Saturday, August 25, 2012

Take My Hands, Children

Transcript of Visions and Prophetic Words given during the SOG Church Service on 08-25-12

Susan: Jesus is lifting us. Yield your spirit to Him right now. Jesus is here.....


Take My hands, Children, take My hands. Take My hands and walk with Me. Be still your soul. Do not be in turmoil this day. Do not be in fear and look every way. But look into My eyes and see. Listen to My words and hear, and know that I am near. I am with you. I am in control in the earth and in the heavens. Put your faith in Me. Put your trust in Me. Let My peace guide you throughout your day. Let My wisdom be your stay. Children walk in My way! Do not be reeled to and fro! Do not look the way that the world will go. But know that you walk like Me!

You are to walk as I walk. You are to see as I see. You are to know as I know. Children, you are in a different flow! You cannot flow in the world, and flow in Me! You must cleave to Me in this hour. You must cleave to Me in this hour and flow in My flow. Do not try to flow in the world, but flow with Me. I am your reality, and I desire that all you would see is Me! That you would be focused on the path that I have shown you to go. That you would think about Me throughout your day, and not on the enemy and what the enemy is doing. And on all the things that the enemy is doing in the world, and that the wicked are doing in the world. Why do you focus on these things, and not on Me? Why are you not heavenly minded? Why are you not heavenly minded? Why do you not see what I am doing in the earth? Why do you not know what I am saying in the earth, and where I am going in the earth, and the things I am about to do on the earth? I do not hear My People talking about what I am going to do, and this concerns Me in this hour!

Why do men empower the wicked one by repeating the things he has done? And why do not My People empower My Word, that should be spoken and heard? The Word that is made flesh in the earth! Children, give My Word birth! Create your path ahead of you by what you speak, according to the destiny that I have written for you! Speak of the things I want to do! Speak of the Promises I have given unto you! Speak of the path that I shown you in My Word! Speak of Me! Speak of Me! Speak of Me! In all that you hear and see, I should be on your tongues, night and day! I should be in your thoughts in every way! I should burn in you, lit true! Children, walk with Me! Walk with Me in Stability! Walk with Me in Joy! Walk with Me in Strength! Walk with Me in Life! Oh, for I have great Life for you! Great Light for you!

These days ahead are no problem for Me. They are History to Me. They should be History to you. I have already walked the walk for you. You should be rejoicing in this Day. For I have called you to be born in this day when it would be a day of Great Glory in the earth. Great discovery across the earth, as I uncover and show all men who I am! You should be shouting, from one end of the earth to the other, who I am! You should be declaring who I am, in the earth! For how can they see Me, if you don't show them? How can they hear Me, if you don't speak about Me? How will they know, unless there's a preacher, saith the Lord? Stop speaking of the enemy, and man, and speak of Me! You are My Witnesses in the earth! You are My Example, My Reflection! Show them the Direction! Show the earth who I am! Speak of Me continually, and you will see clearly, ad you will walk in My Joy and Power, and not be pulled down in this hour!

No! I am not a weak God, and I am not a dead God, and I am not a passive God, but I am a Holy, Jealous, angry God! That is angry at the weakness in My People, in this hour! That is angry at the lack of faith! I say, rise up in your faith, your most Holy Faith, and lay hold of Me! It is time to decree who I am! It is time to decree who I am wherever you go! Stop the worldly flow, and release My Heavenly flow! For as you do, I shall water everything around you! I shall transform the desert into a Spring! I shall break forth that hard ground into a Pool of Healing! But I cannot do it until you believe it! I cannot do it until you conceive it! I cannot do it until you weave it! Children, release Me! Release Me! Release Me! For I cannot move unless you let Me out of your mouth! Let Me out of your hands! Let Me out of your thoughts! Stop speaking man's things, and speak Me! That is why I called you into My Kingdom, as a Child! Not to enforce the wicked, not to enforce the doctrines, not to enforce men, but to enforce the Kingdom! You are My Children, that have the Keys of the Kingdom, and I have the Keys, but Children, you have to use My Keys! You have to speak My Keys! You have to deliver My Keys!

Children, I am waiting on you! I am waiting on you to let Me out, to be true! For how can they see Me and hear Me, unless there is one sent? Unless one preaches and announces that I have come? Are you My Witness in the earth? Then Children, let My Will be done! It is time for you to run. I have been waiting for you to decide. You are My end-time bride. You cannot speak of the world, and speak of Me out of the same mouth. You must decide! Dirty waters and clean waters cannot come out of the same vessel. You cannot be earthly minded, wickedness minded, conspiracy minded, sin minded, flesh minded, all of these things are nothing before Me! For that was under My feet when I took My rightful seat! Those things, I have already defeated in the earth! The last thing to be defeated is death, and that is in you, and you must defeat it, with My Word, that is true! Let Life out! Let Hope out! Let Faith out! Let Goodness out! Let Righteousness out! Let Peace out! Let Joy out! Change the earth Children! Change the course of the earth, through your own birth! Change!

