Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Great Scissors From Heaven

The Great Scissors From Heaven 6-6-11

Today while we were relaxing outside with a friend in the summer sunshine in our apartment’s pool, I saw a vision of a great pair of heavenly scissors come down and a large hand was holding them. The scissors began to rapidly snip and cut like a whirlwind all over America. It was cutting so fiercely and so rapidly that our nation looked like a great cloth and the scissors was swiftly cutting it up into small squares and pieces of fabric. Its work was so strong that I was shocked, because the scissors wasn’t being gentle about it, but it was being very precise in each cut.

As I watched, I noticed that many angels then came down and gathered above the giant hand that was cutting up the fabric of our nation. The other angels waited, and as the fabric pieces flew into the air from the cutting process, the angels caught them and took them and began to sew them into patterns and blocks. Then other angels took those completed pieces and sewed them into larger whole sections. As soon as the giant hand and scissors had completed its task of cutting up the entire fabric of our nation, it went back to heaven. The other angels remained sewing the pieces that were left and added them to each others parts. Soon, the entire fabric they were working on was finished.

Then the giant hand came back down from heaven and took the completed fabric from the angels and shook it gently so that it spread out, then the hand lowered it back down gently to rest upon our nation, covering it completely. Then the giant hand pointed downward towards the fabric as if it wanted me to see something. So then I found myself suspended above the nation. When I looked down, I could see that our entire nation’s fabric had been transformed and all I could see was Jesus face in the tapestry below me. Every thing within our nation had been re-positioned in such a way that when we were re-fitted, we fully reflected Him. We had been thoroughly renovated and were rewoven into a beautiful workmanship. Then the hand left and the angels were all in awe at what the Lord had made.

Then Jesus spoke to me. He said, “I have shown you in many visions and what I have told you in many words, are all things that will be accomplished in your land. Many think that what I will do will not happen to them, but only to others, and in other areas. But know this, that I require absolute change in order for you to be fully transformed. It is no less for any individual, or city, or nation on the earth, for all of the earth is Mine. What I require is all of your heart and not just partial or false devotion. Every persona and every land will choose if they will walk with Me or not. It is time for great change. So I have begun to rearrange across the globe.”

“Many do not realize that I mean what I say, or that I mean what I say I will do. In this vision, I am showing you that I am not only going to deal with your nations heart as a whole, I am also going to bring utter change and I am going to re-weave or re-build your nations very fiber or the fabric of it’s being. I demand change if your nation will be called by My Name. No more can darkness abide in what is Mine! Either you will be full of darkness or you will be full of light! At this time, when I look upon your nation I only see your pride and your desires, and your strength, and your accomplishments. I do not see My Face reflected within you as a whole anymore. There are some areas that are reflecting Me in various measures, for they have sought Me. But even this cannot remain as it is. So, I shall increase the national dismantling of your fiber and very fabric to bring forth a new revelation to you. In this process, I shall re-align your national sight and then I can begin to re-work that which must be changed, so that when I am done, I can see Myself within you and within your nations very being and core. It is time to get used to being uprooted and to be more yieldable and fully supple in My Hands.”

“I told you the Season of Stretching had begun. I warned you all to let go of things, so that I could bring forth more of My Life into yours. Now, it unfolds more. I shall greatly magnify the process and it shall accelerate, but with every precise cut I make, know that it is in My Plan for you, and that I will complete that which I have begun. You must trust in Me, that I know what I am doing concerning you and also in your nation. Remember, that when you can surrender to Me fully through it all, you will fit right into that which will come forth when I am finished. You will be filled with such a Joy and Liberty that you will be grateful that I did it in this manner, for this is My Grace to your nation. This process has already begun. I have shown you in so many ways that I am at work. I will not stay My Hand in any land, until I am finished for this must come, for the sake of My Harvest that must be brought in. You know what to do. Strengthen the brethren, and determine to stand, for My Scissors are in My Hand.”

-Susan O’Marra    06-06-11