Thursday, March 21, 2019

Thought Challenge #2

Thought Challenge #2:

The Lord whispered to my heart, "Your faith in God is not determined by your outward circumstances. Your faith in God is revealed within your circumstances. This is the time to decide what and in whom you fully believe and to live it! If you are built upon the Rock, nothing can shake your faith, nor move you!"

Luke 6:47-49 Amplified Bible, Classic Edition (AMPC)
47 For everyone who comes to Me and listens to My words [in order to heed their teaching] and does them, I will show you what he is like:
48 He is like a man building a house, who dug and went down deep and laid a foundation upon the rock; and when a flood arose, the torrent broke against that house and could not shake or move it, because it had been securely built or [a]founded on a rock.
49 But he who merely hears and does not practice doing My words is like a man who built a house on the ground without a foundation, against which the torrent burst, and immediately it collapsed and fell, and the breaking and ruin of that house was great.

Challenge accepted and living it!

Susan G OMarra

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Vision and prophecy of the Pillars, Prayer Towers, Light Houses and the War of Truth on 3-1-19

Vision and prophecy of the Pillars, Prayer Towers, Light Houses, and the War of Truth at SOG on 03-01-19

The Vision encounter:
As I began praying, the Lord took me into this vision. He began to show me some of the plots and plans of God and of the enemy for this land and of nations. I saw His people being built into pillars all across the land. As they became pillars then all of a sudden the Lord descended. I saw Bob Jones and I saw Ruth Heflin (they were examples to us of a Father and Mother of the Glory) and I saw them go to the pillars and they began to touch them. As they did this they became golden, which is the Glory, because that was their ministry. As the pillars became golden they all became massive prayer towers. The towers began to release signals all throughout the atmosphere. The signals of Heaven. The signals of Life. As I watched Bob and Ruth began to go all across the pillars and they became prayer towers, I saw the war in the heavens and the war in the earth. There has been a battle of life and death, and death has been empowered. The frequency of death has resonated throughout the nations to begin to try and slay the inheritors of the harvest that is to come, and also to destroy the foundation of the Glory that has been laid these past two years, but they cannot!
What I saw was as the prayer towers begin to be assembled and activated, and they begin to release the frequency of life, I saw the very spirit of death begin to heave and convulse, because the Law of the Spirit of Life, the frequency of Life, the declarations of Truth began to vibrate and resonate in the atmosphere, and this began to deal with death. The signals of death began to lose its power, began to flicker. The continual flow of darkness began to lose its flow and flicker like electronics would flicker in a lightning storm.  The more that we ban to release life, and the more that we began to release Christ, the more that we began to decree from heaven in the prayer times, the more that life began to disrupt the frequency of death and destruction that man and the devil have empowered in the lands. Life began to break up those communications to where those dark communications could no longer have a true flow, but they began to break up. When the communications began to break up, people began to wake up.
As the people began to wake up, they began to shake up, they began to look up and they saw life flowing. They began to ascend into life and death began to lose its power and its stronghold and it could no longer hinder or stop the Glory that is pouring. The sound of life began to get louder and louder and longer and stronger until the communications of death that held the stronghold on the nation began to shatter and holes began to appear in entire cities and regions that were covered in darkness, and death, and fear, and despair. It began to bust holes in the atmosphere and life began to descend into entire cities and regions again, and there was a contending for Truth. Men began to cry out and seek the truth.
As they sought the Truth, the transmissions from the prayer towers then became Lighthouses and beams of light began to shoot everywhere. As they shot everywhere they blasted the canopy of darkness and shot more holes in it until entire nations were full of light and no longer could the darkness come over that nation in this hour, because darkness is heaving and leaving, because the church is cleaving, she’s achieving because she’s believing, and she’s receiving and life is flowing, and you are to be knowing which way you are to be going, because that’s why I am showing!
 The Lord speaks through prophecy:
