Friday, February 8, 2019

Thought Challenge #1 for today:

Thought Challenge #1 for today:

Many in the body of Christ are addicted to the anointing, to the power, to the Glory, and to meetings and manifestations. They attend anything and everything to get more of the anointing, the feelings and sensations from power, but still struggle in their daily walks.

Where are those who are addicted to "HIM" alone?

When we walk with Christ, and allow Him to be the center of who we are, we will have a continual flow of Life within us and without, and do not need to go find it somewhere else.

He "IS" our life, and all true anointing and power flows through Him and through us! 

Let Christ out! Let life out!

Its time to live and flow in and through Christ!

Challenge accepted!

- 02-08-19