Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Lord's House of Prayer Is Rising In The Earth

"The Lord's House Of Prayer is Rising in the Earth"

With the transition being completed for the People of God, there is a Fresh Wind now blowing upon the souls and hearts. The Lord comes to ignite fresh vision, and to now empower many to re-start their hearts. The following transcripts are what the Lord is speaking to us in this hour. God has gripped our hearts, and may He also grip yours with fresh passion for Him! 

It is a new day, and we must fully awaken and come before the Lord in a new fuller way. It is our prayer that you hear the heart of Jesus in these words, and that His heart's cry will ignite your spirit and souls as never before. He is shaking us all awake, and into His arms!

It is time that the Saints in the House of the Lord arise, and may we all fully lay down our lives, and break out, so that the Father's desires will finally pour out of the Church, and the Bowls of Prayer will begin to pour out as fire, and rise up to the Lord's ears and eyes!  -Susan
Transcript of prophetic word given to us on 11-02-12 morning Prayer Watch:

Children there are many things in the days ahead that I am going to do on many fronts, and many will not understand. They will not understand the moving of My hand, but You will. You will understand, and you will teach My people to stand. You will teach them to move with Me, for I am moving in a new synchronicity. Do not think it strange on the things I will rearrange, for I have given you My signs. You understand My designs. But Children, know, that it is rearranging time. I am going to sweep many things out, and I am going to usher in many things new. I am going to unfold the old and put it away, and I am going to usher in many new things, even today. Even the things that you do, and the ways that you pray, are going to pass away. For I am coming in a new way in the earth. A new way in this hour. A new way, in great demonstration and power. I have only begun to shake the earth and the heavens and the men that will run. Men think they understand and know what's ahead, but they do not know Me, if they do not eat My daily bread. But Children, I am giving you your meal. Each day when you come, I feed you more. And I say, I have only begun to pour. I am going to rearrange even more. Let go of what you know. Let go of what you do. Commit it all to Me. Let Me rearrange it for you. For there are things I am going to take out of your hands, and there are things I am going to place into your command. I am going to utterly rearrange everything that is on board My ship. For I will have a rearranged Leader-Ship, and there are many that will leave, and there are many that will conceive, and it will amaze even you, the things I am about to do.

I do not leave things the same. I have never left the earth in a stage of birth. I have always grown, developed, and matured My own, in every generation. And even in this one, I told you, I am ushering in the new, and you must trust Me in the things that I will give you to do. You must know that it is Me, and that it is the way that I have chosen for thee, and if you will walk in it, you will have joy and great liberty in the midst of it all. You understand that I am the Head of your call. You must now rejoice through it all, and know that I am steering you. I am bringing you into My destinations. I am bringing you, so that you will know that it is Me, telling you ahead of time, what will be. Because I take delight in you. I take pleasure in you, and I love these times that you spend with Me. Take delight Children, in this time that I have given you in this place. For even this place shall change. I told you I am going to rearrange. Even in this, I shall move you even more. You shall stand on a new place. A new room. A new floor. A new door, and know that it is Me. For I will usher you in, even more. I am able to provide. I am able to guide. I always stand faithful beside your side. Watch to see the things that will close this year, and the things that will open in the new, and know that it is Me, rearranging you. For there is more that I have for you to do, and you cannot do it in this place. You cannot do it in this measure of grace. But you will do it in Mine. You will do it in My new design. You will do it, because you are My Sign.

Transcript of Prophetic Word given on 11-02-12 evening Service:

Come closer to Me. Come closer to Me. Come closer to Me. Do not stand afar off. Do not hide, but learn to abide. Children, you are My Fiery Bride, but you cannot continue to hide. You must come to Me. You must come, and open your spirit wide. Come closer. Come nearer. Come. Do not come just for a few minutes. I say, come more! Come more! Let Me in your door! Let Me come and fill you more! Let Me come, till you are a fire, and I am a roar! I want My Church to open her door. I want her to open her door to Me in this hour. But My Church holds Me afar off. They do not let Me in, but they say, "Stay out. Stay away. We like it our way." I say, that is the old day. I say, they will no longer stand in this hour. But you must stand in Me. You must knit yourself in prayer to Me. You must yoke yourself in prayer to Me. You must labor with Me, in My House of Prayer. My House shall be known as a House of Prayer in this City again, and I will have My fiery men, my fiery women, My sold out ones that love Me more than their days. That love Me more than their nights. That love Me more than even their rights.

