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Repost: "The Heavenly Rooms and the Two Books 02-22-13"

"The Heavenly Rooms and the Two Books  02-22-13"

I shared an encounter I had in heaven with two books that He has for this generation from 2013, regarding the mandate of prevailing prayer for our nations. Now, 3 years later, we can see the importance of our faithfulness to take our places. May this word ignite you further into a full flame!!! Also, I saw Bob Jones come in and plant the Shepherds Staff into the ground and it grew into a great tree. We had powerful times in the Glory, and impartation in ministry lines at the end.

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I saw us in heaven, and we were in a room. In the room were 2 books. One book was red and one book was blue. The red one had silver edges. The blue one had gold edges.

The red book's title was "War Manual."

The blue book's title was, "Eternal Promises."

The 2 books are being given to us, the Church, today to walk more in Heaven's Way. Each book had crystal pages, and living scenes were flowing in each page. Like living pages. I then saw angels come and they set up 2 podium stands. The angels then put each book on each stand. Both books opened up at the same time. Then the lights in the heavenly room were dimmed down low, highlighting the 2 stands, and the 2 books. There was light coming out of the pages of the 2 books, and that light then lit the room.

Then I heard the voice of God calling, "Who will come and read?"

"Who will stand in My Council and meet My need?"

"Who will meet the requirements to lead My People in battle?"

"Who will declare the Word of the Lord in the earth?"

"Who will stand up in this hour?"

"Who will look into the heavenly things, for your day?"

"They are set in place, for those who choose to be My dwelling place. Let them now come, and let them read, and understand, and take their commands, at My 2 stands."

The Heavenly Room & the Two Books Vision-Part 2   03-08-13

In the vision, I found myself standing in the dimmed heavenly room again. The angels are all standing around the 2 podiums that hold the 2 open books lying on them. The Lord is also standing by the podiums. They were waiting for me to come closer, so I walk up to them. I look down at the two books. The crystal pages are flashing with lights and the words on the pages are alive flowing through the pages like fire. The Lord reaches out to me to take my hands. He looks soberly at me and says, "All of My Words are Eternal. My Words are Spirit and they are Life. My words are not like the words of mortal men. Your words pass away, but Mine do not. At no time has any of My Words that I have spoken ever failed or missed their marks. I am self-existent. You must believe in My Words, as much as you believe in Me, for they are Me. When you doubt My Words, or My Promises, then you doubt Me. I am the Word, and I am alive, and active in the earth. I am the Promise that was spoken of from heaven, and then fulfilled on earth."

"It is time that My People believe in My Words. It is time that you trust fully in Me to fulfill them all. It is time that you believe even as you speak. A heart that does not believe will not conceive, so that which is spoken forth does not carry life within it and it only produces death. But if you take My Words in your hearts, and believe what I tell you, then when you speak it forth, it will bring forth life. I always reproduce according to My Father, and so shall you, if you believe in what I tell you. My Book of Promises that you see here on the podium was written for you. But many of my People no longer believe in My Words on the earth. I am opening the Books in your day, for you all to begin to see more clearer than you do right now, so that you will believe in Me and will not be shaken by what I am about to do on the earth when I begin to pour."

"It is time for My People to stand in the heavenlies and agree in prayer with Me. You must agree with Me even when you cannot see. Most of My people speak presumptuously because they only pray by what they think, and by what they see from the earth. But it is time for you all to now ascend. I have opened a door for you to now rise up and to begin to pray a more effectual way, that is why the fight has come your way. But you must contend for the higher call, and when you do, you will not easily fall. You must instead understand the things in your day that the nations will be brought into. You must also understand the things that you all will do, and the things that heaven will do, upon the earth, among you."

"I want My people to eat My Daily Manna again. I have fresh words to say to you, and to feed you that will sustain you through all things, and that will bring you to fruitfulness in the earth. I am feeding you My Bread from heaven. I am strengthening you in prayer with Me. I will sustain you supernaturally. I will open My Pages and you shall read and understand your parts. When you obey the things I will reveal each day, then you will continue to come here and shall walk in them all the way. It is time that your generation begins to walk in agreement with My Will. As you pray in agreement with Me, then I shall change the people's hearts and ways entirely. I am not limited in what I can do, but I am limited in what your faith in Me can do. Your faith limits Me. When you pray in agreement with Me, then My angels can answer the prayers swiftly."

"Your prayers have great effect. Your prayers have great power. Do not doubt this in this hour. Rise up and contend with Me. It is time to pray with heaven, and also in agreement with My Ways. When you fully grasp My heart in faith, and your mind is submitted to and conformed to My Will, then when you ask in faith-filled prayer, it can be done unto you in the earth. Not everything that is prayed to Me is in obedience to me. Not everything lifted up to Me is in conformance to My requirements. You must pray more effectively. When you all can learn to do these things with pure hearts and right motives, then I will bring you each here, and you can be entrusted to look into My second book, "The War Manual." I will not allow those truly powerful things to be released to anyone that is not worthy or who is not fully given over to Me. But He who is drawn here by My Father, and who believes fully in Me, they shall see these things and be found worthy to read. You must not only look, but you must read, and you must continue to scatter My Prayer Seeds."

