Monday, January 27, 2014

3 January California Meetings - Podcasts for 2014:

 January California Meetings Podcasts for 2014:

Meeting #1:

Sunnyvale House of Prayer

2014 Podcast Insights shared:

The Omnipotent Hand of God; the Pegs that were hammered into their places for 3 years-the Sons coming forward-and the Thrones being set; the Comet Ison; and the Baptism of Fire. Enjoy the recorded worship time also!

Link to the podcast:

Meeting #2:

The Orchard City Church Service

2014 Podcast Insights shared:

More on the Baptism of Fire; the Emerging Sons of Inheritance; the Gatherings of Power; the Epochs of God; the 1/3rd that have passed thru the fires successfully now enter fruitfulness and times of refreshing; entering the Courtroom of Heaven for rain.

Enjoy more worship times!

Link for the podcast:

Meeting #3:

Franco Masada's Miracle Ranch

2014 Podcast Insights shared:

The Seraphim came into the meeting; mandates for California; the Baptism of Fire; the Lord entering into the city upon a colt; the scrolls being read; the justice and judgments of God; ministry time.

Enjoy Franco's worship!

Link for the podcast: