Thursday, May 9, 2013

Nothing Shall Restrain My Hand 05-07-13


Nothing Shall Restrain My Hand - 05-07-13

Prophecy given during the Tuesday Night Miracles Class at SOG on 05-08-13

Nothing shall restrain My Hand. Nothing shall restrain My Hand. Nothing shall restrain My Hand. Nothing shall restrain My Hand. Nothing shall restrain My Hand. For I have made a decree that My Church shall stand.

My Church shall stand in this land, and in every land. As I shake this land, and every land, My Church shall stand, and nothing shall hinder My Hand anymore! For I am raining my Grace upon you in this hour, and My Grace will become a roaring shower!  It will become so great, it will flood the earth. It will flood this city. It will flood everywhere you go. There is nothing you can do, but surrender to My Flow!

I am here because of the cries of My People, and because of the prayers of those that know. That have been calling upon Me, Lord, Lord! Come! Come! Lord, help! I am here, saith the Lord. I am here, and My angels are here with their swords, and I am here to rain! I am here to rain and pour! I am here to rain upon you! I have Grace. I have Grace for you. I have Grace for you in this hour. I have Showers of Grace for you, and this Grace shall pour, and pour, and pour.

I shall flood the earth with the Grace, and the Knowledge of Me, for I have come to wake the earth up. I have come to shake the earth. I have come to awaken men on the earth to who I am, in the knowledge of Me. That is why I am training you. I am training you to begin to reveal the knowledge of Me wherever you go. Oh, and I shall break out of you! I shall break out of you as a great roaring flow!

I shall come and pour, and pour, and pour, until even the barriers in you can restrain it no more. And then the barriers within you within your soul, within your spirit, within your flesh will burst, and I shall pour through you, and you shall never thirst! You shall never thirst! You shall never thirst! You shall never thirst, Oh, because My Waters are going to burst! They are going to rain like rain. Like the rain that is coming down on you right now in the Spirit from Me. Know, that the rain is going to begin to pour through you!

For just as I pour the rain from heaven upon you, you are going to pour the rain into the earth, because you are the rain! You are the soil in which I have planted Myself. Out of you, out of the womb of your morning, out of the womb that you begin to birth from, I shall pour, and I shall give birth in the earth!

The earth shall say, what is this rain? What is this rain that has begun to pour? They shall say, Oh, it is My God! I shall not find Him! I shall not look for Him! I shall not hunt for Him anymore, for I see Him face to face! The world shall see Me, and they shall know that I Am. Because that is why I have brought you here. I have brought you here, because I am ready to pour, Children.

I am ready to pour! I am ready to pour! I am ready to pour, and I am going to shake the earth even more! I am going to shake them until they are awakened fully! Fully from their core! When they are awakened from their core, My Waves shall wash over them, and My Waves shall roar and roar! They shall know that I am God, and you shall shout as you raise your rod! You shall part the waters for the people to cross over into new life in Me. You will shout, we have the victory! We have the victory! We have the victory!

-Susan O'Marra