Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Told You I Was Going To The Very Root

I Told You I Was Going To The Very Root

Child, I told you that I was going to go to the very root of the heart of your nation, and that I was going to break forth and set My charges against her pillars and structures and that a great demolition would occur so that I could forth bring My renovation process. You are seeing the very beginnings of that phase. I am forcing to the surface every foul thing that is buried deep within your nation’s heart. Every work of darkness shall come into the light. Every evil intention shall be discovered and uncovered. That which has lain comfortably underneath shall now be pressed till it fully emerges and it shall be utterly undone. What I told you was true. I shall have My way, and I shall bring this nation to it’s knees before Me. It is My Day. It is a Significant Time.

You are not to fear, or to be dismayed at what you will see openly displayed. I told you that I was going to the root. I shall leave no stone uncovered. I am going to thoroughly expose, and to thoroughly deal, so that no man can say that they did not know, and that they were deceived. No! For every heart shall know! I know that which lies deep within. I know the truth, and I know the hidden lies. Every heart will see the depth of it’s own depravity, and when My Light shall come, I shall set free all that want Me to set them free. I have come to bring a great liberty!

You are seeing only the first layers beginning to come to the surface, much more shall come, it shall be a great unveiling. It shall then lead to great national travailing, and when you have birthed forth from within, then My new work shall begin. I have heard your prayers. I am answering every one of them. I shall have a People, which are called by My Name, and they shall walk in My Light unashamed. I have yet to reveal all of My Plans, but you must trust Me and know that I Am! I know what I am doing in your midst. I shall bring forth all that is ordained to be. The rest will be cast off as shameful iniquity. Such a dealing shall I do with you, that other nations shall reel with all that I do and reveal. They shall know that I shall also do it with them. It is time for My Harvest to begin!

You must walk even closer to Me. You must cleave to My Word even more. It is time to watch and pray as never before. For I shall rise and I shall roar, and all that is against Me shall be separated forevermore. I have drawn a line, and no darkness shall cross it. No compromisers shall walk it. No liars shall move it. No mockers shall disprove it. I shall arise and I shall bring forth My Justice swiftly. Men shall know that I am He, for they shall come face to face with Me. I am coming. My angels are ready, the charges are set, the explosions shall commence. No more riders sitting on the fence. My demolition has begun. My Hand has come. I shall show you what needs to be done. Set your faces into My Winds and know that it is you that I will send, for I will set your cities on end. Great displays of My Presence and My Power shall burst forth with every falling tower. You will see My Design and wonder at My Signs. For I shall cause all of Mine to understand, and you shall walk hand in hand.

-Susan O’Marra