Sunday, May 19, 2019

“A Summer of Renewal, Refreshing, Hope, Vision, and Power Showers”

“A Summer of Renewal, Refreshing, Hope, Vision, and Power Showers”

(Prophecy given at SOG on Friday, May 17th, 2019)

Opening prayer:

Father, we just acknowledge you tonight. We just present ourselves as a corporate body. Lord, we thank you for the Blood of Jesus that washes us, washes our soul, our spirit, and our bodies, that cleanses this place. We thank you for We thank you for Great Grace. We thank you for We thank you for Great Grace that comes from Your Face in this place. We thank you for the Winds of Change that are blowing. We thank you for your hand that is showing us which way you are going, so that we will be knowing and will continue to be flowing. That we will continue to walk with You, even in deeper, higher, further, and wider ways. There’s no going back. The ship has left the pier, we are out into the deep!

Jesus, we just surrender to you. There is nothing, nothing, nothing that is greater than you! You are our greatest desire. Lord, we will do the things you require, take us higher. Lord, we just lift up our hands in acknowledgement. We just thank you for lifting us now into that place, that higher place, the place of Great Grace. That we would just ascend now as a people, as a corporate body in this city and region.

We acknowledge you Holy Spirit, we give you permission to do whatever you want to do tonight. Lord change us! Lord change us! Change our mindsets. Change our thinking. Change our believing, our perceiving. Remove anything that robs us of faith and vision. We set our feet, and we plant them, and we root our self into you. We position our self to go all the way through. There’s no stopping.

We acknowledge all of the angels that are here, that are coming and going on assignment. All of the Cloud of Witnesses that pray for us in heaven, those that have paid the price for us to run our race now. We acknowledge Lord, all that has been laid before us, behind us, and ahead of us.

We acknowledge our scroll that is unrolling tonight. We speak to the angel that is over SOG that he would unroll our scroll more. As people, as members, as friends, as ministry associates, as believers in this region, let that scroll unroll more. Because you have a plan that has been hidden from man. You have a plan that’s been hidden from this generation, till we understand, until we grow up, until we are ready to fulfill your will. We say to you tonight Father, here we are. Here we are Jesus. We surrender to your will.

The Lord speaks:

For it is a new hour. It is a new hour My people, it is a new hour. Do you hear the sound of My Showers? Do you hear the sound of My Voice in this hour? Do you hear My Voice of Power? For I am striking many things in the earth. I am striking those things that weigh you down and that prevent you from giving birth. I am striking those things that have clogged your minds and your hearts and your lives, and that have pinned you down, and kept your generations down. But I say, you are found! You shall abound, and you shall break forth all around! Your fruit shall abound, because I am here! I am your fruit. I am your root. I am your shoot. I am the fruit of the earth. I am the fruit of your birth. For it is Me, in this hour!

I have the delivering power! I am the Healer! I am the Revealer! I am the Sealer, but the enemy is the stealer. You must understand, and you must take your destiny in your hand, and you must obey My every command in order to stand and to produce My Will in this land. You must understand what is about to be at hand, because I am here. I am walking among a people that fear, and that understand that I am near, and that hold me dear, and that agree with Me in prayer in tears. 

Behold, I am going to wash away all of the years. I am going to wash away all of those things that have held you down, that have hardened your ground, that have kept your fruit from abounding. Hear My Words that are sounding! You had better be grounding! Because My Rain is here, and My Fire is here, and My Lightning is here, and My Thunder is here, and I am coming more, and more, and more! Because I am the one that heals, delivers, and restores and you are to look to Me more!

Look to Me more! Do not be satisfied with the little bit that you have now, but look to Me more, because I am at war! I am at war with every one of your enemies! I am at war with every one of your enemies! I am at war with every one of your enemies! I shall heal! I shall deliver! I shall restore, and why? Because you believe more! Because you believe and look to Me! I am the One that will set you free! I am the One that will prove that My Word is true, because I am the God that walks with you! I am the One that created you, and called you, and walks with you. I am the One that goes through the mire with you. I am also the One that brings you into the Sunlight. 

So, I say, be still and know that I am God! Be still and know that you are in a Season of Renewal, Refreshing, Hope, and Vision. Do not look at the things that are falling away. Do not look at the things that are dying today. Do not look at those things that are washing off in this hour but look at the things that are rising up in power! Because with My Shower is coming My Power! With My Shower is coming My Power, for I am your Strong Tower. I am your Strong Tower, look to Me and know that I shall set you free! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!

Waves and Breakers of Deliverance in this hour! Waves and Breakers of Vision, of Power! Waves and Breakers of My Love- is the Shower! For My Love shall restore all as you rise in My Power, for it is My Love that heals you. It is My Love that saves you. It is My Love that restores you. It is My Love that transforms you, and it is My Love that is raining down in the earth right now, for those that look to Me, and that lean into Me, and that cleave to Me, My Love will set you free, because its Me, Children. It’s not a man, it’s not a ministry, it’s not a formula, or a plan, it’s by your faith in Me that you will stand. It’s by your faith in Me, and your love for Me, and your love with Me, and your love through Me. Hear, and look, and see the things that will be, because I am here, and I am moving, and this will be a Summer of Thunder for you, because you will see My Thunders, and My Rain, and My Showers, and My Power everywhere you look, and everywhere you walk in obedience to Me in this hour. I am coming for a people that will obey, that will be faithful in every way.

I am coming for you that will walk with Me in truth, for My Angel of Truth is here. I have assigned him to you this year, and you must fear, because he is listening with his ear, and the Truth is what you will walk in, in this hour. Because My Spirit of Truth has been assigned to you, it is My Truth that will set you free. It’s Me! My Winds are blowing. My Rains have been showing. From January to now (May), I have given you five months of showers. Five months of water. Five months of snow. Five months of rain. Oh, but guess what? I have only just begun to restrain! There is so much more coming Children! Press into Me! 

You have seven months more of the things you are about to see, because I am giving you a whole years cycle, a whole twelve month plan, because by the end of this year, you will stand, and stand, and stand, and you will take your command, and you will be a formidable force in this land! For I have called you as My Leaders, I have called you as My Feeders, I have called you as My Cedars! You are My Great Oaks! My Mighty Oaks, My Mighty Men! Behold, My Rain and My Wind, they shall begin, because I am the One ushering it in! Thank you, Jesus!

-       - Susan O’Marra   

-       - May 17th, 2019

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