“I say to you in this hour, that I have set me two men in power. On two nations they stand, but they are my two sons of oil set by My hand. No man and no devil and no plot and no plan can remove my men from their stand, for I am arising in both lands, and I shall deal, for I am angry, saith the Lord! I am angry over those that would undermine My men that I have set in. I shall deal and I shall shake both nations! Those that try to undermine them I shall destroy in this hour. They shall fall in their pride and in their wicked power. They shall not move My men for My oil is pumping in! I shall supply them. I shall protect them, and I shall empower them more, and there shall be war. But I tell you, through this war they are going to take more! This land is going to expand! Israel is going to expand. I am going to take more ground because death has been found, and I shall pound it to the ground! Those that seek to undermine My men, they shall fall before them. They shall fall again, and they shall wonder at My hand, because no man can set array My plan. No man can remove My man before his time.”
“I say to you, do not look at men. Do not look at the enemy. Do not look at the battle in fear, but know that I am here! I am standing in Israel, and I am standing in America, and I have My hands on them. I am pumping oil into them and they are sons of oil, and they shall take a wicked spoil! They shall spoil wickedness. They shall spoil the camp of the enemy. They shall spoil lawlessness. They shall spoil it, and you will toil it, and you will oil it through My towers of prayer, because you are the ones that care! You are the ones that do not look everywhere, but you look at Me because you and I agree, because you stand in My Counsel with Me. Look and see the battle before thee, but it shall not stand! I shall shake both lands, and I shall bring war, but I tell you that you shall achieve more, because the battle is Mine, saith the Lord. Because it’s My battle, wickedness I am going to trample in My saddle! Do not be shaken when it looks like my men will be taken, Oh! Do not be mistaken! Oh Ho! No! Righteousness shall stand and prevail in both lands! I will convict the hearts of both nations for they think they are above My station. They think they know more of Me than they know Me, but they are about to encounter Me face to face, and both nations will be locked in My love embrace, because I am the keeper of the race! But you must understand, and you must not look to the news, and to man, you must stand and agree with Me, for I am going to rout with an astounding victory! You will see miracles in the air. You will see miracles in the sea. You will see miracles in the land. You will see miracles expand, because My angels are moving at My command, and I am going to shake both lands, because the harvest shall expand!”
“Its time for My prayer towers. Its time for My golden towers in this hour transmitting life, and the frequency of life, and the sound of My voice to shatter the atmosphere of death and to bring life forth instead! You are the keepers of My towers. You are the Lighthouses of light that will shatter the night, because I told you the Day has Dawned, and it is already getting very bright! Do you not see with new sight? Do you not understand your authority and your right? You are in a New Day! Its is the Day of My Glory, and of the Fear, and of My Power this year! It’s going to increase, and its going to accelerate, and its going to multiply. Its not a time to say Lord, why is all this happening? Understand! Its in My plan! I know what’s at hand, because I wrote it. Ha! But I gave you authority to reap it, and to receive the inheritance of My Sons and Daughters, and prepared you as a generation to mother and father. They are mothers and fathers in My hand. I set Bob and Ruth as a sign. As My fathers and mothers of My Glory that would raise up a generation of mothers and fathers, that would mature My army in this hour. You stand at the precipice of great Glory, great war, and great power. Watch, as my two lands shake! Watch, as they stand as two torches in My hands! And as darkness heaves and cleaves and roars, you have yet to see more! Because every time they go to war, I take more! For My angels are in the saddle and they are ready for the battle. Are you ready for the battle? You are My prayer towers. You are My saddle, I will win the battle through you, and that’s the inheritance that is true!”
Vision recap:
I saw a trumpet, and I saw Netanyahu. I saw them both (Trump and Netanyahu), and I saw the darkness. The frequency of death is so angry, because life is pumping into the earth. I saw the frequency of life began to disrupt and cause glitches in their transmissions. I saw the counsel of the wicked beginning to flicker. Beginning to break up the stream of their communication, beginning to have gaps. As it did, people began to wake up, because the were longer under the influence of that flow. It began to break up, and they began to wake up and to know that this was not the truth, that they had been influenced by. I saw both of them (Trump and Netanyahu) in a great battle. I saw the angels and I saw Jesus standing between them with His hands on their heads, and He was pumping oil into them. Jesus was the tree and He was pumping into them the wisdom, and counsel and strategy, because Jesus set them in office, man did not. They will not be removed from office until God says. When He says they will, but for now, they have an assignment. God is showing us heavens plan, but if we don’t agree with heavens plan guess what’s going to happen? God wants the church to begin to legislate because we have authority to enforce heavens will in the earth.
-       Susan O’Marra
-       03-01-19