Saturday, July 7, 2012

June/July 2012 SOG Church Healing Testimonies

June/July 2012 SOG Church Healing Testimonies

Dr. Mike
June 29th, my wife Amy was healed during the service. She had broken her back in an injury a couple of years ago. She had a nerve in her back/leg crushed and the nerve itself died, resulting in her leg being permanently numb. She had no feeling in her leg and had difficulty in walking and had constant pain in doing normal things. During the service, she was caught up into the Presence of the Lord. Susan had a word of knowledge about her being healed. All her pain then left, the numbness left, and she had feeling in her leg and has full mobility and is still healed today. She stated that she felt like she was floating in God's Presence, and felt Jesus love!

On July 6th, I came to the church for prayer because I had a bulging disc- the L5- and it was affecting my sciatic nerve and I was in severe pain in my leg and pins and needles in my feet. Susan laid hands on my head and I felt the peace of God. I I was praying in the spirit and felt like I was floating in God's Presence. My pain left, and I was able to bend over without any pain or stiffness. My hips were also 1 inch out of alignment, after prayer both of my legs were even, and my hips were straight. I also could stretch and move freely. I came in limping, and left walking! -Praise God!

We also have video of the meeting when she was healed. Also last night's meeting was also over the top and more healings occurred, we will post them as we get the testimonies in from the people.