You have Me, release Me in this hour! My Spirit is crying out in this Hour, let Me out! Let Me live! Believe in Me! It is time, the harvest fields are ready! But the true laborers are few. What will you do, with what has been given to you? Do not continue to bury Me in your tent, and then announce in the earth all of these things! No, take Me out and let Me shine! I do not want to be hidden wine! My Wine is meant to be served. I am jealous, I am jealous over My Anointing. I am jealous over My Glory. I am jealous over My Word, and I am jealous over My People, and I am jealous over My House! I say, I will have a People that will walk the right way! That will think right, talk right, live right, act right, and pray right! Keep your eyes on Me, for I have graced you with the ability to see. I have given you intimacy with Me, and I have shared My secrets with you. Do not hide them from men. Children, feed them! Love them! Clothe them, give them drink! Bring them in! I have given you the keep of men. I have given you the Keys of My House! Fill My House!

Fill My House, Children. Release My Love! Release Me! For I am coming with great force in this hour, and I will sweep this earth with great power, you know not of. Do not reinforce the power that men think they have, or that the enemy thinks He has. Oh no! I am in control! Look at the Power that I am! I am from the Beginning, and I am in the End! I am being revealed, all the way through! Speak of Me! Speak of Me!


Thank you, Jesus. Forgive us Lord for getting caught up in these daily things. We turn our heart back to you again. Lord, we just hang on to You tight. We root down deeper. We push harder. We lay hold of the promises, and we speak, Lord. Lord, we love you with all of our hearts, all of our souls, and all of our strength, and all that is within us, Lord! We will be faithful! We will obey! Thank you for giving us more of Your heart tonight! Lord, let it resonate day and night, let it beat, and resonate, and vibrate in our very beings all the time, Lord. Increase our vision. Increase our vision. Increase our vision, Lord! Increase our heart. Increase the burden of the Lord in us, for the Harvest fields are ready, Lord! We thank you, Father. You said, without a vision, your people perish, they languish, they grow weak. But Lord, we have a vision, and you're it! We thank you, Father, that you are doing it tonight. So Lord, as we go into this meal, Lord, we are going in fresh and new. We are going in, passionate about you! We are going in, 100% true! In Jesus Name!

Mary Ann:

I saw Jesus. I saw us on top of the mountain. The mountain was rumbling and rumbling, it was a volcanic mountain. The Lord says, that He is going to propel us where we should go. I said, Lord help us, how will we go? He says, He will help us, because He be the One to send us forth! he is going to send us forth, full of power. That is why we are on the top of the mountain, to be filled. To be consumed by His fire. That we will be changed so much, that we will be propelled to what we will do.


Jesus is standing here, and there is such love. He is very passionate about you. He loves you. He corrects those He loves. The reason why He's correcting us, is because He's directing us. He's using us greatly. Because you are being used so much, you are being attacked more. But that is when you focus more. You know the reason for the war, keep going forwards. Focus, and keep speaking. We thank you, Lord, for your perfect Love, that drives out all fear, all insecurities, Lord, we focus on You! Thank you Lord!

I just heard the Lord say, "Ask Me to open your ears to My news in the Spirit. That you would begin to hear what Heaven is broadcasting, on our news channel within our spirits, rather than what men's channels. You will hear the angels speak of events to come, of things to do. Ask to hear what we are saying. Ask to hear what we are broadcasting. What we are talking about in Heaven. Ask to hear what we are saying, for you will hear communications from Heaven."

Jesus said, I only say what I hear My Father say, and I only do what I see Him doing. So the 2 areas where we can build our strength is what we see, and what we hear. So Lord, open our eyes to see what You are doing, so that we know what You are doing. Open our ears, to hear what You are saying, so that we can repeat what You are saying. So that we can broadcast that. Awesome!

Time of Worship...


During the worship, we were all before the Throne, and there were so many angels with grapes. They were putting grapes in your mouths, and grapes in your bellies, they were feeding you grapes. The Joy of the Lord is our Strength. They were strengthening us as we were giving the sacrifice of praise at the beginning of worship. The wine then put strength in our mouths and it brought joy and then we got into the flow.

Then as we sang, "It is our pleasure to worship you Lord," as we were standing there, the Father was looking down at us, and when we began to sing that it was our pleasure to worship you to Him, then He took some of the Bow that was around Him and He reached back and brought some of it forwards and put it into each one of us. We were all little rainbows.

Then when we sang, "Be still, and know that I am God," all of a sudden, the Father's Bow expanded very large, and all of our little rainbows expanded, and we all became One Rainbow together. We were in His Bow. he gathered us all into His Bow, and we became one Bow.


All of a sudden, I am standing over there, minding my own business, and I saw the Rainbow too. I was standing at the Throne, and imagine the most Emerald green that you could possibly imagine, and it's so green, it's so.....I'm still there...I haven't left, it's very translucent. It's green, and it's beautiful, and above the green, there's this glorious....Oh My God.....Rainbow, it's just beautiful! Then underneath, it's the most humble thing. The King of Kings. He's humble, the Lord is Humble. There's a seat there, amongst the Emerald Rainbow. He's showing me a seat, and I see a Lamb on the Throne. It's a literal Lamb. The Lamb I see is sweet, humble, meek. I don't know how to describe it....but it's the throne....and it's green, and it's this beautiful white lamb with the Rainbow above, all emerald green.


When we come to the Throne, we all will see Jesus as He wants us to know Him. He is revealing Himself to her in that way. The Lord said to be still, and know that He is God, to know by experience.


All the day long yesterday, that was the song, that I heard, "Be still and know that I am God, and you will do it right."


Remember, the Lord said tonight, don't get caught up in the world, get caught up in My Love. Get caught up in Me. see Me, everywhere you go. See Me, in whatever you are doing, and tell others who I am.

-Susan O'Marra