Friday, April 4, 2014

Google Wallet or Pay Pal Donations

Hi there!!!

I am writing this post because many of you have previously donated to my ministry in the past.

I have had sooooo much trouble with my former pay pal account and they froze it till September. So I am prevented from using it.

After doing further research as to other options for electronic transactions, I did go with Google Wallet.

My Google wallet id:

Google wallet charges a fee to the one sending the funds to a person.

But Google Wallet cannot be used in some nations.

So, I finally decided to just go back with PayPal. This helps those outside of the U.S.

I opened a new Paypal account today.

Paypal charges a fee, but the one receiving the funds gets charged the fee from their donation, so the sender doesn't pay it, the receiver does.

If you would like to send a donation to my ministry, and you don't want to or cant use Google wallet, you can now use My new paypal account, and you can just use my new id:

PayPal id:

Thanks for your encouragement to Patrick and I!

As always, blessings to you!!!