Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Full Separation Is Coming

A Full Separation Is Coming

This morning before waking up, I had a series of short dreams but all in a recurring theme and sequence. The Lord speaks to us in dreams and He often uses our pasts or present lives as examples of what He desires to do in us now. I pray this will help many of you who are going through this process in your lives right now, or who are about to. For the Lord is doing it now.

In one scene, I was with others in a very large building, it was like a big warehouse or business park type setting. There were various things going on in many sections. But in the one section that I was in, as i was leaving, I saw the people that I used to be a part of years ago in ministry. (I havent been a part of them for years.) I saw them gather around a table getting ready for a staff meeting or such. I saw one of them that I knew and she had an empty seat next to her, so I said great, I will go and sit next to her. When I did, she interrupted me and said, this seat is for xxxxxxx. Immediately the other person then appeared and sat down. I was shocked that there was no seat for me. So I gathered my things and left.

Another scene was I was outside of a town and I was driving a van that was a conversion van. It had blue and white stripes and it was similar to one I had years ago in MN before I moved to New York. Anyways, I had pulled over to the side of the road and had walked over to talk to someone on the other side of the road. As we were talking I looked back over to where the van was, and it was gone. I could not find it anywhere. No one took it, it was just gone.

The Lord spoke to me regarding these dreams, and it is a message for His People:

"It is time for a full removal of all that still lingers in your lives that is causing you to look backwards, or that causes you to try to bring what is finished in your life into the future of what I have for you. I will not allow anything that is dead to be resurrected or to be added to that which you shall enter into. What I did within you in the past was only to make you into who you are today. It is not for you to try to isolate it and to hang onto it. I have told My People so many times to let go of their pasts, to let go of their former works, and to crucify their fleshly desires. But most have not obeyed Me. So I will begin removing them from them. I will utterly remove all that is not to remain."

"For some this will cause great pain, but this shall show you how much of your heart was attached to it, and how this has caused you to miss My will for you. You will then understand what I require for you to fully walk out My Plan for your life. I require everything."

"For others, this will bring complete joy to you, for you will finally be free of the old memories and thoughts that have plagued you even though you tried to remove them and couldn't. I will do it for you. You will understand this is My Grace to you in this and you will rejoice."

"I am going to utterly sweep all of your closets in your lives, and the chambers within your hearts, and your basements, and your secrets, and everything. I want you to be totally free to walk with Me. I want a full commitment from you, with nothing attached to you or within you. I want all of you. This is all a part of the work of My Great Scissors Vision that I gave to you. I am going to do a very thorough and complete realignment of everything, so that when I am done, I will see Myself within you and your life. Do not try to look for that which I will remove. For it will be gone. Rejoice instead that I have made you free. It’s time to move on with Me."

"Today is the Day of Total and Complete Liberty for those that will embrace Me in it."

-Susan O'Marra

Note: For further clarity: Please refer to the Great Scissors Vision that I previously posted.