Saturday, January 26, 2013

Update on Pat's Computer


Greetings to everyone!

What a whirlwind two and a half weeks it has been and it is now behind us, and we are up and running again!

Pat went to California and had the most tremendous meetings they have ever had there, the Lord is just breaking through everything that is resisting His People, and the saints are rising up and taking their land in California!

I held down the homefront here in Rochester and the Lord is just astounding us here in our services as well.....the former wells are opening, the old roots are going, and the lord is blowing on the fiery coals in us into a full flame! Time to burn, saints!

Glory to the Lord, move more, Lord! Take us all higher!

We wanted to thank everyone who helped us financially to get things going here again, as we live by faith, and the Lord is always faithful!
We want to thank a special donor who donated a computer to Patrick so that we would not be offline anymore. We are always astounded at the goodness of God more and more!

Those who sow in secret to the Lord, will be rewarded openly by the Lord! Never, never take the Lord for granted saints, but give Him all the Glory as He moves everything for you too!

We pray the messages the Lord gives to us for the Body will continue to bless you and cause you to press even more and to draw closer to Him, and may you rise upwards into the high calling in Christ, that He has for you!

You each are truly loved, and we are eternally grateful!

-Patrick and Susan O'Marra