Tuesday, November 27, 2012

This Is My House Of Prayer


"This Is My House Of Prayer"

Transcript of prophetic Word given during Prayer Watch on 11-26-12


This is My House of Prayer. This is My House of Worship. This is My Habitation, and I have given it birth in your nation. I have given it birth, and you do stand in your station. You are on My Wall, because you have responded to My Call. Children, I see that you give Me your all. I see the labor that you do before Me. I see the faith that you exercise to obey Me in this. I see even the struggle some days that you have to come and pray. But I am pleased that you come, day by day, week by week, month by month to watch and pray, and this is My desire. This is My Watch that I require. This what I want for My People and My House in this hour. I want those faithful to seek Me. I want those faithful to come before Me. To come willing, and desirous. To come, having a heart for Me, and for the earth. For I say, I am giving birth within you. I am giving birth within these walls. I am giving birth in this mall. Though it will look small, know that it is not! It is a Mountain in My sight! My Habitation is a Habitation of Might! It is great in My sight! For I have erected something that is not yet seen. The angels see it. The heavenly hosts see it. The beings of fire see it. Oh, and I see it day and night, and we are pleased. But I say, I shall unveil. I shall unveil!

Your prayers shall prevail. You shall not fail. You shall not fail. For I am here, I am in your midst. I am laboring with you in prayer! I am laying My House, brick by brick. Level by level. Day by day. I am having My way! I am weeding out the insincere. I will draw near those who are dear. Those that will come with My heart are on their way. I have been watering them. I have been wooing them. I have been speaking to them to come, and they will come day by day. They will come willing to pray and labor with you. I do not call you to do something that you will have to do alone. There are times that you will plow, yes, but that day is over Children. For My reapers shall come, and they will overtake you, and they will run so fast, you will say, Lord, how did this happen? I will say, it came from your womb, Children. It came from My Prayer Room, for you are birthing My laborers with Me. You are birthing those that will come, and that will equip, and that will undergird, and nurture My House with you. I am faithful, and I am pleased with your labors for Me. I shall bless you in this. I shall strengthen you through this. I shall build you because of this. My Glory shall rest here in spite of this, because this is what I require. I require for My House in the earth. 

Oh yes, Children, My House is birthing in this city. My House is rising day by day, and the enemies are despising in every way. Oh, and they are speaking ill night and day. Oh, but Tobiah did not have his way! No! He fell in that day, and so shall all that oppose My Call, fall. They shall fall before Me, and they shall confess it all. For I shall have My way in this city. I shall have My Holy Fear! Even this year, you shall see My Fear fall! For I am calling My House to rise, in spite of it all! You shall see My Glory flow. You shall see My Praise and Worship grow. You shall see the musicians come. You shall see the warriors come. They shall come day by day, and they shall help you labor and pray. For I have given them the seed of joy this day, and with joy, they will break forth in every way. They will throw off the restraints, and they shall run to the battle, for I have called you to win the battle with Me! You shall stand and give Me the glory, for you shall see the battle turn in a day! You shall see! For I shall turn back the sundial for you, and you shall prevail until it is through! You shall prevail until I have done what I wanted to do, in the long day of My sun. I shall give you your time, and you shall prevail! You shall feast and dine in the midst of the battle with Me, for I shall feed you, and I shall supply you, and it shall come from your very enemy! For I am Lord, even in the battle with you!

Vision from Susan:

While we were praying in tongues for a few minutes at the end of the Prayer Watch, I saw in the vision, that we were all carrying stacks of coins in prayer. Wherever we went in prayer, we were laying coins on people, on places, on prayer events, on churches, on small groups, on houses, on cities, on maps. We were praying in the Spirit, but we were putting these coins, like tokens of prayer, everywhere.

