Wednesday, October 30, 2013

10-27-13 The Audible Heartbeat of the Lord

10-27-13   The Audible Heartbeat of the Lord

Sunday night at SOG, we had the most amazing encounter corporately as a congregation, and we all experienced it together.

Patrick and I have both been seeking the Lord's heart, to know Him deeper, and to have experiences of that love not only for ourselves, but also for our people.

It is the reality of His Love that changes us, and the experience of that love that fills us with the knowledge of Him.

So, I began to pray at the beginning of that meeting, that the Lord would take us as a people, and draw us closer to Him, to know Him, and to know His Heart.

After I prayed, a loud heartbeat resonated throughout the room and it was so amazing that it took us off guard and astounded us all.

As believers it should not be surprising, but the Lord loves to convince us of His reality in dramatic ways so that we can not doubt His love.

May the video that I am uploading bless you all.

The prayer begins at the 8:00 minute mark, and the audible heartbeat begins around the 18:00 minutes mark until 21:00.

Then we shifted to worship and the rest of the meeting, and pray for everyone at the end of the meeting.