Sunday, July 7, 2013

The White Bengal Tiger Vision Warning 07-05-13

The White Bengal Tiger Vision Warning  07-05-13




The Lord often speaks to me about events through animals or the types and sizes of animals in my visions or dreams.


On Friday, July 5th, 2013, I had laid down for a nap and I immediately saw a large Bengal Tiger right above me looking at me. I wasn't overly alarmed, but I was surprised. This Bengal Tiger was white with black stripes and was just looking at me calmly. I immediately knew that this visit was going to be serious.



The last time I saw a cat in my vision, was last year before the Hurricane hit our area here in New York and it was a Category 1, and the cat was a house cat, so a smaller category of cat. The bigger the cat, the bigger the trouble. So, we are being warned that something big is coming, and I sense that it will be national in scope. Anytime we make national decisions that are contrary to God's will for us there is a spiritual and natural repercussion to our choices.


We need to be alert and walking soberly and prayerfully with the Lord, and also with a heart of love and gratitude for our relationship with Him that we have. The Lord is speaking to our nation, and we must respond to Him.


-Susan O'Marra