"As you continue to labor faithfully in prayer with Me, I will bring you here continually. Day by day, you shall know what to pray, and you shall hear also what to say, and as you do them, they shall be established upon the earth, heaven's way. You are to prepare the Way for Me through prayer. Teach the people to climb Prayer's Stairs. Let not your hands be weary, but press into Me even more in prayer. Both of My Books are now opened, and upon the earth they shall shortly roar. I shall release My 2 voices upon the earth, and these books shall give birth, and through prayer you all shall prove your worth. As you believe, you shall also birth. My pages are living words, and they shall live through you, as you speak them in prayer to Me, they shall run through all who believe on the earth. Do what I show you to do. Speak the things that I speak to you. You shall see My Books pour out in your day. Now go your way, and rejoice for your day. Know that you shall usher in the knowledge of My Ways as you faithfully pray."

I wrote all of these things in my journal and then I laid back down to sleep. I was trying to relax when Jesus came to me again and said, "Come with Me." He reached out His hand to me and instantly I was in heaven again, and I was standing on a large platform with the Lord, and there was a short stone wall just ahead of us. We walked up to the wall and looked down. Below the wall was the earth suspended in space. I could see it all very vividly. The Lord was looking with me too, but His expression was very serious. I looked at the earth again, and it was quiet. Then suddenly, great things began to happen all over the earth.

I saw great earthquakes begin to shake the earth, and it was so great that it made me fearful just watching. It looked like the earth itself was convulsing and shuddering under their intensity. They happened one at a time, but I do not know how much time was between them because there is no time in eternity where we were standing. I saw several countries were reduced to rubble. I heard the cries of multitudes in despair. Then all was quiet on the earth.

Next, I saw many volcanoes erupting and spewing pressurized lava outwardly in great distances, as if the lava came up from the depths of the planets core itself, and this clouded many nations in hot ash which destroyed many things. I did not see what was left after the eruptions, because the scene quickly changed again.

Next, I saw great rain clouds and systems forming over entire nations bringing a great flooding of waters, even swallowing whole cities in it's path. There seemed to be very extreme downpours and then suddenly they stopped. There was no predicting the unpredictable violent weather patterns that were hitting with erratic frequencies. This left nations very troubled everywhere.

Next, I saw fires coming up from the ground itself. It looked like fireworks. The ground just exploded underneath in areas, and fire burned places and nothing would grow there for long periods. People began fighting over the remaining areas that were not ravaged by storms and fires. Even the island nations were also experiencing their land also cracking, opening up, and fracturing in places. War broke out across the earth and many nations were covered in blood. Again, I don't know the timing of any of these things, or how far apart they were, because we were standing where there was no time, but I felt that they were soon. 

I looked at these scenes, one by one, and said, "Lord is there no hope?" The Lord did not answer me right away, but then He slowly turned to me, and said, "There is always hope, but there is little faith. Hope will not carry you where you need to be, but faith will. Hope will not bear you up in prayer before Me, but faith will overcome all things and prevail. Unless My People believe for My higher redemptive purposes, and apprehend My Heart for your generation, then these things that you have seen will soon start. It is not My Will that these things come, but I have given these days unto you. My People must understand that they are in command. You must believe My Words and speak them back to Me in prayer. When you learn to agree with Me, and speak the things that are written in My Word from heaven, then I will do them on the earth. When you walk in My Ways, and when you know My Will, then the things that you desire will be done unto you."

"It is time to believe in Me. It is time to believe in My Words. It is time to believe that I have a redemptive purpose even for your nation, and to stand in prayer in agreement with me unwaveringly, until I accomplish it. But when you lose faith in your nation, and speak over it negatively and destructively with your hearts and mouths, then you empower the enemies plans to come in your nation. You are responsible for the earth. You are responsible for the things that will come to your nation. The burden of the nations will be carried by your generation. But you will answer for what happens on your shoulders."

"When My Children in the past asked me for more time, I gave it to them. When they asked Me for help, I gave it to them. When they asked Me for wisdom, I gave it to them. When they asked Me for Grace, I gave it to them. You also must ask Me for these things, for you will need them for the days ahead. You do not have a lot of time, but I can redeem what time you have left in your generation, and I can multiply it unto you, so that you can be more fruitful in it. But you must rise up quickly, and begin to speak those things that I give to you to speak, for much death and wickedness has been empowered in this day. Faith overcomes all of the things that death and adversity array. Look to the heavens for your help and for your wisdom, and you shall prevail. Do not ever doubt the things that I say. These things you see can be lessened, and the effects can be reduced by the measure of prayer and faith released in prayer with Me, but they cannot be stopped entirely. This generation will be awakened thoroughly."  

"I shall use these things to shape you all quickly, and I will use it to raise up an army that will pray radically with Me. I will awaken the watches all across the earth as these things increase, but know that your nation shall not cease. I have a purpose for your nation that has not yet been fully understood by your day, but you will come to know it as you pray. What I do with your nation shall shake the earth, but you shall not entirely cease, for I shall use it to bring forth within your nation a new release. My ways are not man's ways, and when I rearrange people's and nation's it is not always understood what I do when I do it. Many in your nation will not understand it, and will think it even strange, but those of you who stand in the heaven's with Me, will see the view different entirely. I will show you what I will do when you stand in My higher view. To you who stand on the watches with Me, it will be new, for it will be what I have written for you. Everything that I do in the earth is for My Redemptive Purposes. You must understand this and agree in prayer with Me. Nations will change in your day, and many will also cease to exist over time, but many new ones will rise up from the ashes of the old, and those nations that yield to Me in it all, will live in My peace. For My Government shall never cease. You are to awaken the faithful to watch and pray, and when they do, I will answer their prayers in surprising ways. I shall reap My Harvest, My way, in your day.

Susan O'Marra     03-08-13