Friday, August 5, 2016

"It is not a time to waver, but it is a time to savor in My favor"

"It is not a time to waver, but it is a time to savor in My favor"

"It is not a time to waver, but it is a time to savor in My favor. You cannot put your eyes on the world and on current events, and keep your eyes upon Me. You must set your face upon My grace, and understand that I have set you in your race. I have placed you where you are, so do not struggle to walk in the way. I have set before you today. This is the day that I have made, so walk in it with My grace. My favor makes the way. I have set your pace. I have called you to make a difference in this world. You cannot reflect Me and also reflect the world. So why would My people repeat what the world is saying? Why would they not declare what I am saying?"

"I have set many things in motion, but My people cannot hear above the commotion. You must cease from your labors and enter fully into Mine. It is time to savor in Me. Eat of Me. Drink of Me. Walk in Me. Listen to Me. See what lies ahead of you! I will show you! You will not find the way, by running after men night and day. You will not understand the fullness of My plans, by asking others for a word for the future. I AM the Future! I have everything written out in your scrolls. These are the days to savor Me deeply! This is not the time to fear, but it is the time to draw near and to see clear! These are the days to release My Council and My Wisdom to all."

"You have entered a New Season, but you must also understand My Reason. Ask of Me, and I will open your ears and your eyes. I will show you may things and most will surely be a surprise. For men do not know all of my plans. Devils do not know all of My plans. Even My church does not know all of My plans. But you shall understand, as you walk with Me and with each other, hand in hand. This is a time to stand, and to be confident in your land. Am I not greater than man? Am I not able to rescue you, and to provide, and to guide? You must each decide. This is a time to govern with Me from above! This is a time to flourish and to multiply!"

"I Am Who I Am, and I will be, who I will be! I have yet to reveal many of My mysteries! This is not the end of your history. This is not the end of your nation. This is not even the end for this generation. You cannot see what I see! It is time that My people and I agree! It is time to turn from your ways, and to fully turn into Mine! This is not just an invitation to you, but it must be a revelation within you. Ask Me for wisdom, for lands, for nations, even for governmental stations! It is time for the removal of many things, but will you be ready for the new that you will find yourself installed into? Get ready! You are the stability of your nation, of your generation! Its time to embody My revelation!"

"Do not be shaken by the news that is passed from men to men. Why are you shaken like a reed in the demonic winds? Am I not the One who meets every need? These devices are only screens sent to catch your view and to hide that which is really true. I am with you! I am for you! I am within you! Stand your ground, for in this Season I am going to greatly astound! I am here for Salvation all around! I am here to set My people free, so why do you tremble in adversity? You cannot move forward with Me, while looking at the shaking that is of My making. I told you I would shake it all. Move on confident in Me! Savor this time with Me, you are in your Destiny!"

- Susan O'Marra
- 08-05-16