I will have a House of Prayer! I will fill it with the hungry. I will fill it with the thirsty. I will fill it with the lost, if you don't obey. If you don't come before Me and pray, I will fill it the lost. I will fill it with the mean, the ugly, the murderers, with the downcast and downtrodden. In will replace you, saith the Lord, in this hour. If you do not pick up your sword and follow Me, if you do not pick up your cross and follow Me, I will sweep you away. For I say unto you, love Me more! Love Me more, until your love is a roar! Until your prayer is a roar! Until your walk is a roar! For I am looking for those that are serious with Me!

I am looking for those that are hungry and thirsty in this hour, and I shall have a people of power, but they shall be a people of prayer! They shall be a people that care! They shall be a people in My house that pray, night and day! That humble themselves before Me, that cry out! That cannot be satisfied, but they will hang onto Me! They will be My Fiery Bride! Will you be part of it? I know, but do you? Do you know what you will do? I already know. I already know what you will do, and which way you will go. But Children, I call you in to My flow! I say, get ready for Fiery Prayer! I say, get ready for Lightening Prayer! I say, get ready for Earthquake Prayer, and Whirlwind Prayers, and Earth-shattering Prayers! I will shake this earth! Get ready, and give birth, for I am calling you to do it, in this hour!

I will not do it apart from you, and you will not do it apart from Me, but I will have My People on their knees! I will have My People faithful to My House. If you do not come and be faithful, I will sweep you out. And I will usher in those, I will usher in the gangs. I will usher in the homosexuals. I will usher in the prostitutes, and the murderers. I will usher in the perverts, and I will usher in all that are unrighteous, but they will answer My call! Before Me, their knees will fall! And I will save them, soul, and all! I will save them , and they will be My army in this hour! I will raise them up, by My Power! You will not mock and scorn, Oh no! You will know that you did not obey, when you see them coming in, this way! I am coming to open these doors! I am coming to crack these floors! I am coming to fill this house with prayer! There shall be a fire coming up to heaven, and coming down! Angels ascending and descending on My Ladder of Prayer! It shall go up night and day from this place, for I have called you to seek My Face!

I have called you, as My Remnant Seed! I say, get on your knees! Get on your knees before Me this day, or you will not stand in the days ahead! For only those that seek My Face, will have My Grace! I say, you will have My Grace, if you will seek My Face, but I am not playing! I am not playing, I am staying! This is My City! I will have a Fiery Altar! I will have an altar that is hot for Me! That will not be complacent! That will not be comfortable! That will not choose when to come, and when not to come! I say, come, or be removed! Come, because I am going to fill this place! Because I am hungry for you! I am hungry for you! I am hungry for you! I am hungry for prayer! I am hungry for love! I am hungry for people that care! Do you care? Do you care? Then choose a chair, and get in there in prayer! Pray for the lost in this city, for I want to sweep this city! But I cannot sweep it without you! I want to sweep this city, all the way through! I say, get your chair, and get in prayer! Because I am here, because I care! I care!

You have asked Me here! You have asked me to stay, and I say, now care! Care enough to come, and bear the burden with me! For My heart is burdened in this hour! My heart is burdened for My Church that has lost her power! That has lost her love, and her care, and her vision! All they do is run here and there, and do what they desire! I say, do My desire, and I will increase your fire! For I will blow on you, night and day! I will blow on you night and day! I will ignite you in every way, you will run across the earth, in a great, fiery birth! Oh, will you give it birth? I will see it! I will see it! I will know it, and so shall you! For My Word is true! I am coming to do it through you! And this shall be written of you, in this generation! That you succeeded all the former generations that have come before Me, for I have a Book of Remembrance, written about you! I see your labors! I hear your prayers! But I say, it is not enough! Climb My Fiery Stairs! Climb My Fiery Stairs, and increase your prayers, and you shall see My Book of Remembrance come down the stairs! I shall usher in the fulfillment of all your prayers! Because, I am the God that sees and cares. I am the God that is coming, and that is here in this hour, and I shall fall upon you, in great power! -End of Prophecy.

-Susan O'Marra