Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Heavenly Water Wheel

The Heavenly Waterwheel

I was in the kitchen preparing a meal when I was caught up in the Spirit and saw a great waterwheel in the sky. It looked very majestic, yet very powerful with rich engravings on it and it looked like it was wood, but I knew it was not wood, it was made of a heavenly workmanship, built of materials we do not understand on the earth below. It gleamed in the sunshine  and it had many great spokes that went outward towards the ends where there were containers all ready to capture the water that would soon pour into it. It stood waiting in the sky, vast and as big our planet but more regal. It hung in the heavens and it was still. It was not moving as there was no water to begin it's cycle. There was no sound. It was as if it stood in a vacuum or a deep silence, or like being in storage, waiting to be taken out for use.

As I watched, I began to feel a fleeting vibration in the air, very low level at first, almost imperceptible. It seemed more like a hum, and it increased as I waited, watching. The hum or vibration slowly increased in it's depth and the tones it emitted began to have a distinctive pattern that almost resembled a cadence. The vibration as it neared began to shake the air and it seemed like the air itself became like pulsing static electricity. It shook you inside as you watched because the sound waves vibrated through you also.

My whole being became charged, almost vibrant inside. I was drawn towards the waterwheel. I felt such a desire to draw closer to the waterwheel and as the sounds that were nearing increased and the vibrancy of it's approach drew us towards it. I suddenly realized that I had indeed shifted in the Spirit and it seemed that I was now a few miles from it instead of thousands of miles. I still could not see what was producing the sounds yet, but I could see that it did have an effect upon the waterwheel itself.

The waterwheel began to hum and pulsate and vibrate also. It did not turn yet, but it was being prepared for when it would begin to begin it's circuit. I did notice that as I was watching, I could see inside everything that was below me on earth. The sounds, the vibrating hum, was also causing the things on the earth to slowly begin to vibrate also. Everything was being dislodged and slowly awakened by the increase of it's approach and of it's intensity. I wondered what it was that was stirring the heavens and the earth so much, and what it was that was bringing the vibrancy to the very atmosphere itself.

I saw something very far away, almost intuitively at first, from within my spirit, but the more I focused on the shape, the more I realized that it was something indeed that was coming. I could also hear sounds like muffled voices. I saw that it was coming closer and as it did I could see that it was a cloud, a fiery cloud, and it was small. It was small in size, but it was so strong in it's vibrancy and the workings within it. This very small cloud was producing the hum and the vibrations that were shaking everything above and below on the earth in gradual degrees as it drew near. I watched the cloud as it slowly came closer.

I looked back for a moment at the waterwheel and it had begun to shake and to shutter as it came out of it's storage period. I could feel the air also becoming heavier as if a storm was coming. The wind began to blow and the waterwheel began to slowly move. It seemed that the wind was going to turn the wheel also.
The waterwheel moved ever so slowly and it began to hum with the same sound that the little cloud was making as it drew nearer. I looked back to where the cloud was and it had increased in size and it also was churning or spinning, almost as if it was a fire storm within itself. The muffled voices were louder and there was lightning flashing in the cloud now too. The cloud flashed with flames of reds, oranges, gold, blues, and white as it tumbled and thundered. I was fascinated as the cloud was very powerful even though it was still about a tenth the size of the waterwheel. It came closer and I thought, "it is going to rain soon," it felt so dense. The waterwheel also began to vibrate and shake even more as it turned and it picked up speed as the two came closer to each other now.

The cloud became louder now and the thundering and lightning got really intense, even though it had not grown much. The voices seemed to be shouting of sorts, but I could not understand the words coming from the cloud. The waterwheel almost leaped in the sky because the magnetic pull of the cloud was affecting it so much that it was being pulled towards the cloud now. The waterwheel groaned and turned  faster as it was also moving nearer to the cloud. The waterwheel still had no water, but the winds were steadily blowing upon it, almost preparing it for the soon coming rains. The more the waterwheel turned, the freer it turned, it almost glided now. It seemed to float in the air as if the process had polished it's spindle and now the newness was worn off, and the wheel could freely flow now.

I watched and the cloud grew and it was about maybe a mile or two from it now, when suddenly the cloud began to burst forth in raging spurts as if it had storms colliding within it. This was causing the cloud to heave and to pulsate wildly and the flames to shoot out violently. The voices increased till they were as loud as the thunders and lightning that was crashing in the cloud. The vibrations were so strong now that I was being pulled towards the cloud also. I did not know what to do other than just yield to the vision, so I relaxed and let it pull me to it. It was unnerving to watch it grow and flash as I got closer.

The waterwheel was almost to the cloud now. It was beginning to shake and to turn very fast. The cloud then touched the waterwheel and the waterwheel leaped violently as they both collided in the sky. The cloud quickly burst forth and just as suddenly grew as large as the waterwheel and engulfed it. I was shocked. The whole wheel was in the cloud and it was becoming a great tempest because of both of their combined powers merging. I was also getting very close and I could hear the shouts coming from within the cloud and they were so loud that I could swear that the people on earth could hear them. I could not understand the words though, and it seemed like there were so many languages being spoken in the cloud that it was one garbled mess.

