Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Want My People To Know

I Want My People To Know

I have been in a deep searching and seeking period for the past few weeks, and have cried out to the Lord for a word to His people that would strengthen them for the days ahead, and that would enable them to rise up into His Purposes and into the knowledge of Him. This is what He has given to me, and has spoken for all that will receive it liberally:   -Susan

"I want My people to know how very much I love them and that I want them to believe in Me. It is not enough to say that you believe, but that you must also believe within your very heart that I am your Lord. I want true heart love and worship. I don't want My people to be afraid. I want My people to believe and to be at peace within themselves through their knowledge of Me. It is time for faith to awaken in My people again. It is time for faith to awaken in My church again. It is time for faith to awaken in the hearts of men."

"I am awakening My reality to all that would seek to know Me and to believe in Me. I am coming to every heart and to every mind. I am coming call them to feast and to dine with Me. I am looking to see who it is that truly believes in me and that loves Me. I will enter every home, and every church, and every land. I will search with My Light to see those that will come out of the darkness and into Me. For I know the depths of man's misery. I know the pain and the fears and I see the hidden tears that flow when men think that it doesn't show. I am causing a new fountain to break forth from within. I will now begin. It is time for sincere faith to begin again."

"I do not want My people to be afraid to draw near unto Me, and to seek My face. It is I that seeks you as much as you search for Me. I desire your heart to be free. I want you free to walk in joy and in wholeness and in liberty. My Word calls out to you continually. My Spirit reaches out to you day after day. My Love seeks entrance into the depths of your soul. I want to make you every whit whole. I am here to set you free, and to bring you into the fullness that I have ordained for you to walk with Me. I am increasing My hand upon your life. I am breaking every band that keeps you from hearing Me, and from understanding My Truth. I am speaking to you now. I am visiting you now, so that you will know that I love you, and that you cannot set yourself free. That is why you still are in captivity. You must finally realize that it is I that will do it, as you believe fully in Me."

"How can the world know that I am real, if you do not truly believe yourself? If My house is not full of Me and full of My love and light, then it is not truly Mine. I am giving you a sign. I am coming to you, My people, one more time. I am coming to find faith in My house and in My very life. If you do not truly believe that My Word is true, how can you say that you follow Me? Either My Word is true, and My Love for you is true, or you are alone apart from Me. My House will now be filled Gloriously! For I am coming to Mine, to all that will receive Me and to all that will eat My Word fully. For I and My Word are One. I and My Spirit are One. I and My people are One. My Spirit bears witness of Me, and My Word bears witness of Me, and My People will also bear witness to the Truth and of Me. My Glory shall be plain for all who have eyes, to see."

"My witness shall increase, and My Glory expand. For I shall rise up amongst My house and I shall remove every band. No more weakness and no more doubt, for it is time for faith to break out! It is time for joy and for love and for strength to expand, out into the lives of those who I command. My people are not fallen as men suppose, on the contrary, I am awakening a great, great host! I shall arise, and My Fire will ignite, and great will be the awesome untold sight! A great war will sweep the earth, as I increase the birth, but woe to those who reject My voice and My hand, for great trials will increase for the hard and the proud. My Word will roar very loud, and all that fear Me will rise up as a cloud!"

"The awakening has begun. My Hand has started in every land, and all that shall yield to Me shall truly be free hearted! For I have come to set men free, and to offer true liberty and peace with Me. Look within, oh men, and look within, oh women, and see if there is good ground in thee, and make room for Me, for I am here to see! I am here to touch all that will believe in Me. I am here to reap the seeds that My Father has given to Me. I am searching every land, and My angels are moving speedily, enforcing My every command. Scales are swaying in My winds. Trumpets sounding awakening those called to go and speaking to those I will now send. It is time to reap the hearts of men, and I will start with those in My house. I will see if faith resides and if My testimony coincides. I already know all there is to know, but as I awaken, you will know that which lies deep in your own soul. I want you to believe, My people. I want you to rise up. I want your walk to match Mine. I want your faith to match Mine. I want your love to grasp Mine. In this revelation, you will indeed feast and dine. It is time."

"You have crossed My Line. You now will walk and know all that I will show you is true. I have come to fully awaken you. I have come to shake the earth with a great shaking. men shall know that I am God and that I am real, and that My Word will save them and heal. I shall heal, ad I shall save, and I shall open the hearts of everyone that is bound in their graves. I shall bring forth My Fruit and My Wine. My Mountain shall pour in the earth again as a witness to the days of men. What I will do shall cause a great war, but you already know, for My Word has been your floor. Walk in My Word and you shall live because of Me. You shall live and be full of My Light, and I shall open your sight. I shall bring you out and fill you mouths with praise and I shall greatly lengthen your very days. You shall walk up and down in Me, and you shall triumph over every enemy, because you have believed fully in Me. My church shall fully arise and know Me gloriously!"

"For the earth shall violently give birth and be hastened into the experience of the knowledge of Me, as I perform My Word, as surely as the waters cover the seas! Behold, to you, I come quickly, and to all that set their hope in Me, I shall visit you, and partake of thee and you of Me! Great will be My Love, as it pours from Me, and it will cover you completely, as you receive Me!"

Acts 12:7 And suddenly an angel of the Lord appeared [standing beside him], and a light shone in the place where he was. And the angel gently smote Peter on the side and awakened him, saying, Get up quickly! And the chains fell off his hands. 8 And the angel said to him, Tighten your belt and bind on your sandals. And he did so. And he said to him, Wrap your outer garment around you and follow me.

-Susan O'Marra