Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Visions of the Ground Collapsing in many areas 03-12-13

Visions of the Ground Collapsing in many areas 03-12-13

For the past three - four days, I have had reoccurring flash visions of scenes where the ground literally falls or drops inwards and collapses downwards caving in areas. What I see is not a wide panoramic view, but more like a close up view, so I can't define any specific area at this point. What I see is the ground crumbling and going straight down, almost like a cave in. The grass and the ground just opens up in many places. I do not see any earthquakes at the time that I am watching, so I do not know what causes them. But I sense that it is happening in many places. I often feel very light ground tremors at night. There is alot of plate movement under the continents right now, so we have to keep praying for the nations.

Interestingly, while we were at the prayer watch on Friday morning, I was walking around the sanctuary praying in the spirit with the other intercessors in the church. As I was walking, the ground started to move under my feet, and I became tipsy because it felt like the ground was crumbling under my feet, and the mall that our church is in has cement floors. So our floors never move. It was not more than 2-3 seconds and it was gone. It was unnerving to say the least. I asked Patrick if he felt that and he said no, but he did see me have to catch myself from tipping over as we were walking.

Maybe it's just the power of God and we are all getting drunker as we walk and pray!!! 
Glory to that idea!!!  

More to ponder as we walk out our areas in prayer........ <3