Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I Have Planted My Holy Seed Within You

I Have Planted My Holy Seed Within You


I have planted My holy seed within you

There is nothing that I have spoken that I will not do

Though many laugh and look around them with scorn

They do not understand the timely things that have been born


But I see all and I know their deeds and their words

I am hastening the days so that I shall again be heard

Everything that you know and that you trust in on earth

Shall give away before My Hand as I thoroughly shake the earth


I am not worried in heaven, nor in the earth am I shaken by the flack

The heavens shake in response to Me, and the earth answers Me back

Every seed that was sown within men is pushing upwards into it's stand

Straining upwards till the iron bands break across every land


I am emerging in My Children, and I will shake the very elements with My Zeal

The oceans shall resonate even more, and foam in My Violent Peals

What was told of Me in the generations of old is only laughed at today

What I have reserved for this day shall break out in every way


Think not that I have gone to sleep and that I do not see

On the contrary, the nations of the earth shall know that I alone am He!

Men raises their fists and scream out obscenities at what I am bringing forth

But I shall arise and My Fire shall be seen in the skies of the North!


My Hand holds the eternal destinies determined of every land

Nothing of man can pass unseen through the Sieves of My Hand

Be still and know that I AM! I am on the move, and My Roar shall again sound

My Plantings shall be found, as I emerge violently from the waiting ground!


The Battle Call on earth has already been sounded

Men delay in answering Me, but I have surely counted

Multitudes will run from Me and shall openly seek to hide

But My Fiery Ones already know how to stand by My Side


My Seeds shall break forth as Fire from the North peals

All that is hidden shall be revealed as My Purposes are all unsealed

Days of Joy shall afterwards come, as the ashes itself are renewed

True Faith and Sincere Love shall be poured out again new


See what I am doing in your midst and give way to My new flow

Let nothing hinder, guard the hour with jealous vigor, and get up with Me and go

Hate's hold is breaking, Faith's floor is rising, Love is stirring, and Truth is set to expand

Make way for My Hand to come upon you strongly, and I shall thrust you forth into every land


-Susan O'Marra