Monday, August 6, 2012

August Journal Entries:

August Journal Entries:

08-01-12: Woke up twice to loud audible sounds of water running in the air above me. Sounded like water filling a tub, or something big. When I sat up, it was gone. As soon as I laid down, it poured. Then it was gone.

08-02-12: The same thing. Water audibly sounding like running water in the air above me again. Another person came up to me and had the same experience, she heard water running.

08-03-12: Thunder and lightning sounds woke me up and it was in the room audibly, it was rolling across the room like it would roll across the sky from one end of the earth to the other. The air in my room vibrated and shook as it thundered. I was wide awake. There was nothing happening outside.

08-04-12: I was dead asleep, and I saw a ball of rainbow lights appear to my left over my bed. I instantly woke up and watched it. It was a sphere of lights all lit up with rainbow colors, but within it were tons of little lights making it into one bigger light. It flew from one side of my room to the other, and as it flew over to where I was lying on the bed, I suddenly lifted my right hand and said, "Hello, Lord." The ball of rainbow lights stopped and engulfed my hand in it's light and pulsated above me, and the Presence of the Lord filled me. The Lord was pleased that I had acknowledged Him in my room. I then laid down and a few minutes later fell back asleep.

08-05-12: In the meeting, as Patrick was speaking about the Lord coming stronger, and we talked about the rains coming, and the floods coming, and the torrents coming, and the hurricanes coming, I suddenly looked outside and it had begun to rain. The rain was coming down in torrents and our parking lot was flooded, just like what Patrick and I were just talking about! Then, the Holy Spirit said to go up and tell Patrick. I did, and we all looked outside. Then the Lord said, "Go outside." So I ran outside and there above our church was a huge double rainbow and it was a complete full arch. So, I took pics and a video of it tonight. When I was done filming it and we went back inside the rainbow left.

The rainbow was arched in an arc shape...this is the same pattern that the thunder sounds took over my bed on the 3rd, and the same pattern that the rainbow ball of lights took over my bed on the, the Lord is coming in open ways, audible ways, and in signs to confirm to us He means what he says, that He is moving in our region!

Hopefully I can figure out how to upload the video to the internet..........