Suddenly the cloud became still. The tempest grew silent, the voices ceased. I also stopped moving. The wheel was still in the cloud, but nothing was happening now. The wind stopped blowing. The air was still thick and heavy with moisture. There was silence everywhere. It was almost eerie. My hair began to stand up on my arms and neck. It was awesome as I waited to see what would happen. Something was happening in heaven. I could feel the anticipation of heaven itself. I waited with my heart pounding. All of a sudden I heard the sound of a door opening somewhere. I could hear the door moving as it opened in it's casing. There was an inrush of air as if the door hadn't been opened for awhile.

Suddenly I was in a room in heaven. I saw many angels busy moving about gathering various things from the tables and cabinets in the room. The room was brilliant and the tables and cabinets gleamed. The angels were very serious, and concentrated on their task. I saw that one angel has a flask and it looked like it has fire burning within it. Another angel had a blue bottle and it looked like water in that one. Another angel has a long tube-like container and it was filled with a golden liquid, which I then knew was oil. Next to that angel stood a smaller angel and this one has a bowl and in it was blood. All 4 angels were carefully holding their containers and moving towards the door with them. I watched them curiously. I wondered where they were going with them.

"Come and see." I turned, and an angel stood there smiling at me. He must have been watching me for awhile. But I felt nothing but love from him. I followed him as he went before me through the door out into a large open area. There were multitudes of angels, and saints, and beings and they were all gathering here to participate in something. I didn't see the Lord, but I could feel him. The angel stopped and turned and waved his arm towards the group who stood with their various vessels. I then saw another angel then come and he held a very large bowl and he came up to the group of angels and he held his bowl out towards them and one by one, each angel poured their container into this large bowl the angel held. The containers all mixed in the bowl and when it did, the result was astounding. The bowl literally exploded. Great ripples seemed to break out through the atmosphere itself. I thought that heaven would be split open by it's intensity. The bowl shook and flames leaped out as if to engulf anyone near it. But the angel holding the bowl was calm and only smiled.

He then walked over to an area and there was a ledge. He smiled at all of us, and he then poured the bowl out into the sky and the contents blasted and roared and poured downwards. I ran over and looked down to see where the contents went. I saw that below the place we were in the heavens, was the cloud below us and the wheel within that cloud. Evidently the mixed contents were going to hit that cloud. As I watched, suddenly from behind me a great wind blew past me and leaped downward after the mixture that was speedily lunging towards the cloud. The wind caught up with the mixture and when the wind hit it, it broke up into a million flames that fell violently downwards. Each little flame had the wind within it now. Millions of flames that roared with a great wind within them.

I watched flames hit the cloud and when they did a great storm broke out as the cloud was filled with wind and fire and blood and oils, and water. Suddenly shouts and singing and laughter, and prayer broke forth from within the cloud and it exploded like a volcano. When it did this it poured live molten lava or a fiery rain and poured down over the waterwheel that was in the cloud. The wheel spun and roared as the liquids fiercely flowed over it and raced towards the earth below. I was so excited by this that I wanted to see what happened when it hit the earth. Suddenly I found myself back where I was hovering in the sky watching the fiery rain coming from the turning wheel ever so much closer to the earth. I could still hear the shouts, and singing, and laughing and prayers within each drop. It was amazing! Each drop had it's own voice, and wind within it.

The flood of waters were churning even more as they raced towards the planet below. It seemed like the earth began to anticipate it's nearness because it began to shake and to vibrate with the same intensity that the approaching flood had. I could see that the people on the earth were shaken by the quaking and many were awakened by this upheaval. The closer it got the more the waters increased. It almost looked like one massive wave of churning brilliant lights and colors and sounds all flowing within itself. The earth began to have earthquakes and storms below. The very atmosphere of the earth was reacting to the flow from heaven. The atmosphere was charged with electricity. Most of the earth's people ran and hid where they could because of the upheavals in the earth ands the storms.

I could see some people did stand outside to see what was happening. Suddenly I was also standing among those on earth. I was also looking up with them. I could not see the rains yet, but I could feel them as they neared. The people around me grew quiet, and they suddenly many of them fell to their knees. Many were singing, some were shouting, some were laughing, and all were crying. I looked back just in time to see the most awesome sight. The waterwheel was just above the earth and the storm of water, blood, fire, and oil was a massive wave of roaring, pulsating life was just about to hit us. I began to shake almost violently now, and everyone was shaking too. I began to burn inside and it felt like burning love filled me. I could actually feel wind blowing inside of me. I felt alive, and bubbling inside like I had never felt before. I looked at my hands, and oil was coming out of them. I looked up and the massive wave hit us that were watching. -The vision ended.

1 John 5:7 So there are three witnesses in heaven: the Father, the Word and the Holy Spirit, and these three are One; 8 and there are three witnesses on the earth: the Spirit, the water, and the blood; and these three agree [are in unison; their testimony coincides]. 9 If we accept [as we do] the testimony of men, the testimony of God is greater (of stronger authority), for this is the testimony of God, even the witness which He has borne regarding His Son.

John 5:36 But the testimony that I have is greater than that of John. For the works that the Father has given me to accomplish, the very works that I am doing, bear witness about me that the Father has sent me.

Ecclesiastes 12:6 [Remember your Creator earnestly now] before the silver cord [of life] is snapped apart, or the golden bowl is broken, or the pitcher is broken at the fountain, or the water wheel broken at the cistern [and the whole circulatory system of the blood ceases to function];

Ezekiel 10:2 And He spoke to the man clothed in linen and said, “Enter between the whirling wheels under the cherubim and fill your hands with coals of fire from between the cherubim and scatter them over the city.” And he entered in my sight.

-Susan O'Marra