Saturday, March 23, 2013

"I Have Opened My Trade Wind Flow" 03-23-13

I Have Opened My Trade Wind Flow


Today, I saw the People of the Lord riding in a small ship through turbulent waters. The winds were blasting at them to try to get them to turn back, or to give up in defeat. I knew the winds had been sent to buffet them to keep them from progressing in God's purposes. But then, I saw an angel come with his sword and he raised it and stuck it into the winds like a piece of fabric and he drew it downwards, opening up a cleft or a passageway right through the middle of the stormy winds. The sun shown inside the split and the angel smiled at the small boat of people, and he motioned for them to sail through the cleft, into His gentle winds that the Lord had now opened for them today.


I have opened My Trade Wind Flow, so that you can move in the direction that I have for you to go. Though the enemy has brought Contrary Winds against you and has tirelessly fought, he cannot prevent the things that I have for you, and for the paths ahead of you. I shall part the contrary winds and bring you into My Cleft, My Trade Wind Flow. You shall rise up quickly and enter into the opening I have made, and you shall trade within My Trades. I have resources that have been reserved for you in this hour. Resources that are Mine and that are not of men, and nothing that is of Mine can be stolen nor denied. I Am the Winds that blow you where I will for you to go.

Do not doubt Me, nor doubt My Ways! What I do is hidden from man's view, but is fully opened up unto you. You can see what others cannot, so you can move freely as you go, where to others it is locked. I am the Way that is open before men, but only those who sincerely seek Me and who walk with Me in My Ways can fully enter in. The contrary storms that have come, I did allow to sift the hearts of men, to disclose that which lies in secret deep within them. You have also weathered My Storms, and have submitted to My Hand within them, and now My angels will show you the Trade Winds hidden within, and now you shall shift your course, and shall flow into My new Tradewind flow.

Trust in My Care! Leave not Faith's Chair! Let loose your spirit's sails, and release your faith more, and your spirit shall lift up higher into My Breeze, and you shall see ahead of you what Faith sees, and you shall leap and run with My Strength, and move more sturdily within My Gaze. Know that I watch over you the length of your earthly days! Look for the parting of the contrary storm and enter in to My Trade Wind Cleft, for in them you shall have greater clarity, and joy aplenty with Me. I am the God of Liberty, and those who trust in Me, and who lean fully upon Me and into Me, shall never fall, for I always answer your call. I uphold you everyday! I am working things out for you, My Way! The Trade Winds have come today, and My angels shall open the way. The Doors that I open for you shall stay, so quickly respond to Me and enter into the Provision of your Lord for you today! I am seen and known as Faithful and True everyday and in every way.

Acts 27:4 After putting to sea from there we passed to the leeward (south side) of Cyprus [for protection], for the winds were contrary to us.

Mark 6:47 Now when evening had come, the boat was out in the middle of the lake, and He was by Himself on the land. 48 And having seen that they were troubled and tormented in [their] rowing, for the wind was against them, about the fourth watch of the night [between 3:00-6:00 a.m.] He came to them, walking [directly] on the sea. And He acted as if He meant to pass by them, 49 But when they saw Him walking on the sea they thought it was a ghost, and raised a [deep, throaty] shriek of terror. 50 For they all saw Him and were agitated (troubled and filled with fear and dread). But immediately He talked with them and said, Take heart! I Am! Stop being alarmed and afraid.

Matthew 14:23 And after He had dismissed the multitudes, He went up into the hills by Himself to pray. When it was evening, He was still there alone. 24 But the boat was by this time out on the sea, many furlongs [a furlong is one-eighth of a mile] distant from the land, beaten and tossed by the waves, for the wind was against them. 25 And in the fourth watch [between 3:00\emdash 6:00 a.m.] of the night, Jesus came to them, walking on the sea. 26 And when the disciples saw Him walking on the sea, they were terrified and said, It is a ghost! And they screamed out with fright. 27 But instantly He spoke to them, saying, Take courage! I Am! Stop being afraid! 28 And Peter answered Him, Lord, if it is You, command me to come to You on the water. 29 He said, Come! So Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water, and he came toward Jesus. 30 But when he perceived and felt the strong wind, he was frightened, and as he began to sink, he cried out, Lord, save me [from death]! 31 Instantly Jesus reached out His hand and caught and held him, saying to him, O you of little faith, why did you doubt? 32 And when they got into the boat, the wind ceased. 33 And those in the boat knelt and worshiped Him, saying, Truly You are the Son of God! 34 And when they had crossed over to the other side, they went ashore at Gennesaret. 35 And when the men of that place recognized Him, they sent around into all the surrounding country and brought to Him all who were sick. 36 And begged Him to let them merely touch the fringe of His garment; and as many as touched it were perfectly restored.

Isaiah 60:8 Who are these who fly like a cloud, and like doves to their windows? 9 Surely the isles and distant coastlands shall wait for and expect Me; and the ships of Tarshish [shall come] first, to bring your sons from afar, their silver and gold with them, for the name of the Lord your God, for the Holy One of Israel, because He has beautified and glorified you. 10 Foreigners shall build up your walls, and their kings shall minister to you; for in My wrath I smote you, but in My favor, pleasure, and goodwill I have had mercy, love, and pity for you.