Patrick then came up and gave us all understanding of what I had just seen:

In Bob Jones Shepherds Rod in 1997, Bob states that the former healing revival, and all of the former leaders were all only a "token" of what is coming now. He saw a coin fall from heaven, it was like a token to get through a toll booth, and Bob said it was the widow's mite, that you had to put in to the Temple, to be able to go in. Bob said this is what the Lord is saying, it is the Temple of His Presence, His Habitation. The Lord is bringing this forth in the Prayer Watch. All of this is coming. The coins are all of the events and watches and worship ascending to the Throne, day by day, and brick by brick, and token by token, till it is fully accomplished.


So, all of our prayer watches, and all of our stadium events, and our worship events, and our gatherings, just like the Rose Bowl event that we did last year. They are all tokens, or bricks, of what the Lord is laying, and is erecting. We are building it all in the House of Prayer. All of these events, and the activities that we are doing in our groups around the nation in obedience to God through prayer, are all tokens, and each have a part, and soon it will go higher and higher, till it is fully built in the Spirit, and then it will break forth in the natural. We see that God is laying out the tokens, piece by piece, until we have the whole thing completed.

Vision from Susan:

As we were driving in the car later, I saw the same vision again. This time, I saw the prayer coins going higher and higher till it reached the throne. I saw a great silver chest sitting beside the throne, and Jesus went over to the treasure chest and opened it and He began to put our tokens into His treasure chest, and then He filled the chest with the tokens as they rose upwards to Him in prayer. When the chest was full, I then saw Him pick up the chest and smile, and then He tipped it out, and He poured all of the coins out upon the earth, and there were explosions everywhere on the earth. -End of the vision.


Mark 12:41 And He sat down opposite the treasury and saw how the crowd was casting money into the treasury. Many rich [people] were throwing in large sums. 42 And a widow who was poverty-stricken came and put in two copper mites [the smallest of coins], which together make half of a cent. 43 And He called His disciples [to Him] and said to them, Truly and surely I tell you, this widow, [she who is] poverty-stricken, has put in more than all those contributing to the treasury. 44 For they all threw in out of their abundance; but she, out of her deep poverty, has put in everything that she had--[even] all she had on which to live.

1 Kings 8:29 That Your eyes may be open toward this house night and day, toward the place of which You have said, My Name [and the token of My presence] shall be there, that You may hearken to the prayer which Your servant shall make in [or facing toward] this place. 43 Hear in heaven, Your dwelling place, and do according to all that the stranger asks of You, so that all peoples of the earth may know Your name [and Your revelation of Your presence] and fear and revere You, as do Your people Israel, and may know and comprehend that this house which I have built is called by Your Name [and contains the token of Your presence].

Philippians 1:28 And do not [for a moment] be frightened or intimidated in anything by your opponents and adversaries, for such [constancy and fearlessness] will be a clear sign (proof and seal) to them of [their impending] destruction, but [a sure token and evidence] of your deliverance and salvation, and that from God.

Joshua 10:12 Then Joshua spoke to the Lord on the day when the Lord gave the Amorites over to the Israelites, and he said in the sight of Israel, Sun, be silent and stand still at Gibeon, and you, moon, in the Valley of Ajalon! 13 And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed, until the nation took vengeance upon their enemies. Is not this written in the Book of Jasher? So the sun stood still in the midst of the heavens and did not hasten to go down for about a whole day. 14 There was no day like it before or since, when the Lord heeded the voice of a man. For the Lord fought for Israel.

Isaiah 38:5 Go, and say to Hezekiah, Thus says the Lord, the God of David your father: I have heard your prayer, I have seen your tears; behold, I will add to your life fifteen years.6 And I will deliver you and this city out of the hand of the king of Assyria; and I will defend this city [Jerusalem].7 And this will be the sign to you from the Lord that the Lord will do this thing that He has spoken:8 Behold, I will turn the shadow [denoting the time of day] on the steps or degrees, which has gone down on the steps or sundial of Ahaz, backward ten steps or degrees. And the sunlight turned back ten steps on the steps on which it had gone down.

-Susan O'Marra