Friday, August 3, 2012

I Am Flowing With A Great Flow

Prophecy given on 8-3-12 during the Prayer Watch:

"I Am Flowing With A Great Flow"

I am flowing Children, I am flowing with a great flow. It is I that caused you to come. It is I that caused you to go. It is I that wakes you up, and it is I that causes you to lie down. It is I that causes you to turn around, and to go back and forth on even, straight ground. I have made provision for you. I have made things straight for you. I have made things even for you. I have measured things for you. I have brought you into a spacious place with Me. A place of great spiritual activity. I am moving in your midst. I am moving in the earth.

Men look at the earth, they look at the events of the earth, and they think it's destruction. But I told them already through My prophets, if they would listen, that it is not destruction, it is construction! I am removing those things that have obstructed My Children from giving birth. I am removing and dealing with those things that have broken the fellowship and the union of My House in the earth! I am fashioning a new birth! I am rising from the rubble, and from the ashes of what was- a House of great brilliance and worth! Men that are not of My House think that they know what I shall do, and think that they have authority over Me. But I say, those things shall not be! For I am working a work that men do not understand, nor do they see. They cannot measure accurately. They cannot interpret things as Me. But I say, you shall understand! You shall walk with Me, hand in hand. You shall know what I am doing! Because you will understand My whole plan!

I am coming to instruct you. I am coming to construct you. I am working a new work in the earth- Not like the old! I am demolishing the old. I am laying My Charges, as I told you before. I am going to shatter the mold! I am going to bring down every plan of man that is not from My Hand. I am going to blow upon all those things that still cling. Even by Spring, you shall see the rising of the new thing that I am announcing to you in this hour. You are in a  season of great change, and change of power. You will see changes in the earth, and changes in the spirit. You have asked for Wisdom. You have heard her call. Now hear it! For here is Wisdom... I have been showing you pieces of My Plan. But mark it Children, and strive to understand! There are new things at hand, and it shall not be as men think and decree! They do not understand My deeper mysteries! But I tell you, things shall change in the earth. Things shall change in My Children, and in My House. For I am going to break out of the walls. I am going to break out of the doors, out of the windows, out of the floors! I am going to explode in every direction! My Children shall do, as I shall do. Because Children, what I do cannot be contained within the perimeters that you have set anymore!

Men have positioned Me, and they think that they have arranged Me according to their plans. But I say, it is men that shall be repositioned and arranged by My Plans! For I have hidden this work on purpose. Because it is a precious thing in the earth, and it is pure, and I hid it so that only those that are pure would understand and accomplish it, that it might not be defiled again! But I say, I am bringing an acceleration now. I am bringing an acceleration of My Hand, and of My Wind. You shall see both demonstrated in your realm. You shall see Me take the helm. For I shall stand as Captain of the Lord of Hosts in the earth. You shall see dispatches of angelic hosts march across this earth, as never before. I am in control, and I am in the war! You shall see war. But know, this war is Me! Men think that they will accomplish through war what they want. But I say, I shall use it, for My Purposes. I shall be seen in it, and I shall be seen through it, and they shall know Me in it! Because I shall show My Face! I shall show My Hand! I shall shake every land! They shall know that I am God, and they shall know that by Me, they stand!  Because the war will turn in My Hand! When they think they have the upper hand, they shall see their hands fall. Because I am in control of it all.  I shall accomplish a great birth. It shall be hidden at first, but it shall come in full force, and you shall see it, even as the War Horse running in the earth! You shall see the Sign of the Birth! The earth will shake! The earth will quake! The earth will burn, as My Children come forth!

Oh Children, rejoice! I am in control! I am accelerating on every hand! I showed you, and told you, that I have fashioned you for this day! Rejoice in this day, and know it is a Day of Great Deliverance! For many nations that are now bound and shut, shall find themselves on new ground with Me! For I shall open them suddenly, and light shall come in to the great dark night, of many nations bound in a great spiritual fight! Those iron gates shall open unto Me! Those ancient doors shall open to Me! For I am going to open every nation to My Light! I shall wage war, and it shall be My Fight!  Men will think they have the upper hand, but their hand shall fall, because they shall see Me in it all! They shall know that I am at command! Children, stand! Children, look again! Children, look up higher! You shall laugh in this hour! You shall be thrilled in this hour! You shall soar in this hour! You shall move with Me in power! Because I am releasing My End-time Shower! You shall run in My Rain. You shall run in the strength of it! You shall fly in the great vastness of it! You shall be moved by My Hand! You shall understand I am at work in the earth. I am doing a great work in the earth! -I am moving greatly in the earth! The signs that men think that they understand, they shall see they did not know anything, for they shall see it come in a different way. They shall see the tides turn in a day! They shall see a different flow, turn, and change, when they thought they did know. For I shall cause a reversal. I shall cause a change in the tides. I shall cause a change in the winds. I shall cause even a change in the spin, and men shall say, "What is this? It cannot be!" - No! It is Me! It is a sign! It is My Sign! - Those that are Mine shall understand, and they shall be as Stars in My Hand! For My Light has come, and My Will shall be done!

-Susan O'Marra