Sunday, April 29, 2012

"Transcript of audio of Prophecy on Healing" Susan O'Marra 5/15/11

"Transcript of audio of Prophecy on Healing" Susan O'Marra 5/15/11

I am the living word and just as I was in the beginning, I am in the end. And just as I have created the beginning , I have created the end. And I know all things in between.

And just as I have created Man to walk with Me and to know Me in every generation. That generation must apprehend that same life It is not my will that you would walk in despair and in hopelessness and in depression and in frustration and in darkness.

It was not my will that man fell, but it is my will that man live. And so I brought life in the form of my Son. And I have given every man in the earth the opportunity to live.

And know that my word is working in your life. It is not my will that death rules in your body. But I have given you my word that you might live. I have given you my word that you might believe it and live.

It is not my will that your soul be in torment and in darkness and death. Warring in your mind. But it is my will that your soul lives. That your soul would be full of light.

And it is not my will that your spirit be in darkness or death either. That is why my light came to you and you became my child, when you accepted my life.

But just as you accepted my life in your spirit and you became born again, so you must accept my life in your soul and in your body. You must appropriate Me the living word and you must receive my life, my word, into your thoughts, into your mind.

For just as your soul prospers in my word so shall your flesh. Does not my word say as your soul prospers, you shall prosper?

If you think in your mind death, but try to confess in your body life, it shall not work. For what agreement has darkness with light? As you must know that my word is alive, you must know and settle it in your soul and renew your mind daily with my word.

For it is my mind , my word imparted into your mind as you read my word that brings you out of darkness into light. And as you lay hold of my word in your soul, your soul shall live and your soul shall prosper and therefore my word will drop down into your flesh and it will bare fruit and prosper there too. You must let my life heal you spirit, soul, and body.

There can be no war in your members. If your spirit and your soul and your body do not agree then my life is not working in thee. But take my word and speak it to your soul. Speak it to your spirit. Speak it to your flesh so that they can hear it.

And know that as I am in life, you are in life. And my life shall be spread abroad in you. The knowledge of my life shall bear fruit in you and you will live in my life.

I am teaching you to abide in me. I'm teaching you to abide in my word. For I said if my words abide in you and you abide in me, that we will come in. We will sup with you. Ask what you will and it will be done unto you.

But there must be no conflict. But as you speak my word and as you conceive it and as you believe it and as you fertilize it and as you give it life. I shall water it. I shall bring it forth.

And the supping shall take place. And your soul shall live. And your body shall live. And your spirit shall live. Because I have called you to live as I live.