the keepers of My Glory. You are the Stewards of My Mysteries, and of My Story. You are the ones that I will trust with the Wisdom of the Ages that will begin to be dispensed as I turn the pages. Do not look on the circumstances that I have allowed that have tried you, and that have trained you, and that have restrained you, but understand, you are in step with My plan, and I have forced you all to work together, hand in hand, and I have made you ready for the next stage, the next page, and that begins tonight. Because I have brought you to a new season, and you are going to understand My reason, and you are going to give Me thanks, as you see the changes come in the earth.”
“For many will be afraid in the hours to come, for they will think that the nations will be undone. Surely, in these storms, will anything come back to norm? Nothing shall become the way its always been, because I am the husbandman, and I am shall begin to realign the nations in their courses. Because Children, My armies are around you in their horses. I have brought you to this place, to this region, to these states, to these cities, to the nations where I shall begin, and you are not just going to bring forth wind. That day is over, Children, for out of your bellies will come fire. Out of your mouths will come rivers. Out of your hands will come power, and lightning, and thunder, because its Me! No man will stand in My Glory, and no man will try to write My Story and take advantage of it in this hour, because I am jealous for My cities! I am jealous for My harvest! I am jealous for the nations! You shall see them change their courses, with the armies moving on their horses!”
“You shall see everything realign, and you shall see nations come down, and nations arise. You shall see islands lift up, and islands sink into the sea. You shall see cities on fire, and cities in rubble, because I am going to repay the devil for trouble. I am going to repay him double. I am going to repay those who are wicked with My own hand, because I am coming to set free My people across the lands!”
Jesus comes to stand among us:
Jesus is here. He is standing here in His glorified form. His being is transparent. Within His being is all of the stars and the galaxies, and all of creation is shining through His being. He is radiant, because He is the creator of all things. He was with the Father at creation. He is Lord of Harvest. Within His being, is all of the nations of the earth, and the futures, and the destines and everything that is written is yes and amen, because of it being in Him. He wants to open our eyes, and He wants to open our hearts, and He wants to open our understanding in regards to His plan for the things about to start.
“You are the harvesters of great value. You have value in heaven, and you have value in the earth. Its before Him, you stand and sit here tonight. He has marked you! You bear His image within you! And nations are being born in a day! Cities will be born in a day, because it’s a new day! Don’t you look at cities and nations in this hour and say, “Well its still the same, the same old people are still in power, the nations are still in their set places. Children, you have not yet seen all of My Faces! You have not yet stood in My coming paces, because I am moving in the earth, and I am moving in heaven. You stand at the precipice of great change. Global change. And these days, and the past, and the things you have seen right now, you think will always last, are going to change before Me, in the months, and weeks, and days, and hours, and even into the years and decades ahead of you!”
“Watch what I am going to do, because this harvest belongs to Me and you! And there is no man that can oppose My plan, and no devil that fully understands the things that are written by My hand! I have many books yet for you to look at and understand, and to usher in to the lands. These lands are Mine, and I will have My way! You are going to rejoice in the coming days, as you see Me walking in your midst, for I will shake them with My Harvest Fist, and I will hit the nations, and I will scatter the enemy, and I will unlock the fountains of the deep again. That which has been locked up in the deep shall again burst open, like the fountains in the earth. That which has been locked up in the heavens, shall again open and will break forth and will fall to the earth. And when you see these signs coming out of the earth, and coming down from heaven, you will know that I am dealing finally with all of the leaven that has restrained the harvest. For the harvest is now, and the harvest is in Me. And I want you to look with eyes to see, because Children already, you have the victory!”
The angels standing next to Jesus among us:
I see these angels standing next to Jesus as He is standing here, and the nations are swirling inside of His being. These angels have been agreeing, and out of their beings they have been bringing forth different instruments. One angel there is a trumpet. One angel there is a harp. One angel there is a, whatever that things is, there is all kinds of heavenly instruments. There’s an angel with drums. An angel with a shofar, which is different from the trumpet. There’s angels with different instruments standing, and as Jesus has been speaking and commanding, each angel began to sound, and as each angel sounded, one of the nations began to come out of Jesus’ being. The angel that sounded, that nation came out and began to stand on its own.
“There are nations that are being unlocked in this hour, that are going to come forth out of demonic power, and they are going to stand in their destiny in this hour. It shall be a sign, that the nations are going to realign. For there are seven angels standing here, and seven nations are going to come forth, and they are going to begin to stand, and they are going to begin to take their command. And they are going to begin to steward the nations, and they are going to begin to steer the nations into their new order. Its Heavens order, not mans. You are just at the beginning of understanding My global plans. Its time that you begin to agree with Me on earth, for its already begun in heaven. You are just beginning to see walls fall. You are just beginning to see nations beginning to answer their call. But you have not seen anything yet, for nation after nation, those demonic walls shall fall, because I am sounding My Harvest call! You will understand that everything that you see right now, is not the way its going to be, because you are the generation that is going to agree with Me, until all of these things full be!”
End of the encounter.
-       Susan O’Marra
-       07-01-18