Friday, August 30, 2013

The Lord is Blowing Upon the Seed Beds Once Again - 08-30-13

The Lord is Blowing Upon the Seed Beds Once Again -  08-30-13

I was above the United States looking downwards, and I saw the Lord walking across the Continent. He was looking for His Seed Beds. He would search them out, and look at each one to see if they were ready to be ignited again. I saw Him go to several and look, but they were not ready. I saw Him go to others, and they were ready, so He knelt down, and got His Lips real close to the ground, and gently blew upon them, and soon a spark lit, and I saw tiny flames ignite on some of the seeds in the seed bed. Some became flames and then hot coals, and some did not. He shook His head. Then, I saw the Lord look towards the Heartland of America.
He walked over to Kansas City, and He inspected their seed bed. He knelt down, and brushed away a lot of ashes and debris from over 20 years of waiting. Then He again put His Lips to the ground and gently blew upon the seeds, and they were so dry that they all lit at once, and were glowing like coals. They He breathed upon them again, and they burst into a flame, and their flame danced in His breath. He raised up some, and saw that they had responded to His breath. He then blew harder on them, and they crackled and jumped, and the coals began to leap in the Seed Bed. The coals then jumped out of the seed bed, and began to run all over the Heartland of America, and wherever the went, they started fires.

The Lord then turned around to look up at me, and said to me,

"This is what I want. I want those who have a vision for the harvest, and not just to keep it, and to camp on it for themselves. I want entire cities that would rather spark other cities with My Fiery Love, than to be only concerned about their own fire. My Glory is not going to be held back anymore, nor is it to going be controlled, nor is it going to be mocked by those who don't want it, for this is Me! It is to be freely given to all who will hunger and thirst for Me."

"I have waited till a new generation would rise who have not been modeled after the old ways and ties, and who desire to become fully Mine, who long for My lips to touch theirs, and to drink of My Wine with Me. I allowed the former seeds to die for a long season to thoroughly purge My Floors, and now I am cleaning the debris away, and I will see what remaining fruit lies deep within. I am coming to breathe on my hungry women and men. I will raise them up to bring my generation in."

"No longer will I allow a show to be performed before men, and to be made into a system, and into manual's distributed among men. No! I want a House of Living Stones, of Living Coals, that are hot, that are on fire with the knowledge of Me! I am going to breath on the lowly, on the broken, on the hopeless, on the bruised, on the faithful, and on the outcasts and the shunned. I will fill My House with these that lie under all of the debris. I am coming with Fire, and I will clear My Floors of all the debris that has choked the life out of many, and you will see that out of My Seed Beds will come forth a Great, Great Fire, and it will now begin to glow, and to grow even higher!"

"I have Cities that have said yes to Me, and Kansas City is one of them, and I shall use her to unlock the heart of the nation for Me. For out of the bowels of this nation's long dead womb, shall I again resurrect My Sons of My Inheritance! I always wait until everything that men have done in their own power  and in their own abilities has fully died, then I come to awaken My People that are sincere before Me to come alive. You are seeing what shall shortly come into reality. I shall send you to blow upon My Seeds that are all over this nation, and wherever you go that I sent you, My Seeds will begin to glow. You shall go and blow on Kansas City. I will blow on them and their Coals will break forth all over, and what I do in them will go out to everyone who shall desire to be filled and flooded with the knowledge of Me."

"I am here to ignite the Coals of your nation's Destiny. I want Fathers and Mothers who will ignite My Children of Destiny. I have an army that has lain fallow for My purposes, that I have hidden from the eyes of men, and they have been calling upon Me to let them burn for Me. Now, in this season, I shall answer their calls! Now, shall My breath come upon one and all! Now My Fiery Breath shall increase, and the knowledge of My Love shall become raging flames, until all who long for My Lips, and all who cry out for My Heart will rise up, then the greatest of My Fires will then jumpstart your nations heart. It has begun, so now go forth and run, and breathe upon My women and My sons. My Seeds Beds are ready, and many shall become great Flames and Mountains of Glory for Me in this nation, and their fires shall go to the shores of humanity with the Reality of Me."

Job 41:20 Out of his nostrils goes forth smoke, as out of a seething pot over a fire of rushes. 21 His breath kindles coals, and a flame goes forth from his mouth.

Mark 4:26 Then Jesus said, "God's kingdom is like seed thrown on a field by a man who then goes to bed and forgets about it. The seed sprouts and grows—he has no idea how it happens. The earth does it all without his help: first a green stem of grass, then a bud, then the ripened grain. When the grain is fully formed, he reaps—harvest time!  TM

-Susan O'Marra 
- released on 08-30-13